29 Ms Wonderland video

5:31 video

I'm being held hostage by none other than that filthy, dirty minded White Rabbit. Once I fell all the way down the rabbit hole to Chicagoland, he captures my charming, dainty adaptation of Alice and shows me how real bunnies use rope! Tied in a strict ball tie with hemp rope in front of a tall window, drool streaming from my black ball gag secured mouth, neck wrenched to the ball tie, escape seems improbable. I wriggle around on the bench wondering how I can get to that Alice shrinking chocolate bar on the table next to me. I figure I could just slip right out of these ropes, grab the key on the table and slip out the door and down East Walton. Although, if the Mad Hatter finds me on the train, I might be in for a more beastly treat. I struggle around some more wishing I could grab the clear potion on the table. The one that if it slid down my throat, might make me grow larger than the Hulk and bust out of these cumbersome ropes. Not to put green images in your sweet little head, my loves. But, I could do some damage to this Four Diamond joint and evade the clutches of that evil gloved creature. Ahhhh...but, alas, I am content to play the damsel in distress today and just wiggle around contentedly. I mean you never know what that seedy rodent will do if I don't do as I'm told!


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