Taped Up Cop by Caitiff

23 photos; 4:24 video


Officer Potts thought he had a sweet deal. Corruption was rampant in the little town of Byrne’s Mill and Officer Potts was in the middle of it. People got speeding tickets for going a few miles under the speed limit. Cars got impounded for no reason and when the owners reclaimed them, stuff was found missing. And now his latest scheme: when he pulled over a car with anything valuable, Officer Potts would accuse them of “transporting illegal good”. Of course, if they gave him the stuff, he wouldn’t arrest them. People were so afraid of cops, they just gave in right away.

Officer Potts, the Mayor and all the other cops in town were all in on it. The few complaints that anyone had the guts to make were lost. Everyone in town knew better then to screw with the cops. The State Cops never got enough evidence to make anything stick.

So Officer Potts was totally taken aback when he found someone who not only didn’t bend over backwards to do whatever he said, but resisted! They guy had ten thousand in his car but he wouldn't’ give it up. Well, a little time in jail would teach this asshole a lesson. Officer Potts was making ready to call in his buddies when everything went black.

Potts woke up with a head ache and his hands cuffed behind his back. He didn’t know where he was but it looked like a ware house. The driver was holding a gun on him.


“About time you woke up.”, The Driver said sneering. “ They warned me about going through your shitty little town. Guess I should have listened, heh?”

“I don’t know what you think you’re doing asshole but you had better.. mmmm!”

The kidnapper laughed as he gagged Officer Potts with tape. Then he added to it with a filthy t-shirt that he ripped in half that was tied around the cop’s head.

“Sit your ass down”, the kidnapper commanded as he pushed Officer Potts onto an old chair. Officer Potts really wanted to kill this guy but he knew there was nothing he could do while he was tied up.

Officer Potts had his legs wrapped up with tape. Even worse, his cool ass shades were stolen.

“Gotta make a few calls. Hang tight!” Officer Potts was left alone.

Officer Potts struggled and moaned through his gag. Unfortunately the kidnapper had had enough sense to take the key as well. The hand cuffs cut deep into his wrists. They were uncomfortable as hell. That was why Potts liked to cinch them as tight as he could when he handcuffed someone. The cuffs were almost like karmic pay back.

He thought about hopping away but he doubted he would get very far. All he could hope for was that someone found him.

The kidnapper came back in through the door.

“Good news! I talked to your mayor. She didn’t appreciate you getting in the way of her other deals. But we worked it out.”

The Mayor? Was she doing something on the side? Well, he could talk to her about it when he got free. But deal or no deal, he was going to make this asshole pay.

The problem was, Officer Potts wasn’t being released. In fact, his shirt was being unbuttoned.

“Yeah, she still gets her money. But I get you for my trouble! Mmmm-hmmm, glad you aren’t a donut like most dirty cops!”


And so the number of dirty cops in Byrne’s Milll went down by one.

The End

Officer Potts played by Arturo Photography by Caitiff
Taped Up Cop

Date of Production: 06/30/2009

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