Caught in the Act by Sammy

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My roommate had fallen asleep in his favorite chair after looking at his favorite porn again. He always liked looking at the pictures of hot guys tied up and helpless. Well tonight was his fantasy was coming true. He had always slept like a log. Nothing short of his twelve different alarm clocks ever woke him up usually. It ws absolutely no trouble to truss him up throughout the whole procedue he never even woke. I started with lots of criss-crossing rope around his neck and chest. I wound it around and around his torso then criss- crossed it several times and looped I over his neck. Then I moved on to his legs and wrapped several intricate criss-crosses and looped more rope around and around his ankles and just above and below his knees to ensure he was bound up tight ass a christmas ham. Finaly the coup de gace I smeared a sticky piece of duct tape ove his mouth and shook him until his eyes nearly leaped out of his skull.

"Welcome to your fantasy", I sneered, "Now, if you obey every little command I give I will ensure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Do you understand."

"MMpph, mm." he nodded his head vigourously.

He seemed to already be enjoying himself if the growing bulge in his pants was any indication. I reached down and graabed it and he convulsed with pleasure.

"No. no, not yet I am not ready for you begin having fun. I was just letting you know who was in charge."

Despite myself I found that this was also very enjoyable for me as well.

"Get up off the the chair and lay on the ground." I commanded.

"Mmph, mm." he nodded his obedience and after a bit of a sruggle he stopped hopped a few feet and awkwardly lowered himself to the ground.

"Now, roll onto you stomach and lift your feet int the air."

"Mmpph, mmm?!"

Once again he did as he was told and I quickly produced more rope and cinched hi into an extreme hog tie. His face turned read with the intensity of the cruel bondage.

"Now, since you have been such a good boy I shall give you a small treat. Roll over."

As soon as he struggled to a sitting position in the hog tie I reached down and unzipped his pants...


This was going to be a fun night for both of us.


The End

The Room Mate played by Eddie

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production: 03/15/2007

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