Big-Breasted Captive Lorelei is Closeted
10:08 video

Parts 1 and 2 (of 3) from "Big-Breasted Captive is Closeted then Vibed to Orgasm".

Part 1. Lorelei's captor needs one more rope so he goes off to find one... since her ankles haven't been tied yet, she totters out the door and all around the yard trying to escape. Naturally she ends up cornered. Sundress, white low-heeled pumps, cleave gag, rope bondage.  Rigging/videography by Jon Woods.  This segment includes background music. 

Part 2. Our exhausted captive is now squirming in a closet with her big boobs on display. Tape gag, bare feet, toplessness, sundress.  Rigging/videography by Eric Holman.

864x480pixel MP4 video.  October 2


Kelly Kane - Barefoot Beergirl in Bondage
7:56 video

Petite Kelly looks adorable in her flouncy dirndl dress.  She is held captive in ropes, and eventually winds up topless in a trunk... but we take pity on her plight at the last second. 864x480pixels MP4 video.  September 28.


Tied Toes, Tied Feet, Tied Up More and More - Jenna Sativa
8:01 video

With each take we see that more rope has been added to Jenna's situation. She is very new to bondage but she tries not to let this predicament intimidate her. She ends up folded on the floor. Barefoot bondage, big toes tied, bare feet, mini skirt, topless, bare breasts, brunette, ropework, spaghetti rope, thin rope, fold tie, rope bondage, bondage video, bondage clip.  864x480pixel MP4 video clip. September 24.


20th Anniversary 20-Rope Tie for Lorelei
21:47 video

Jon and I had our 20th anniversary so we went on a trip, ate at a nice restaurant, and got a hotel room.  Normally we shoot a bondage scene on these special occasions but we decided to be super-lazy and just do the bondage sex privately.  When we got back home, though, a few days later we felt like doing something to mark the occasion.  I got back into the purple silky nightgown that I'd worn at the hotel, and Jon suggested I should get tied up with 20 ropes in honor of the 20th anniversary.

This video's main segment shows me in a 20-rope frogtie, wriggling around on the floor and the bed; then Jon arrives to manhandle me and bring me to orgasm with our favorite 4-speed vibrator.  Afterward, there are two behind-the-scenes segments:  a short bit showing my ropemarks, then a long clip (about 6 minutes) of me only half-tied-up but using the vibrator on myself for an extra orgasm.  (I'm looking a bit too curvy in this video -- probably time to go on a diet!)  Roleplay.  Rigging by Jon Woods.  864x480pixel MP4 video.  September 17


Candle Boxxx is a Naked Captive in a Haunted House
7:54 video

Miss Candle had hoped to sell this property, but the ghost of the house traps her in and she soon discovers herself in ropes via some supernatural cause. Initially she has some freedom so she tries to hop away but that doesn''t get her very far. She's progressively in a worse predicament as time wears on, finally culminating in a lotus fold leashed with a up-rope, so that she can't escape. Poor naked cutie! - - Barefoot, bare feet, nude, nudity, naked, redhead, tape gag, tapegagged, spaghetti ropes, thin rope, nylon rope, ropework, uprope, up-rope, fold, fold tie, fold bondage, fold position, lotus, lotus position, lotus fold, aka John Savage fold. - - 864x480pixel MP4 video. - - September 10


Ariel Anderssen is Robbed and Kept in Captivity
10:47 video

Ariel is selling some valuables from her ancestor's estate and a buyer has come to take a look. He notices a beautiful ornate box and wants it. Ariel explains it's not for sale, but he won't take no for an answer. Next thing she knows Ariel finds herself in the closet. Every time we open the door, things seem to have gotten a little bit worse for her! Cute British accent, rope bondage, barefoot bondage, bare feet, topless, bare breasts, tape gag, tapegagged, blonde, silky slip, nightgown. - - 864x480pixel MP4 video. - - Sept 4


Bondage Orgasm for Stewardess Lorelei
8:48 video

This is only Part 2 (of 2) from "Dildo-Sucking for Stewardess Lorelei in Bondage" -- tthis is the part with the vibrator, not the part with the dildo-sucking.

Stewardess Lorelei has been tied over a vibrator. Her legs are astride and tied, so she can't quite stand up, can't quite sit down, can't quite get comfortable... but the vibrator is turned on to full power and for 7 minutes she's tormented on the edge of orgasm until she finally succumbs. - - August 31


Dildo-Sucking for Stewardess Lorelei in Bondage
13:43 video

This is only Part 1 (of 2) of "Dildo-Sucking for Stewardess Lorelei in Bondage".  This is the part that includes dildo-sucking.

