Painter's Prisoner - Anastasia Pierce
43 photos; 3:42 video

There are a lot of reasons I like tying up Anastasia.  One is that she enjoys herself, which makes me happy.  Another is that she knows and does the Damsel Face.  Ain't she cute?

This update is available in two different formats... 1) Full-size JPGs in a zip file. 2) 1920x1080pixel photo-to-video slideshow, no sound.

Added October 26.


Tied-Up Schoolgirl - Isobel Wren at Wizard College
6:56 video

Student Isobel is having a difficult time at Wizard College. She must show that she can do a magic spell proficiently, but she fails and winds up in bondage detention. A lotus fold tie is her punishment. Ropes snug through her crotch, her bare feet are bound, she loses her top and her breasts are bared.  - - 720x480pixel - - Uploaded October 25.


Twins in Trouble
35 photos; 3:00 video

Erica Ellyson & Andie Valentino by Lorelei - Actually, they're not twins... I just thought they looked a little similar, here.

This update is available in two different ways... pick one!  #1 Full-size JPGs in a zip file.  #2 1920x1080pixel hands-free photo-to-video slideshow (no audio).

Update added October 24.



Bare-Boobed Bondage of Beergirl Kiki D'aire
5:50 video

Barmaid Kiki is bound and tape-gagged on a mattress. Looks like she won't be getting any tips tonight. Cute dirndl dress with ruffled petticoat layer, white open-toed high heels, shoe bondage, toplessness.  - - 720x480pixels. - - Uploaded  October 21.


Cheerleader Ashley Renee Roped by Coach Lorelei
9:06 video

A fun little skit.  Cheergirl Ashley Renee has skipped class so her gym teacher (Lorelei) ties her up in detention. All ropework shown on-screen. Panty-gag (shown on-screen). The gym teacher even cops a free feel of Ashley's big breasts.  - - Uploaded October 20.


Captive Secretary Anna Mills
38 photos; 3:12 video

Anna Mills menaced by Jon Woods.  Pics by Lorelei (me).  I really like this little workshop room.  It has such a weird ambiance!

This update is viewable in two different ways.  1. Full-size JPGs in a zip file.  2. 1920x1080pixel photo-to-video slideshow without sound.

Added October 19.



Bound Big-Tit School Uniform Captive Lorelei
5:37 video

Lorelei's gone back to college ,but finds herself chair-bound and gagged in the headmaster's office! She marks time struggling, facing the corner, mmphing with her big tits out, and whimpering on the floor. Mature model. Tight rigging by Jon Woods. - - 720x480pixel WMV - - Added October 18


Carissa Montgomery - Nurse Post-Tied in the Garage
3:48 video

Sexy Nurse Carissa Montgomery is post-bound with her big tits on display. Rigging/videography by Lorelei. - - Nurse outfit, nurse costume, nurse uniform, big boobs, busty, buxom, topless, bare breasts, post tie, post bondage, garage bondage, high heels, gloves, cleave gag - - 720x480pixel WMV - - Added October 15


My Piano Forte - Ariel Anderssen
113 photos; 8:22 video

Hey you guys!  I discovered that if I open the piano, there's all sorts of things inside to tie ropes around!  Bwa ha ha!

The feature is followed by a number of behind-the-scenes images.

This update is offered via two different formats.  #1. Full-size JPGs in a zip file.  #2.  1920x1080pixel photo-to-video slideshow, sans sound.

Added October 14.



Cowgirl Groped - Ashley Renee
6:09 video

Cute cowgirl Ashley Renee arrives at the frat-house Halloween party far too late... everyone has gone except raunchy rustler Jon Woods, who ties her, gags her, gropes her big tits a little, and leaves her to struggle alone. - - 720x480pixel WMV - - Added October 11


Vibrator Bondage for Barmaid Ashley Graham
3:22 video

Ashley is hogtied and she's gagged with a blue bandanna. A big buzzing vibrator is tied to her mons. - - 720x480pixels. - - Added October 9.


Closet Bondage for Sophia Smith
61 photos

"Little Lady Lost" - - Rigging by Lorelei, pics by Lorelei & Jon Woods.  It's so exciting to be able to show you this photoset.  These photos were lost for six months!  We finally found the missing disk later. - - Brunette, secretary, high heels, open heel, bare legs, blouse, ropes, cleave gag, scarf gag, mattress, topless, bare breasts, closet - - Update October 5

Alexis Grace Cums and Cums Again While Suspended
15:47 video

This is a really interesting record of a lady's first full suspension, plus her first orgasms in suspension.  First we show just the vignette. Alexis is about to be suspended; we see a large vibrator has been roped to her crotch. Next she's in the air, then she works herself up to two orgasms.  Afterward, a behind-the-scenes camera records unobtrusively so that you can watch her being brought down and untied while she talks about the orgasms, her experience, her thoughts and feelings, etc. You can tell she's enjoying some post-suspension endorphins.  She only had a very basic cleave-gag because the first time we suspend someone, we want them to be able to communicate with us about how they're doing. - - Rigging by Lorelei and Jon Woods. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Uploaded October 5.


