312 Joy Ride

77 photos; 6:26 video

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we have the world all to ourselves. And, I, never missing a chance to run around the house naked or half-naked, have decided to relish tbis opportunity. I put on a new provocative pink bustier with satin panties, stockings, satin gloves and sparkling silver high heels. I enter the living room and Johnny seems to be surprised. But, he goes out to the garage, comes back a few moments later, and tells me that he has an idea. Johnny grabs a couple pairs of metal cuffs and a thick white cloth and directs me toward the  garage. I'm not sure I like where this is going, but decide that submission is my best option. He bekos me into the back seat of the car, secures my ankles together and wrists together with the cuffs, and then ties the  thick white cleave gag behind my head. Johnny gets in the front seat ooens the garage door and begins to head down the road as I cooperatively wiggle for him in the back seat. It seems like he goes pretty far, but before long, we are cruising along the beach, enjoying the waves crashing and serene sunshine. I guess Johnny has some good ideas after all! ;)


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