Two times AVN award winner 
for best BDSM video of the Year 


Yes it's true!
My movies "Disciplined" and "Bondage Wonderland" both won the AVN award for 
Best BDSM video of the year at the AVN award ceremony in Las Vegas in 2011 and 2012

I was nominated 6 times in 2013 for the XBiz awards and the AVN award for best Fetish Movies and best Fetish Site of the year and 5 more times in 2014!! 

Thank you to all my friends and fans who support and watch my movies :) It was very exciting to have won these awards!



Business and Fan Club Address:

Anastasia Pierce or
Anastasia Pierce Productions, Inc 
4821 Lankershim Blvd. #F394 
North Hollywood, CA-91601 

Height: 5' 10"
145 lbs.
Los Angeles (Studio City) 
 Will travel in the US and Internation if travel and accomodations are covered & deposit has been paid in advance. 
36C/D (natural) -26-36
Long and Dark Brown
fluent in French & English
in La Chaux-de Fonds, Switzerland
Dress Size: 
6 or small
Shoe Size: 
9 or 39 
Special Information: 
Flowers tattooed on right foot

Professional, down to earth, smart, always on time and reliable!

Available for: 
TV/ Film (Directing/Producing/Acting), Live Appearances, Shows, Performances, Private Domination Session, Hosting, Solo and Girl/Girl (soft and hardcore), Glamour, Fashion, Pin-Up, Fashion shows, Mainstream a/o Adult Print, Advertising, Spokesmodeling, Artistic Nude, , Solo, Bondage & Suspension, Rigging, Discipline,Domination, most Fetishes, Heavy Rubber, Foot Fetish, Tickling, Wrestling, Superheroine, Spanking, Smoking, Trampling, and more!!

Credits / Awards / Background Info. etc.: 


*Leia Strikes Back- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Scarlet Witch 3 (with Phoenix and Batgirl) Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce ProductionsV
*Wonder Woman with Miss America & PowerGirl- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*The Perils of Slave Leia- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Wonder Woman vs Poison Ivy- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Wonder Woman- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Enslaved 2- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Enslaved- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Scarlet Witch vs Miss Marvel & Spider Woman- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Black Cat vs Batwoman- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Scarlet Witch vs Black Widow & Batwoman- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Talking Dirty- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Sinners- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Insatiable- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Aroused- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Domina Bootcamp- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Malpractice Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Maid for Sex- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Bad Habits- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Vamps- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Tied Up- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Happy Hour- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*SOS #3- Strap-on sluts 3- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Born to be BAD- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions

*Classifieds- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Bad Girls Only- Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Dark Temptations- Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Fetish Escape- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Bound Beauties- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Kinky Vacations- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Ecstasy- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*BDSM- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Vixens- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*The Challenge- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Vicious- Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions 

*Kinky Medical- Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions 

*Boudoir Secrets- Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Obey Her- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Hollywood Kink- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Guilty Pleasures- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Disciplined- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Bondage Wonderland- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Born to be BAD- Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Masquerade - Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Rapture - Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Fetish Intinct- Directing/Producing/Starring
 - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Dirty Works- Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Bondage Wonderland - Directing/Producing/Starring 
- Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Shameless - Directing/Producing/Starring -
 Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Mechanical Sex 
Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions

*Maximum Kink - Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Strap-on Sluts 2
 - Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Latex Dolls - Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*Bondage Dreams - Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
*SOS, strap-on Sluts - Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Taboo, Decadence Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Hustler Video

