The Bunny Hop by Soft Touch

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 It's not safe out in the woods these days. My name is Gordon and all I wanted was the feel of a breeze on my face, the smell of green things growing all around me, and just a little exercise to trim down my spare tire to a more manageable size.
All of a sudden this guy I'm going to call Jumbo jumped out of the bushes right in front of me. I can’t remember the last time I saw something that was so big and fast that kind of threw me for a moment.
I wanted to be reasonable and I tried to tell him that I didn’t carry a lot of money while I was out jogging, but he just grabbed me up in his big paws and sneered.
“You?d better let go of me or I’m going to call a cop!”, I threatened just as loud as I could. But Jumbo spun me around, pulled me close to his sweaty body, and covered my mouth with his big paw.
“You ain?t gonna be calling nobody!" his low voice hissed into my ear.
Then he twisted my arm up behind my back really hard and I saw that he wasn”t smiling at me any more.
“You want I should break some of your bones or do you want to be trussed up like a chicken for awhile?”
I really didn”t like either one of those choices, but I could see that he had his rope all ready so I went along, hoping to keep him happy and then maybe he would go away.
 It wasn’t easy for me to let him put his big paws all over me and then I really yelped when he pulled those knots really tight.
“You make a lot of noise for a little feller.”
Jumbo pushed me down onto my knees. Then he spread this bandanna between his two big paws and used it to force my lips open and to push my tongue out of the way while he bitted it between my teeth and then tied it really tight behind my neck. But all I could think of was that I hoped that the bandanna he was using was reasonably clean.
Then he shoved me down onto the grass, forced my legs together with his big paws, and then began wrapping another piece of rope really tightly around my bare thighs. It hurt, but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of hearing me yelp again.

 Then I could see that he was really enjoying himself. He was leering at me while he wrapped and tied another piece of rope tightly around my ankles.
Finally he took my money. I cursed into my gag and called him three different kinds of stupid. I would’ve given him my money if he had just asked for it. No, I guess that would have spoiled part of his fun. I think he really enjoyed tying me up.
I say that because of the happy smile that was on Jumbo?s face when he waved goodbye to me and went on his merry way. That happy smile of his kind of made me angry so I lay there cursing him out for awhile before I realized that I had another real problem.
Here I was out in the woods somewhere. I was all tied up so that I couldn?t go anywhere. And I was all gagged up so that I couldn’t call for help or even tell people where I was.
 Then I spent a lot of time and energy, twisting and pulling and groaning and rolling around on the ground before I finally had to admit to myself that I wasn?t going to be able to get free from these ropes without somebody’s help.
But where was I going to get any help? I chose this trail because it was well off the beaten path and far away from where all the yuppies showed off their new jogging outfits while they pranced around. None of them would dare come this far into the woods. That was too bad. I was so desperate now I’d even thank a yuppie for some help.
 Gordon, you got yourself into this mess, I told myself. Now you’re going to have to get yourself out of it. But how? I couldn’t even walk.
The Bunny Hop! I don’t know why I thought of it, but it was the only way, and now I was glad that I took those stupid dance classes back in school.


Let?’s see, how did it go?
“Got to find a way, got to get home. Hop-Hop-Hop!”
“I look like a fool, but it can’t be helped . Hop-Hop-Hop!”
“Gonna find that Jumbo; get a little payback. Hop-Hop-Hop!”


To be continued.

The Mugger played by Steve
Gordon played by Ron

Photography by Caitiff

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