Game, Set , Match by Fidelis

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Game, Match & Set
by Fidelis

I crouched by the door, waiting for the guy to get home. I’d been staking his place out for a week, and he had a routine you could set your watch by. This was going to a piece of cake. It had taken me about 10 seconds to get in through the back door – this guy had no security system, no light sensors, nothing. The baby stockbroker jock wasn’t so smart. This was going to be the easiest thousand bucks that I had earned in a long time. The Boss had told me that he wanted the guy out of commission for 24 hours. The Boss really wanted to win the big tennis match tomorrow. I’d already taken one guy out of the match – a little motor oil on his front step and …wham, the poor guy went down and broke his arm. The Boss said that he wanted something a little more personal this time. This stockbroker had beaten the pants off the Boss last week, and the Boss didn’t like to lose. Ever. Especially not to some kid, barely out of college. "Vito, you can do anything you want with this kid, anything. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Just keep him occupied until Saturday night. " Once I’d had a look at the guy, I couldn’t wait until Friday night.
It was 9.44. The yuppie stockbroker should just be turning up his front walk, back from his run. I peered through the blinds. Yep, here he came, right on time. I pulled my gun out of my bag, and waited while he did his stretching exercises. I could see the sweat glistening on his chest while he loosened up. I leaned down and got some rope from my handy bag of tricks. I had plans for this jock, and those plans didn’t involve us playing chess for the next twenty-four hours.
I laughed when I saw the look of shock on the jock stockbroker’s face when he walked through his front door. "Who the fuck are you?" Then he took me by surprise, trying to rush me. I had to give the kid some credit – he was brave, but not too smart. I guess that he thought that all of the hours he had spent in the gym working on that hot body gave him an advantage. But this yuppie didn’t grow up in the Flats like me; dirty fighting was in my blood. A punch in the gut, and a knee to the chin, and the jock was lying on the floor, gasping like a fish out of water.
A minute later, and I had his hands tied nice and tight in front of him, arms lashed to his body, and a nice piece of rope around his neck to limit his mobility.
"Get out of my house, scum bag. I’m going to stomp your sorry ass from here to…MMMMPHHHH." The greasy bandanna that I had been keeping in reserve for use on this yuppie jock came in handy. I whipped it out of my back pocket and shoved it between his teeth. I felt my cock jump as he choked on it.
"GMMFUCKINMMPUNK. MMULLMMREGRETMTHISMASSHOLE." He flipped me the finger. I liked the jock’s spirit; it was going to make the next day a lot of fun, but his yelling through the bandanna was getting on my nerves. I should have brought a dirty jockstrap with me, to shove down that big jock throat, but I did have something else with me that would keep him quiet. There, that was much better. That yellow tape looked good with his blue eyes, eyes that were spitting defiance. He was still gurgling away behind his gag, but the volume was considerably reduced.
The jock made a rush for the door, trying to escape, but he didn’t have a chance. I grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him back into the room. I shoved my gun into his chest and made him back up, until he fell back onto the couch. He lashed out at me with one of his feet. I had no trouble jumping out of the way, but this guy was really starting to irritate me. I was going to teach this yuppie jock who was in charge here.
"That’s a lot better, isn’t it, stud? I’ve got myself a nice big jock package to play with. You and me are going to be really good buddies before the night is out. What do you think about that?"
Good, now he was looking scared. The dumb jock had probably thought that this was going to be a routine break in, but I could see that the good buddies reference was giving him food for thought, and that particular thought was giving him indigestion. He started rolling around on the couch, mmmphing and struggling, but he wasn’t going anywhere, not the way that I had him tied up. I thought that the noose around his neck was a particular stroke of genius. I had this yuppie jock stockbroker at my mercy, and I intended on enjoying every minute of it. Maybe I should be the one paying the Boss!

I grabbed the jock by his hair and pulled him upright. I ran a hand down his chest, giving his pecs a squeeze. "Gee, buddy, you must really work out to keep your body in shape like this. It feels good to me. Let’s see what else you have."
The jock really started getting agitated as I yanked down his shorts. He didn’t seem as cocky as he had been just a short time ago. He was yelping and trying to get away from me, but there wasn’t anywhere that he could go, not the way he was tied up. I put my arms under his legs, scooping them up and pushing him back onto the couch at the same time. Oh my my my; didn’t that look sweet!
"That’s a real nice looking butt that you’ve got there, jock. Real nice. Woohoo, we’re going to have some fun tonight, aren’t we?"

The poor guy was shaking his head back and forwards, whimpering as he rolled himself up into a tight little ball. It was pathetic the way that he thought he could protect himself. I reached in between his legs to cop a feel and…surprise, surprise!!!! The yuppie jock was as hard as a rock. This wasn’t a development that I had expected. He moaned with shame as I stroked his erection. "MMMNOOOO. MMPLLLEEEZZMMDONT." He looked at me, those big blue eyes pleading with me.
"Don’t you worry big boy. It looks like both of us are going to have fun tonight."


The Jock played by Troy
Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 08/09/2006

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