*Taboo, Lovers Enslaved
 - Directing/Producing - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Hustler Video
*Taboo, Taking Control - Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Hustler Video
*Foreign Affaires - Directing/Producing - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Abigail Williams
*Love Shack - Directing/Producing - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Abigail Williams
*Love Shack 2 - Directing/Producing/Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Abigail Williams
*Driven To Ectasy - Directing/Producing - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Abigail Williams
*Friends & Lovers - Directing/Producing - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Abigail Williams
*TimeShare - Directing/Producing - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
for Abigail Williams 
* Teacher's Pet 3 
 Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Submission 3 - Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
*Submission 2 - Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
All by Myself - Starring - Evil Angel
Foreign Affaires- 
Starring - Abigail 
*Sinnful Training
 Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
Medical Supervision-
 Starring- Close Up Entertainment
Commanding Paige- Starring - Fetish Nation
Ariel Submission- Starring - B&D Pleasures/Bonview
Rubber Silhouettes- Starring - Gothic
Latex Possessions- Starring- Gothic
Bad Attitude- Starring - Harmony Concepts
Bip Chixxx 3 -
 Featured- BipChixxx
Bip Chixxx 1 - 
Featured- BipChixxx
Confessions of a Bondage Lover
- Starring - Harmony Concetps
D'Arby Bondage Legend-
 Featured- B&D Pleasures/Bonview
Forbidden Latex 2 - 
Starring - Gothic
The Hospital part 2 - 
Starring- Gothic
House of Latex- Starring - Gothic
Painfull Employment - Starring - California Star
Please Dominate Me- Starring- California Star
Latex Diaries- Starring- Gothic
Mistress Aradia and her latex beauties- Featured- Gothic
Nikki Benz Foot Fetishes Fantaisies- Starring - Gothic
Poolside Perversion - Starring- B&D Pleasures/Bonview
Reign of Rubber - Starring- Gothic
Rubber Passion 2- Starring - Gothic
Rubber Passion 1 - Starring - Gothic
*Renter's Revenge 2 - Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
Rubber Mistress- Starring - Gothic
Lesbian Latex - Starring - Gothic
Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party 10 - Featured- CSI/ Pure Play Media
Talia Monet Bondage Legend- Featured- B&D Pleasures/Bonview
Taylor St Claire Dominatrix- Featured- Bizarre Video
Tickled Tarts volume 1 - Featured- BipChixxx
Tortured Pet 3 - Starring- B&D Pleasures
X-Treme Rubber Girls - Starring- Gothic
Girlfriends - Starring - Jewell Marceau Productions
*Submission - Starring - Anastasia Pierce 
Chloroformed 2 - Starring - Anton Productions
Bound for Brutality - Starring - Anton Productions
Unconscious 3- Starring - Anton Productions
Bound By Chance - Starring - Jewell Marceau Productions
Sole Desires-
 Starring - Bizarre Video
Double Trouble- 
Starring- B&D Pleasures/Bonview
Slave Trade 3- 
Starring - Anton Productions
Slave Trade 2-
 Starring-Anton Productions
Slave Trade 1- Starring- Anton Productions
Knock out Bondage 15- Starring- Anton Productions
knock out Bondage 14- Starring- Anton Productions
The Sexxxing Starring- Danni's Hard Drive
Slave Sacrifice Starring - Sky Blue Productions
Sadistic Lust Starring - London video
Heavy Rubber 1 Featured - Gwen Media Productions
Heavy Rubber 2 Featured- Gwen Media Productions
Gemini's Torture Pet 2 Starring - Bonview video
Dominion Dominatrix Starring - Sky Blue Productions
* Teacher's Pet 2 Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
Lesbian Control Starring - Bizarre Video
Fetish Fairy Tales Starring - Starr Productions (nominated AVN award)
* Pay Back Time Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
