Flight Attendants Part II

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Whitney and I decided to play a little dress up when she visited me a couple of months ago.  I discovered her bondage stash and she decided to show me a thing or two about bondage.

She had my arms handcuffed behind my back and a ballgag in my mouth, keeping me quiet.  She went back to her bags and grabbed some  ropes.  When she returned she lowered me to the ground and tied my legs together at my ankles, then my thighs together.  She removed my handcuffs and replaced it with rope.  Then very thoroughly tied my wrists to my ankles in a tight hogtie.  She rolled me on to my back and my skirt was rising up.  She made it worth it though.  She went back to her bag again and returned with a toy.  She plugged the Hitachi in and I was in ecstasy. 

Please be sure to visit Whitney Morgans Website at www.MissWhitneyMorgan.com.  If you would like to see more of her on JackieBound.com, Id love to have an excuse to have her over again.  Please email me at maladaptiveb@yahoo.com or Jackie@maladaptivebehavior.com

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