Out Cold by LAshyguy

30 photos; 9:46 video

When the call came over the radio, Officer Jasper groaned in annoyance. The old warehouse on Delancey Street was constantly being broken into, and at least twice a week Jasper would go over there to find nothing more than a couple of kids goofing around or a homeless person looking for shelter. The bottom line was for the third time this week, he was going to waste his time.

As he walked into the side entrance door (the one with the fault lock that the owner refused to fix), Jasper quietly ascended the stairs and wandered about the floor. When he got to the top, Jasper turned left down the dark hallway. As soon as he passed an open doorway he lazily failed to look into, a shape dressed in black lurched out and grabbed him from behind. A cloth was firmly placed over his nose and mouth. He tried to call out, but all he could do was struggle as he inhaled the fumes on the cloth. His muffled yells slowly subsided, and all was black.

As Jasper slowly opened his eyes to let them adjust to the light, his head was pounding and he felt groggy. He tried to get out, but quickly realized he couldn’t. His hands were bound behind him, with ropes abundantly wrapped around his chest. His ankles were secured. The tape covering his mouth was holding some type of cloth inside so he couldn’t scream. His last realization was that his uniform had been stripped off him: All that remained was his underwear.

Some footsteps caught his attention, and Jasper rolled over to see who it was. A man in black wearing a ski mask entered the room. Jasper tried to struggle and call for help, but the ropes and tape held firmly to him. This guy was a professional, because what happened next made it perfectly clear that this wasn’t random. This was a setup.

Jasper watched as his captor changed out of his clothes and into Jasper’s uniform. He didn’t remove his ski mask off to reveal himself, but aside from that, the fiend was now stealing Jasper’s identity. The imposter looked down at Jasper and let out a chuckle, then walked away silently, leaving Jasper to sit there and wonder how long before dispatch would realize he’s missing, and how long after that before someone finds him bound and gagged in the warehouse. Even more disturbing was what was that goon plotting while impersonating them. All of these thoughts ran through Jasper’s head until backup arrived…many hours later.



The Guard played by Jesse Daniels
The Bad Guy played Mr. Exe
Photography by Caitiff

 Date of production: 01/16/2019

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