Air of Latex Starring - Sky Blue Productions
Rubber Chamber Starring - Gwen Media Productions
Snatched Starring - Gwen Media Productions
* Jet Lag Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
Rubberella Steel Chamber Starring - Gwen Media Productions
Rubberella Confined Starring - Gwen Media Productions
Rubberella the Facility Starring - Gwen Media Productions
* Renter's Revenge Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
The Adventures of National Pride Featured - Close Up Concepts
Sex Chamber Starring - Gwen Media Productions
Part Time 6 Starring - Gwen Media Productions
Rubber Lovers Starring - Sky Blue Productions
* Teacher's Pet Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
* Fallen Star Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
Pipe Dream Featured- Vivid Video
Rubber Military Starring -Sky Blue Productions
Club Rubber Starring -Sky Blue Productions
* College Reunion Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
* Mind Control 3 Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions
* Mind Control 2 Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions (nominated AVN award)
* Mind Control 1 Starring - Anastasia Pierce Productions 
La marquise de Sade Starring- Sky Blue Productions
The Rubber Sanitarium Starring- Sky Blue Productions
*Night Call 2 Starring- Anastasia Pierce/ Paige Richards Productions
*Night Call
 Starring- Anastasia Pierce/ Paige Richards Productions
Knock out Bondage 9 Starring- Anton Productions
Knock out Bondage 8 Starring- Anton Productions
Knock out Bondage 7Starring- Anton Productions
Knock out Bondage 6 Starring- Anton Productions
* Fallen Star Starring -Anastasia Pierce Productions/ Jewell Marceau Productions 
* Bound and Delivered Starring- Anastasia Pierce Productions
Slaves Surrender Featuring- Sky Blue Productions
Bound by Beauty Featuring- Sky Blue Productions
* Sweat Session Starrting- Jewell Marceau/Anastasia Pierce Productions
Dreaming of Ashley Starring- Gwen Media Productions
Bound for Good Starring- Gwen Media Productions
The Hotel Scandal Starring- Jewell Marceau Productions
Taboo #2 Featured- Hustler Video
Lady Ass Lickers 16 Starring - Star Productions
Nurse Lick 14 Starring- Star Productions
Bondage Vixens Featured- B&D Pleasures
Nina Hartley's Private Session #13 Featured- Bizarre Video (nominated and Winner AVN award)
Nina Hartley's Private Session#14
 Featured- Bizarre Video
Kinky Girlfriends Supporting- Gwen Media Productions
Sex in Dangerous Places Featured- Vivid Video
Dirty Little Ass Sniffers Featured - B&D pleasures 
Lust of the Mistress Featured- B&D pleasures
Part Time 5 Starring- Gwen Media Productions
AnastasiaPierce Stocking Tease Starring- JB Video
The Bondage Contest Starring- Close Up Concept Production
The Rubber Assylum Starring- Gwen Media Productions (nominated AVN award)
A date with danger Starring- Close Up Concept Production
Rubberella- The Facility Supporting- Gwen Media Productions
Session 11 Starring-Gwen Media Productions
Knock Out Bondage 6 Starring- Anton videos
Mind Control Starring- Anton videos
Legacy of Submission Starring- John Wood productions
Rubber Starlets Starring- Gwen Media Productions
Hypno Sluts Starring- Bondage Cast Productions
Valentina Featured- Gwen Media Productions
Bikini Escort Lead -Retromedia Entertainment
Bikini A Gogo Featured - Retromedia Entertainment
Crimson Mansion, Briana Takes Control Supporting- Gwen MediaProductions
Rubberella-The steel Chamber Starring - Gwen Media Productions
Domina Files, Sexual Guidance Supporting- Diversicor Media Group
Nina Hartley's, Anal Kinkster #1 Featured - Adam & Eve
Adult Stars at home. Featured - Adam & Eve
Part time 4 -Pleasure Maids Supporting- Gwen Media Productions
Sexual Rendez-vous Featured - Gwen Media Productions
Session 6 Starring - Gwen Media Productions
Ivy Manor #6 Featured- Gwen Media Productions


