Held Captive by Nick007

27 photos; 6:30 video

Derek had been spoiled by his rich parents his whole life. He constantly threw his money around to make “friends”. Of course he was always the life of the party. And who wouldn't be the life of the party when you are literally throwing money into the air. Of course throwing your money around is bound to get you into trouble sooner or later.

One night, Derek was out partying with his so called friends. The night had been going on like it always does. The beer kept flowing and music never died down. Soon Derek was right where his “friends” wanted him to be. Not drunk enough to pass out but drunk enough to do what any pretty girl asked him to do.

“Hey! Look what I found!” one of his friends said as he held up coils of rope and a roll of duct tape. “Let's have some fun!”

“YEAH! Lets tie up Derek!” one of the hottest girls at the party yelled. She walked over to Derek and stood in front of him using her patented stance that just screamed, if you do as I say then maybe I'll sleep with you but we all know I wont. “Please Derek.”

“For you, babe, anything.” Derek agreed.

The guy with the rope began to wrap rope around Derek's wrists, behind his back. After that, an even longer rope was wrapped around his chest, over and over. Derek began to wonder where they found all this rope, but this thought quickly faded as the hot girl kept his attention on her. Then everything went dark due to someone blindfolding him.

“Ha ha! Ok guys. We all had our little fun now untie me.” Derek said.

But this plea fell on deaf ears as someone put duct tape over Derek's mouth. He was then forced into a chair as more rope was added to secure him to the chair.

CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! They were taking pictures of him. When Derek thought about it, this seemed very abnormal. We've all seen pictures of drunken parties that end up with someone tied up, but this was starting to seem premeditated. And soon Derek found out why.

“Ok we got enough pictures.” the hot girl said. “Now let's get them to his parents. Once they see him in this predicament they will pay a lot to get their little boy back.”

'They can't be serious' Derek thought. 'Are they really going to hold me for ransom?'

“You're probably wondering what is going on Derek.” the girl said. “Well we figured if you had that much money then your parents must have a lot more. And we're going to get it. So I hope you're comfortable because you are going to be here for awhile.”

Derek struggled against the ropes. However no matter how much he tied to get free, the ropes were just too tight. His only hope now was his parents. He could only hope they would pay right away.

“And in the mean time, I think I am going to allow Jimmy over here to have a little fun with you.” the girl said. “He's always had a crush on you and loves the look of a helpless man. So you two play nice.”


The End.


Model: Derek

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:05/10/2013

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