MILF 495 - Aunt Julia Visits the Farm

18:19 video

Rachel and her stepson moved from the city to a farm in the country. They were secluded and her stepson hates it there. A year had passed and her stepson had become quite withdrawn. Rachel tried to better his life by the move but it was backfiring. Her stepsister Julia phoned her and was coming to visit them. Rachel was ecstatic; she had not had a social life and no friends. Her stepson Jonathan was not thrilled about Julia’s visit, he did not care about anything. Typical bored young man. Julia arrived and she looked fantastic! Rachel was on the frumpy side, no reason to get dressed up out there. Julia took Rachel in the bedroom and gave her some sexy clothes she bought in the city. Rachel and Julia changed into some short shorts and low cut tight sexy tops. Rachel put on some high heels and felt like a new woman. Julia asked her why Jonathan was so bummed out. Rachel explained. Julia had a plan; she decided to show off their sexy out fits to get him excited. Rachel pranced out on the porch and Julia followed. Jonathan asked why they were dressed like that. Rachel puffed on a cigarette and said Julia bought them for her and she wanted to feel sexy again. He blushed as he could not help notice their asses and tits as they bent over in front of him. Later that night, Jonathan was napping on the couch. He had not done a thing all day. Julia and Rachel talked it over and decided they must do something to pull him out of his depression. Julia gave Rachel some sexy lingerie. They put their outfits on and slipped into the living room. Rachel woke him up. Jonathan was shocked when they both dropped their robes and posed for him. He had not had sex for over a year, and to see them in front of him staring into his eyes with sexual grins, he was speechless. Rachel knelt down and touched his cock. He grew hard immediately. Julia next to her smiled and convinced him it was alright. They loved him and wanted to see him smile again. He did not know what to do so he remained silent and let them take over. They pulled his shorts off and eagerly attacked his cock. They took turns feeding it to each other and sharing it. They talked dirty to him and finally he stood up pushed their heads together and shot his load on their waiting faces. He smiled and felt relief. Julia was staying for two weeks, so no more dull days at the farm! 

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