Lorelei is Held Captive for Money Part 1
5:45 video

This is part 1 of 2.  Lorelei has been taken captive for a big payoff. After her captor videos a demand for money, he leaves her alone, so she hops off her chair, unties her ankles, and hobbles all around the empty house looking for an exit, breaking a heel in the process and abandoning her shoes. Before she can escape, she's cornered.  - -  Secretary, blouse, skirt, sheer-to-waist pantyhose, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, tape gag, rope bondage, escaping, wandering, damsel in distress, high heels and shoeless.  - - 864x480pixel MP4 video.  August 3.


Celeste Star Hogtied Naked and Barefoot
11:27 video

Celeste is first seen bound hand and foot, then she's revisited in increasing stages of restraint until she's hogtied and halfway off the sofa! Naked, nude, nudity, barefoot, bare feet, hogtied, hog tie, rope bondage, ropework, rope bound, ropes, partial suspension, red tape gag, tapegagged, topless, bound and gagged.  864x480pixel MP4 video.  July 31.


Naked Bound Struggler Ariana Grand
7:35 video

It seems Ariana's been left tied up by a burglar or somebody. She waits til the coast is clear, then struggles wildly all over the bed, trying to loosen her ropes. But next we see that her captor must've decided to come back and add a gag. Once again the coast is clear and Ariana struggles mightily... well bit by bit more ropes just keep appearing until finally, Ariana really can't go anywhere, because she's leashed to the bed. - - Ariana's mmphs have a hint more panic to them than most performers. - - 864x480pixel MP4.  July 27.


Captive Lorelei in Slip is Vibed to Orgasm
6:37 video

This is only part 2 (of 2) of "Car Captive Tied Up and Vibed in her Slip".  Silky black slip, stockings, shoeless, garter belt, manhandling, fondling, groping, topless, big tits, tape-gag, rope bondage, vibrator, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, blonde.  Lorelei is seen frogtied on a bed. She's vibed into submission. A powerful orgasm can't be avoided.  Recorded on tripod.  - - Lorelei sez:  "After the end credits is a brief two-minute slideshow of a few snapshots we took of me one morning after bondagesex. I'm seen naked and barefoot in a frogtie, with a full bane tape-gag. I've been tied up with cotton rope and duct tape has been wrapped over the ropes. (There was no video footage shot that day. I just thought you might like to see the pics.)" 864x480pixel MP4.  July 24.


Car Captive Lorelei Tied Up in her Slip
14:35 video

This is only part 1 (of 2) of "Car Captive Tied Up and Vibed in her Slip".  Lorelei has been nabbed.  She's tied up and groped in the back of an SUV. She struggles in vain and is secured further until finally she's seat-belted for transit. Silky black slip, stockings, garter belt, red high heels, manhandling, fondling, groping, topless, big tits, tape-gag, rigging, onscreen tying, on-screen tying, car bondage, rope bondage, ropework, blonde.  Video verite', jump cuts, outdoor sounds, camera noise, camera movement, ambient light, variable visual quality.  874x480pixel MP4.  July 20.


BigTit Captive Lorelei Gets Vibed to Orgasm
9:06 video

This is Part 2 of 2 of "BigTit Captive Attempts Escape but Gets Vibed" (this is the vibrator/orgasm half).

Jon has spread Lorelei out on an old trunk and he wields a 4-speed vibrator on her. Lorelei eventually submits to the buzzing device and she has two orgasms. Afterward she's groped a bit more before the fadeout. - - Secretary, ladyboss, blazer, skirt, pantyhose with torn-open crotch, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, shoeless, tape gag, rope bondage, damsel in distress, manhandling, bound orgasms.

848x480pixel MP4. July 18.


BigTit Captive Lorelei Attempts Escape
12:24 video

This is Part 1 of 2 from "BigTit Captive Attempts Escape but Gets Vibed" (this is the escape-attempt half).

Jon drags Lorelei into the Shack Out Back and he starts adding ropes. She already has her wrists tied and is tape-gagged; her captor rigs the knees and chest area while taking frequent breaks to grope and squeeze Lorelei's huge boobs. Jon hears a noise out front so he leaves without finishing tying the ankles. Lorelei carefully stands up and starts sneaking around the room trying to figure out how to get free. She wanders down a hall and finds herself cornered in a dusty, windowed, dark little room. She's caught in her attempt to flee. - - There's a brief outtake after the end credits. Look for it!

848x480pixel MP4. July 13.


Stacked Nurse in Bondage - Cassidy Banks
6:30 video

Nurse Cassidy's big beautiful natural breasts are displayed via chair-tie variations.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Debut date July 10.


Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop Vibed to Orgasm
10:29 video

This is Part 2 (of 2) from "Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop in Bondage".  This is the orgasm part.

Officer Boobie was working as a rent-a-cop for a thrift store. The place got burgled and our heroine is now trussed up on a thrift-store bed. A wrapgag with stuffing begins the scene. Her ordeal features manhandling, groping, vibrator orgasm, elbow bondage, bouncing boobs, and some onscreen tying. Ropework by Jon Woods. Some segments shot on tripod.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Debut date July 6.


Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop gets Groped
15:15 video

This is Part 1 (of 2) from "Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop in Bondage". This is the closet part of the story.

Officer Boobie is working as a rent-a-cop for a thrift store. The place is burgled and our heroine tries to withhold the combination to the safe. We first see her all roped up and sporting a wrapgag with stuffing. Her ordeal features closet time, manhandling, groping, and some onscreen tying. Ropework by Jon Woods. Some segments shot on tripod.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Debut date July 4.


Hogtied Superheroine Chrissy Daniels in Red White and Blue
6:52 video

Superheroine wannabe Chrissy has pulled together a little costume so she marches right off to seek out her first encounter with excitement -- but the only thing that happens is Chrissy finds herself in secure bondage. Aw, dang! - - 848x480 MP4 video, available as a download, or online streaming-video theater. - - Added July 1.


Lorelei is Vibed to Orgasm in Rope Bondage
11:40 video

This is PART TWO only of "Hosed Down in Bondage, then Vibed to Orgasm". This is the orgasm part.

BEDROOM BONDAGE ORGASM - Lorelei has been moved inside for the night. She's lost her shoes and is in the bedroom, rolling around on a mattress in a cotton-rope frogtie with black tapegag. Eventually her captor comes in and uses a vibrator to coax her to orgasm. Lorelei's pantyhose have been opened at the V for easy access.  - Rigging and videography by Jon Woods. Some camera-on-tripod segments.  848x480pixel MP4.  June 29.


Lorelei is Hosed Down in Bondage
9:30 video

This is PART ONE only of "Hosed Down in Bondage, then Vibed to Orgasm". This is only the hosing part.

GARDEN HOSE AND CHAIR BONDAGE - Black duct tape binds Lorelei securely to the chair... outdoors... in the middle of the night. A solitary spotlight illuminates her bare boobs. She struggles for a few minutes until her captor picks up the garden hose and turns it on her. Cold water jets up and down her body, soaking her dress, hose, shoes, tape gag, hair, face, and breasts. Lorelei's squeals alternate between pure misery and amused suffering (sometimes a girl's gotta laugh so as not to cry!). After she's been thoroughly hosed down, she sits there dripping cold water for a while until the spotlight winks out.. Video verite'. Low audio because we didn't want to wake the neighbors!

848x480pixel MP4.  June 26.


Busty Alexis Taylor Bound in the Closet
10:21 video

Sexy shapely secretary Alexis has been stashed in the closet. Ropes restrain her and a wrap-gag muffles her mmmphs. Eventually her blouse comes open to reveal her enormous breasts.  June 22.


POV Self-Bondage with Lorelei - Includes Dressing-Up Intro
25:31 video

GoPro Bondage with Lorelei!  This is POV self-bondage footage recorded via a GoPro-brand camera strapped to my head.

This is the LONGPLAY version of my GoPro SelfBondage video. This version includes dressing up. As the camera rolls I put on black stockings, long black opera gloves, and black high heels (I try on several pairs). I tape the stockings so that they will stay up. I've frozen a handcuff key into an ice cube and placed it outside, so I'm all set for self-bondage. I stuff cloth in my mouth and add tape (not visible), then slowly rope up my torso and chest with the help of a mirror. A few clicks of the handcuffs and I'm ready to make a runway walk up and down the driveway. My heels go click-click-click on the cement as I walk along, looking at my boobs. I then go to retrieve my handcuff key, but am unable to reach it. There's nothing to be done but go knock on the neighbor's door and hope they will help me.

Video verite', some jump cuts, camera movement, random framing, ambient sound, outdoor sounds, visual distortion around the edges due to fish-eye lens.  Debut date June 19.


Lorelei is Vibed to Orgasm on the Mattress
10:49 video

This is ONLY part 2 (the orgasm part) from "Tickled 5 Ways and Vibed to Orgasm".

I'm all tied up on a mattress on the floor. We roleplay that I'm an unwilling captive as Jon gropes my large breasts and then brings me to orgasm via a 4-speed vibrator.

Video verite', moving camera, jump cuts.  848x480pixel MP4 video format.  Update June 15.


