Skating the Issue video

6:10 video

I always loved roller skating at the skating rink back in the 80's! Problem is...there aren't many roller skating rinks anymore and I don't know if they would appreciate my style of skating! So, I have to skate in my living room for now. And, I was immensely excited when a fan sent me some old school white leather roller skates to get the job done. They are definitely more peachy keen than my roller blades. I put on a cute little t-shirt, pale pink satin panties, and red thigh high socks. Then, I sit down on the couch and proceed to lace up my skates really tight. But, I need to be tied with rope if this skating adventure is going to be any sort of fun! Skating in panties and socks just isn't enough. Well, Johnny obliges me by giving me a swell chest harness and tying my hands behind my back with rope. And, since I can't fight him in skates and a chest harness, he proceeds to plant a harness ball gag in my mouth and buckle the straps in the back. He ties a rope onto the chest harness to use as a leash to guide me down the foyer and into the living room. Once there, he lets me skate freely as I imagine 80's pop playing in the background. And, before long, drool is zooming from mouth as I skate around the room. Good thing we have a rug on the floor!

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