SchoolGirl Part I video

7:57 video

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It was after school and I was relaxing at home.  I was sitting reading my book.  I don't think anyone would approve of what I was reading but it didn't matter, I was alone, or so I thought.  As I was transported to my imagination  someone had broken in and snuck up behind me and clamps a cloth over my mouth and nose.  I smelled something sweet and the next thing I knew I was looking out of the trunk of a car.  I must have XXXX.  When I awoke, there was something drying out my mouth as if something was shoved in there.  I tried opening and spitting it out but there was tape over my mouth I went to raise my hand to my mouth to remove what ever it was and there was something pinning them behind my back.  I was tied and gagged.  I screamed to be let go.  I looked up and saw a hooded man,  He promptly picked me up.  All I saw was the floor as he carried me into a room.  I guessed I was in a garage.  He threw me onto a couch where I struggled for a bit.  It wasn't long before he returned and removed my gag.  Thank god, my mouth was drying out, but before I could really scream for help he replaced the tape with cloth.  I had no idea what he wanted with me.

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