Bondage Wedding Night Part I video

13:03 video

This is a HUGE file, but its also a long video.  I wanted to deliver the highest quality video I could and the only way to do that is with disc space.  I apologize and will later put a video that is smaller but of course with less quality.

When the girls helped me undress, I must admit, I was a bit nervous.  I don't know if it was before the wedding jitters?  Maybe I was a bit excited about the prospect of being tied by Elizabeth.  I knew that she had played around but I had no idea that she was this good with rigging.  She tied my hands behind my back and produced a bright and shiny white ballgag.  I only happily took it as Kyra took pictures.  They both looked so cute.  Lize had me lay on the bed facing down,  I think I knew what she was going to do next and I was excited.  Of course she didn't disappoint, She tied me in a cute and tight hogtie.  What I didn't expect was what Kyra was going to do while Elizabeth filmed.  I al  exftremely ticklish.  If you even act like your going to tickle me I cant help but explode in laughter.  I am so ticklish, I feel like it will kill me, as if I will literally die of laughter.  Kyra then started tickling me and I couldn't do anything but squirm in my hogtie, pull against the ropes and bit down hard on my ballgag, through fits of laughter.  I was wearing all white on white sheets I laughed so hard I was worried I was going to pee in the bed.

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