One Piece PJs Hogtie video

8:12 video

Johnny pulled tied me with the hemp rope.  I have been trying to get my elbows to tie together and have been getting closer and closer.  Then he secured my wrists and ankles in a tight hogtie.  He tied me extremely tight.  So tight that I started to complain. He quickly filled my mouth with a wad of cloth and secured it in place with an over the mouth gag. He pulled off my socks, exposing my feet to coldness of the room.   Then he opened the flap in my pajamas, so that my rear end was exposed.  After  a few minutes I began wiggle around and flipped on to my back, covering my rear.  I guess Johnny knew what I was up to he started taking my pajamas off.  The more I struggled, the more of me would be exposed. My elbows were hurting, my wrists we numb.  I finally had to safe out, well as much as I could with a gag in my mouth.

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