Lorelei is Tickled 5 Ways
13:44 video

This is ONLY part 1 (the tickling part) from "Tickled 5 Ways and Vibed to Orgasm".

I'm restrained in 5 basic positions for rounds of tickling. Jon's strong hands and nimble fingers explore my feet, underarms, tummy, knees, neck and ears seeking the most ticklish spots at any moment. I do a lot of laughing, swearing, gasping and struggling.

Video verite', moving camera, jump cuts.  848x480pixel MP4 video format.  Update June 13.


Steel Chastity Belt and Handcuffs for Mary Jane Green
11:35 video

Mary Jane is incredibly sexy in 3 stages of her bondage. First she's minimally restrained in handcuffs and legcuffs as she does secretary work, answers the phone and gagtalks through her ballgag. Her locked chastity belt is beautiful and shiny. Then Mary Jane is secured to the chair with more cuffs; the metal clink clink clinks as she squirms. Finally ropes have been added, and Mary Jane is blindfolded and muffled with a harness-ballgag.

After the end credits you'll see a half-minute outtake of the first segment -- we had to start over because someone walked in on the shoot. (Price break given so that you get the outtake part for free.)

848x480pixel MP4 video format.  Update June 8.


Jamie Lynn Spread on the Bed
3:25 video

Jamie is naked, barefoot, and tape-gagged for her bed bondage. She's spread against the headboard in a simple but effective tie which exposes her full breasts and pink parts. Video verite'. 848x480pixel MP4 video format. Update June 7.


Plastic Wrap on XCross for Sofie Marie
2:40 video

Sofie is naked in high heels, saran-wrapped to the x-cross, her noises compromised by a padded leather bit-gag. 848x480pixel MP4 video format. Update June 6.


Office Slave in Hood and Secretary Suit has Bondage Orgasm - Lorelei
10:16 video

Ladyboss Lorelei is working alone on the weekend when somebody takes advantage. Lorelei finds herself roped to the office chair with a leather hood keeping her sightless. The ballgag is strapped so tight it's disappearing into her mouth. She struggles for a while and then a four-speed vibrator is added to the tie-up. She succumbs to a bondage orgasm. - - Black leather hood with attached leather blindfold, ballgag, secretary wear, blazer, mini skirt, black pantyhose, knee high black leather boots, topless, big breasts, chair tie, vibrator, orgasm. Video verite'. - - 848x480pixel MP4 format. - - Update June 1.


Ashley Renee is Taped Up in Shiny-Wear and Forced to Orgasm
10:55 video

Ashley has been secured with duct tape wrapped directly onto her ensemble of shiny red bodysuit, hose, and red high heels. Jon buckles a ballgag on her and leaves her to struggle on the sofa. Next we see that Ashley's top has been cut open and her luscious boobs have been covered in oil. She wriggles around so much that the ultra-sofa chenille rubs off onto her sexy outfit. Finally Jon brings in a big vibrator, cuts open the crotch of Ashley's outfit, and forces her to come.  848x480pixel MP4 format. Update May 29.


Sexy CatBurglar Mary Jane Green is Bound and Gagged
7:42 video

Mary Jane is looking incredibly sexy in her catburglar outfit. She slinks around for a few minutes and then finds the valuable painting. But she winds up caught and next we see, she's been roped and gagged. She struggles around until somebody decides to secure her even further. Now she's topless. And finally she is unmasked! Elements of this clip came from a fan request. 848x480pixel MP4 format. - Update May 25.


Lorelei Brought to Orgasm by Employee
25:41 video

This is an edited version of a video that Jon and Lorelei made nearly 20 years ago. This version was edited to comply with guidelines. There are noticeable jump-cuts due to the additional edits.  Disgruntled employee played by Lorelei's boyfriend, Jon Woods. Verite' videography by a close ladyfriend of Lorelei's.  640x480pixel MP4.  Update May 22.


Barefoot Stewardess in Bondage - Lorelei by Eric Holman
7:19 video

Flight attendant Lorelei is looking very buxom in her shiny blue uniform and matching cap. She squirms and mmmphs on the sofa, tries to stand up, and eventually ends up topless on the floor, with a leather blindfold. Rigging and videography by Eric Holman. Includes barefoot close-ups.

Note from Lorelei: "The day we shot this I'd had almost no sleep and also been sick for a week so I look very tired! At first I thought I shouldn't release this video but then I thought, Hey maybe it's like this stewardess has been in bondage for hours and hours and so of COURSE she's tired! ....so I decided to release the scene anyway and let you decide what you think of it."

848x480pixel MP4 video. Update May 18.


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