The Spy Who Tied Me

27 photos; 4:42 video


 James awoke fitfully. As before he couldn't’ move his hands. They were still tied behind his back. But he wasn’t sitting in a chair. Instead he could feel cloth under his face. He was lying on a mattress.
Still groggy, James tried to get up. His feet were still free. But James wasn’t just still tied up. He was still being guarded as well.




 James felt his feet grabbed by the Cuban and tied together roughly. Then with his legs bent and forced back, James was hog tied.
“Ahh. so he is awake, is he?”, James could hear someone say.
Looking up, James saw it was Marcus Rimmer, the alleged head of the smuggling ring James had been sent to investigate.
“So this is the best Canada has to offer? What a joke.”


“Mmmmm!”, was al james could say through the tape gag. The Cuban responded by grabbing James’ head and tightening the ropes around his hands.
“Take off his shoes. He has a tracking device in one of them.”
How did h know that?
The Cuban took James’ shoes.
  “Get comfortable, Mr. Bind. You will be our guest for quite a while.”, Marcus Rimmer laughed as he left James to the Cuban’s tender mercies.
James could only twist in his ropes as the Cuban and his men brought out a large box.
“Ok, first we box this gringo up. Then we ship him to the headquarters.”





James Bind played By Brant

Shibari Ropework by Joe Wright

Photography by Caitiff



Date of Production: 01/23/2008

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