Vibrator Bondage for Georgia Jones
4:00 video

Yet more bondage at the B&G Company offices! Cute secretary Georgia Jones is chair-tied with a big vibrator roped against her crotch. There's a main rope tied to the head of the vibrator and that rope goes underneath between her buttcheeks to the back of the chair, to hold the vibrator in place. There are some extra ropes from vibrator to knees that at first seem like a way for her to move the vibrator but... nope. Georgia wriggles back and forth, and mmphs and squeals through her cleave-gag. Is she unhappy because she doesn't want to be vibrated, or is she unhappy because she can't get the vibrator onto the right spot? Rigging by Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage.  - - 720x480WMV.  - - Added October 2.


Classic Aubrey Taylor
48 photos; 4:02 video

Isn't it funny... I started working for Harmony Concepts in 1988...  then rigged & photo'd & video'd for Close-Up for a while...  then started Bedroom Bondage to get more bondage on both ends of the rope... and 20 years later I still luuuuuuve to do these secretary tie-ups!

This update is available in two different formats; pick one!  1. Full-size JPGs in a zip file. 2. 1920x1080pixel hands-free photo-to-video slideshow (no sound).

Uploaded October 1.



Stewardess Bound in Uniform - Danielle Trixie
11:26 video

At first she's in ropes but not gagged, then she's gagged, then she gets her high heels off and is in her stockinged feet, then she's hopping around the room, then she's secure on the chair, then she's topless. A very nice progression for a lovely damsel! - - Rigging by Lorelei of BedroomBondage.  - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Uploaded September 28.


Hogtied LadyBoss - Lorelei Barefoot and Bound
5:42 video

Lorelei roped by Eric Holman! - - It seems this buxom executive has gotten herself detained at the office. She starts out seated on her desk, later is topless, and eventually is hogtied so securely that she simply can't move. Tapegag. Bare feet. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added September 25.


Miss Kinky Gaga Hogtied, then Tickled by Lorelei
14:38 video

Miss Kinky Gaga was caught smoking so now she has to be punished with bondage. She's sad and a bit pouty as Lorelei ropes up her wrists, ankles, and chest. Lorelei lectures her captive as the ropes go on. They dialogue a bit about good reasons to not smoke. When the tying is done, Lorelei gets right in there with her mean little fingers and tickles the heck out of her captive for 5 squealy minutes! Miss Gaga is sooo cute when she's being tickled; at times she's so tickled-up that her eyes start to cross! - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Added September 23


Hogtied Schoolgirl Lorelei - Naughty Student Part 3
6:22 video

The tying continues until Lorelei is a thoroughly-roped package. She squeals in protest as Mr. Woods lifts her off the desk, carries her over to the floor, and leaves her there in her hogtied, crotch-roped misery. It appears she has learned her lesson! - - 1st half of this video is onscreen tying, 2nd half is lone struggling. - - Classic footage from years ago. - - 720x480pixel WMV. - - Uploaded September 22.


Roped Schoolgirl Lorelei - Naughty Student Part 2
11:44 video

Stern Jon Woods opens Lorelei's blouse and touches her breasts and pinches her nipples, as she alternately objects and acquiesces. Then he pulls her to the desk and removes her shoes; she remains sock-footed after that. Lorelei is methodically and inexorably bound rope by rope. Her legs are tied in several places, then a crotchrope goes on her bare pinkness. (The tying continues in Part 3.) - - Classic footage from years ago. - - 720x480pixel WMV. - - Uploaded September 20.


Spanked Schoolgirl Lorelei - Naughty Student Part 1
14:48 video

Petite blonde co-ed Lorelei is lectured by Jon Woods, hand-tied, torso-roped, spanked, whacked with a belt, handgagged, mouth stuffed with cloth, tape-gagged, tied some more, panties pulled down, then spanked and pinched. - - 720x480pixel WMV. - - Uploaded September 19.


Helpless Naked Hooded and Roped - Miss Cody Hunter
6:54 video

This naked captive is left alone for long periods. At times the bondage increases. Poor Miss Cody. Black leather hood with attached leather blindfold and gag, naked, nude, nudity, barefoot, bare feet, foot bondage, foot ropes, topless, bare breasts, pink, ropes, roped, ropework, fold tie, ball tie. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Uploaded September 18.


Bound in Uniform - Ashley Renee the Ghost Hunter
6:16 video

Ashley the Ghost-Hunter is looking very cute in her khaki uniform and knee-high heeled leather boots. She encounters a ghost but her anti-ghost device fails. She finds herself secured horizontally and the situation progresses until she's fully spreadeagled. Then her position changes again to bring her legs up. Cute panties. Big breasts. Ballgag. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Uploaded September 17


Secretary Aubrielle Summer in Ropes on the Bed
7:44 video

Gorgeous Aubrielle is wearing a mini-skirt, blouse and supercute floral high heels. She starts out ungagged but soon she's also bandanna-gagged and topless; by the end of her struggles she finds herself barefoot and fold-tied on the bed. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added September 13.


Chair-Tie for Sarah September
3:29 video

This clip is just the final 3 minutes from "Tying Sarah September For Revenge." This is the segment where poor sad Sarah has been left alone, with her big breasts on display. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added September 11


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