158 Bad Secretaries

72 photos; 7:06 video

Johnny just hired Mel, because he said we needed some extra "help". I begged him not to tie her up on the first day. I know how in the past, a few ladies have gotten scared off, because we got them all tied up in knots a bit too early. And, I really like the ravishing red haired, blue eyed Mel. I'd like for her to stick around for a while. She shows up on the first day in the standard JackieBound uniform: Satin blouse, skirt, satin panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. (Hey, it's not sexist to have a dress code!) Mel is given a back up of paper work and Johnny is good all morning, like I asked him to be. I am so proud of him. But, then, after lunch, he just can't help himself any longer. Of course, we all know where this is going, and I am likely to be involved in some way as well. But, I didn't know what was happening yet, because I took the later lunch. And, when I get back, Mel is tied to a chair with rope: knees together, chest harness, ankles apart to the sides of the chair and a big red ball gag in her mouth. I really do not have time to react, before Johnny grabs me and ties me on the floor to one of the legs of the chair that Mel is sitting on. Then, he gives me a big ball gag as well. That way I can drool as I struggle beside Mel. He's got to make it seem like he treats all of his employees the same (which he does, by the way). We are an equal opportunity employer, so if you want to be tied up, all you have to do is show up in the uniform.....And, Mel has not come back to the office yet, but she assures me via email at a safe distance that she really likes us and wants to come back. Hmmm....I wonder if she is tied up as we speak. :)


Do you like the gorgeous Mel as much as I do? Follow her on Twitter: @MelHeflin 

And, I am still hoping to get her back soon! She's a delight! :)




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