Pool Bound video

3:03 video

I was in my one piece bathing suit, my bare feet was tied together at my ankles.  My hands were tied behind my back.  Despite my trying to hop away, Ben had grabbed me then gagged me using a green bandana.  Before I could get away again, He picked me up and put me over his shoulder like you might carry a heavy bag.  He carried me out to the pool and with a bit of taunting, through me in.  I was tied and flying through the air.  I knew what was coming next I gulped down air, through my gag.  I felt almost weightless, until I hit the water and sank firmly to the bottom.  I didn't have time to panic.  I crouched and put my feet firmly on the floor of the pool.  With a giant heave, I pushed off, exploding towards the top of the water in search of safety and fresh air.  I burst through the surface in a giant splash and took a deep breath,  My hair was all around my face.  I wanted to pull my hands up, but they were tied behind me.  With every breath of air, the gag brought moisture and my hair was all over my face.  I bobbed from the bottom to the top like this for several seconds, making my way around the pool.  When I finally got to the pool ladder, I thought I was home free.  Unfortunately I lost my footing and had to be rescued.  I had fun none the less.

Is there an outfit or scene you would like to see?  Well I might like it as well.  I love getting requests.  Please email me at Jackie@maladaptivebehavior.com or maladaptiveb@yahoo.com and let me know what you'd like to see.

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