Our abductd-stewardess story was very popular so this is a new two-part episode that follow that tale. - - Stewardess Lorelei has been kept at her captor's place for a long time by now, so she's worn out and miserable. First we see her kneeling in bondage with a bandanna cleave gag. Soon her gag is removed, she's groped for a moment and then she's told to suck rubber cock. Reluctantly she does as her saliva smears on the dildo and her makeup smears under her eyes. She gags a few times but manages to keep going. Then a wad of cloth is shoved into her mouth and tape is wrapped around her head. She's left whimpering on the floor. - - 864x480pixel MP4 video. - - August 29


Bondage for Sassy Secretary Cassidy Klein
12:02 video

Cassidy's on her break and won't help the customer. Naturally she winds up in bondage of varying degrees, eventually utterly roped to a bench. High heels, then shoeless in hose. - - 864x480pixel MP4 video. - - August 24.


Red Tape tangles Topless Secretary Lorelei - Part 2
8:16 video

Part 2 of 2. The ski-masked captor takes a big vibrator and uses it to bring the taped-up secretary to orgasm. More groping follows. - - Secretary, blouse, skirt, bare legs, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, tape gag, tape bondage, manhandling, groping, fondling, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, barefoot, bare feet, shoeless. - - Shot on tripod. - - 864x480pixel MP4 video. - - August 21.


Red Tape tangles Topless Secretary Lorelei - Part 1
10:20 video

Part 1 of 2. Secretary Lorelei squirms on the bed in red duct tape. She'd like to try to hop away, but with her big toes taped together, she can't spread her feet apart for balance. Eventually her captor shows up and manhandles her exposed breasts. He removes her layered gag (red duct tape over microfoam head-wrap) and takes the big wad of stuffing out of her mouth, only to immediately hand-gag her and tell her there's more fun to come. Then he subjects her to a mashing kiss. - - Secretary, blouse, skirt, bare legs, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, tape gag, tape bondage, manhandling, groping, fondling, forcd kiss. - - Some portions shot on tripod. - - 864x480pixel MP4 video.  - - August 17.



LadyCop in Ropes - Miss Farrah Flower
5:37 video

Super-sexy shiny-cop Farrah is tied to a chair, then gagged, then her top is opened to show off her perfect breasts. Very hot new bondage model!  864x480pixel MP4 video.  August 14.


Office Bondage for Sexy Casey Quinn
9:20 video

Sexy secretary Casey is working it in her pinstripe suit, stockings and high heels, when she's surprised at her desk. We enjoy her in various stages of bondage until finally she winds up in a hogtie on the floor.   864x480pixels MP4.  August 10.


Lorelei is Held Captive for Money Part 2
9:18 video

Part 2 of 2.  Lorelei's re-tied into a frogtie position. Her cooperation is then plied with a big 4-speed vibrator. She can't resist and succumbs to a powerful orgasm.  There's a brief outtake after the end credits. Look for it!  - - Secretary, blouse, skirt, sheer-to-waist pantyhose, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, tape gag, rope bondage, damsel in distress, manhandling, bound orgasm, shoeless. - - Shot on tripod. - - August 7.


Lorelei is Held Captive for Money Part 1
5:45 video

This is part 1 of 2.  Lorelei has been taken captive for a big payoff. After her captor videos a demand for money, he leaves her alone, so she hops off her chair, unties her ankles, and hobbles all around the empty house looking for an exit, breaking a heel in the process and abandoning her shoes. Before she can escape, she's cornered.  - -  Secretary, blouse, skirt, sheer-to-waist pantyhose, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, tape gag, rope bondage, escaping, wandering, damsel in distress, high heels and shoeless.  - - 864x480pixel MP4 video.  August 3.


Celeste Star Hogtied Naked and Barefoot
11:27 video

Celeste is first seen bound hand and foot, then she's revisited in increasing stages of restraint until she's hogtied and halfway off the sofa! Naked, nude, nudity, barefoot, bare feet, hogtied, hog tie, rope bondage, ropework, rope bound, ropes, partial suspension, red tape gag, tapegagged, topless, bound and gagged.  864x480pixel MP4 video.  July 31.


Naked Bound Struggler Ariana Grand
7:35 video

It seems Ariana's been left tied up by a burglar or somebody. She waits til the coast is clear, then struggles wildly all over the bed, trying to loosen her ropes. But next we see that her captor must've decided to come back and add a gag. Once again the coast is clear and Ariana struggles mightily... well bit by bit more ropes just keep appearing until finally, Ariana really can't go anywhere, because she's leashed to the bed. - - Ariana's mmphs have a hint more panic to them than most performers. - - 864x480pixel MP4.  July 27.


