VIDEO - Predator, Supergirl vs Alien Lesbian Vampire Queen

20:01 video

Starring: Chrissy Marie as Supergirl and Anastasia Pierce as Andromeda
Summary: An alien space ship has been spotted above Los Angeles. The news receive a special broadcast and message straight from inside the alien vessel. The Extraterrestrial Queen will lay her demands and ask to meet with a human representative.  Supergirl is sent to meet with her.
Supergirl refuses to obey and fulfill the Alien Queen's request. Infuriated, the Vampire Alien Queen decides to make an example out of Supergirl to the Human species showing them just how powerful she is.
Supergirl will be broken down by the Alien strength and by her super powers. Showing her superiority and lack of fear. Using lasers, energy transfer. Draining and sucking with her vampire fangs the super heroine to an empty shell and leaving her completely helpless and defenseless. Lots of humiliation, beat down, forced orgasm and  special FX.
Includes: Anastasia Pierce, Chrissy Marie, Original Super Heroine Costumes, Catsuit, Amazon, Catfight, SHIP, Lesbian Domination, Fighting, Energy Draining, Mental Domination, Fantasy, Cosplay, Sci-fi, Trap, Alien, Vampire, Power Exchange, Body Swap, Damsel in Distress, Controlled Super Heroine, Weak, Helpless, Stripping, Wedgies, Forced Orgasm, Super Villainess, Sex Slave, Heroine in Distress.  Lots of Humiliation and lots of special FX

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