KTLA Comic-Con advertising 2009 

CON episode 105
 Featured-Comedy Central
Web Girl Diaries
 Starring- video on demand
Hot Body, Booty Camp Featured video on demand
Hot Housewifes Strippoker Featured- video on demand 
The Extreme Truth Supporting- Playboy TV
Ten Featured- Promos/The Erotic Network
The Suburban Wifes Club Supporting- Hart Tock Entertainment for Showtime/Cinemax and HBO
Playgirl TV Featured- Sky Blue Productions
Sexetera, Episode # 52 Featured - Playboy TV/ Eleventh Day Productions
All Access, Naked on the Road Featured-VH1
Imagine This Featured - Playboy TV/Wing It Entertainment
7 Lives Exposed Featured- Playboy TV Promo/ YarnBird Productions 
Fantasme Featured- Pilote for Payday Productions
Private Parties Documentary Principal- 8Storey Entertainment/HBO/Cinemax
Sexcetera, Episode # 30 Featured - Playboy TV/ Eleventh Day Productions
Je regarde moi non plus Featured - Quebec TV
Porn Ucopia Featured - HBO


Hustler (Larry Flint Publications)
- Host for the Behind the Scene Interviews for a year (Barely Legal # 50, Young Girl Fantasies #6, Taboo#1, Centerfold #1, Barely Legal Summer Camp #2, Young Latina Girl # 13 and #14, Taboo#2, Barely Legal #52, Young Girl Fantasies #7, Centerfold #3, Young Girl Fantasy #8, Taboo#3, Taboo#4)


Playboy the morning show -
 XM Radio/Playboy Radio (siris radio) 
Couleur 3 (national swiss radio) 
Plat du Jour - 
Couleur 3 (national swiss radio)
Heat Body Party - Boston Radio 
Playboy Night Calls 411
- XM Radio/Playboy Radio (sirius radio)
The Wanker Show - KSex Radio

Press / Magazines:

Airbrush Action, pinup model classes in Las Vegas advertising 2008 
Taboo Magazine, Cover model and layout July 2007 
Femina Weekly swiss magazine, interview 2007 
DDI, Domination Directory International, Cover #60 Spring 2007
Taboo Magazine, Review March 2007
Taboo Magazine, Review June 2006
Taboo Magazine, Review February 2006
Bizarre Magazine, Fetish and Fantasy, Cover and Layout, Issue #23 2006
Equus Eroticus, Pictoral issue #18, 2006
Marquis, Fetish Model Directory 2005
Taboo Magazine, Review December 2005
Taboo Magazine, Review November 2005
Equus Eroticus, Layout and Interview 2005
Legworld Magazine, Layout November 2005
Nugget Magazine, Layout and Interview November 2005
Secret Magazine, Model of the Month June 2005
Bizarre Magazine, Review November 2005
Skin Two Magazine, Review 2005
Playgirl Magazine, Layout, September 2004
Nugget Magazine, Layout & cover August 2004 
Screw Magazine July 2004
Legshow Magazine, Layout June 2004 
Marquis, Fetish Model Directory 2004
Nugget Magazine, Layout March 2004 
Oui Magazine, Layout January 2004 
Taboo Magazine, Layout October 2003 
Legworld Magazine, Layout November 2003 

Websites, product advertising, ad campain, etc...

List Provided upon request. This Resume is not complete, I have appeared in more magazines, tv shows and movies. This is only a partial list.

Rates & Availability:

I am always looking to shoot and produce new movies. I also accept Custom Video Request and I love to participate in new and fun interesting projects. I don't accept any Trade work. My rate start at $150-200 hourly depending on content - * with a 3 hour minimum required*,
If you want to hire me for the day, my rate is $800-$1500 for 6-8 hours (full day shoot rate). 
All rates depend on content. I will travel but day Rate is required for Bookings outside of Los Angeles, travel and accomodations must be paid. 

Please contact me for more info., rates and availability at:

I look forward to hear from you, Thanks!!!!


movies with an * have been produced by my production company (Anastasia Pierce Productions, Inc.). Those movies are available to be watched streaming on the web, video clips can be downloaded and DVDs can be purchased at


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