Captive Lorelei in Slip is Vibed to Orgasm
6:37 video

This is only part 2 (of 2) of "Car Captive Tied Up and Vibed in her Slip".  Silky black slip, stockings, shoeless, garter belt, manhandling, fondling, groping, topless, big tits, tape-gag, rope bondage, vibrator, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, blonde.  Lorelei is seen frogtied on a bed. She's vibed into submission. A powerful orgasm can't be avoided.  Recorded on tripod.  - - Lorelei sez:  "After the end credits is a brief two-minute slideshow of a few snapshots we took of me one morning after bondagesex. I'm seen naked and barefoot in a frogtie, with a full bane tape-gag. I've been tied up with cotton rope and duct tape has been wrapped over the ropes. (There was no video footage shot that day. I just thought you might like to see the pics.)" 864x480pixel MP4.  July 24.


Car Captive Lorelei Tied Up in her Slip
14:35 video

This is only part 1 (of 2) of "Car Captive Tied Up and Vibed in her Slip".  Lorelei has been nabbed.  She's tied up and groped in the back of an SUV. She struggles in vain and is secured further until finally she's seat-belted for transit. Silky black slip, stockings, garter belt, red high heels, manhandling, fondling, groping, topless, big tits, tape-gag, rigging, onscreen tying, on-screen tying, car bondage, rope bondage, ropework, blonde.  Video verite', jump cuts, outdoor sounds, camera noise, camera movement, ambient light, variable visual quality.  874x480pixel MP4.  July 20.


BigTit Captive Lorelei Gets Vibed to Orgasm
9:06 video

This is Part 2 of 2 of "BigTit Captive Attempts Escape but Gets Vibed" (this is the vibrator/orgasm half).

Jon has spread Lorelei out on an old trunk and he wields a 4-speed vibrator on her. Lorelei eventually submits to the buzzing device and she has two orgasms. Afterward she's groped a bit more before the fadeout. - - Secretary, ladyboss, blazer, skirt, pantyhose with torn-open crotch, topless, big tits, big boobs, busty, buxom, shoeless, tape gag, rope bondage, damsel in distress, manhandling, bound orgasms.

848x480pixel MP4. July 18.


BigTit Captive Lorelei Attempts Escape
12:24 video

This is Part 1 of 2 from "BigTit Captive Attempts Escape but Gets Vibed" (this is the escape-attempt half).

Jon drags Lorelei into the Shack Out Back and he starts adding ropes. She already has her wrists tied and is tape-gagged; her captor rigs the knees and chest area while taking frequent breaks to grope and squeeze Lorelei's huge boobs. Jon hears a noise out front so he leaves without finishing tying the ankles. Lorelei carefully stands up and starts sneaking around the room trying to figure out how to get free. She wanders down a hall and finds herself cornered in a dusty, windowed, dark little room. She's caught in her attempt to flee. - - There's a brief outtake after the end credits. Look for it!

848x480pixel MP4. July 13.


Stacked Nurse in Bondage - Cassidy Banks
6:30 video

Nurse Cassidy's big beautiful natural breasts are displayed via chair-tie variations.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Debut date July 10.


Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop Vibed to Orgasm
10:29 video

This is Part 2 (of 2) from "Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop in Bondage".  This is the orgasm part.

Officer Boobie was working as a rent-a-cop for a thrift store. The place got burgled and our heroine is now trussed up on a thrift-store bed. A wrapgag with stuffing begins the scene. Her ordeal features manhandling, groping, vibrator orgasm, elbow bondage, bouncing boobs, and some onscreen tying. Ropework by Jon Woods. Some segments shot on tripod.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Debut date July 6.


Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop gets Groped
15:15 video

This is Part 1 (of 2) from "Wrap-Gagged Big-Boobed LadyCop in Bondage". This is the closet part of the story.

Officer Boobie is working as a rent-a-cop for a thrift store. The place is burgled and our heroine tries to withhold the combination to the safe. We first see her all roped up and sporting a wrapgag with stuffing. Her ordeal features closet time, manhandling, groping, and some onscreen tying. Ropework by Jon Woods. Some segments shot on tripod.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Debut date July 4.


Hogtied Superheroine Chrissy Daniels in Red White and Blue
6:52 video

Superheroine wannabe Chrissy has pulled together a little costume so she marches right off to seek out her first encounter with excitement -- but the only thing that happens is Chrissy finds herself in secure bondage. Aw, dang! - - 848x480 MP4 video, available as a download, or online streaming-video theater. - - Added July 1.


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