Actress Tied to Directors Chair and Breasts Exposed - Main Scene - Terra Mizu
8:48 video

Big-breasted actress Terra has been roped to the director's chair right in front of the makeup mirror! What did she do to piss off the director this much? We might never know! After a few minutes her blouse comes open so that the 'stars' can come out. - - Chair tie, chair bondage, big tits, topless, bare breasts, large breasts, nice tits, cleave gag, long hair, secretary bondage, stockings, garter belt, high heels, rope bondage, panties, crotchrope, panty peek. 

854x480pixel MP4 video. February 4.


Roof Bondage Up High - Claire Adams
68 photos; 7:22 video

Claire Adams is tied up on the roof, near the freeway. She starts out gagged with upper body tied, wandering around the roof, peeking over the edge. Then she sits with legs tied too. She's mmphing and baking and sweating in the hot sun. Finally she is nicely hogtied. She wriggles unhappily. Her nipples are visible through her thin slip. The slip rides up to reveal her shaved mons. Ropework & videography by Lorelei.

Video: 720x480pixels. December 18, '13.

Photoset: Zip file containing 67 JPGs (1200pixels longest side). Added January 31, 2016.


Barefoot in the Kitchen - Jamie Lynn
64 photos

Why, look at this!  Jamie has tried to escape bondage modeling and become all domestic on us!  Well, this can't go unpunished.  ;)  Rigging and photography by Lorelei.

Kitchen, barefoot, brunette, sundress, rope bondage, neck scarf, scarf gag, cleave gag, cleavegagged, spaghetti rope, frogtie, frog tie, frogtied, frog tied, shrimp tie, topless, pink, nice tits, big tits, natural breasts.

Photoset: Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set JamieLynn4.  January 28.

Bondage Suspension Ball-Tie - Claire Adams
62 photos; 3:04 video

Photoset: Suspended Ball.  Rigging by Lorele. Pics by Lorelei and Eric Holman.  Every time Claire comes to town, she wants us to ball-tie her, and she wants us to suspend her. So this time I did both.  Photos show the step-by-step process.  Zip file containing 62 JPGs (1200+ pixels longest side).  Added January 24, 2016.

Claire Adams is suspended in the air, in an inescapable ball tie. Even her bare feet are roped. She told us that only one of these ropes was uncomfortable... can you guess which one...?

Video: 720x480pixel WMV.  This is behind-the-scenes video footage taken during a photo shoot.  No audio available for this clip so we put in a bit of music.   January 12, '14.


Office Trouble Part 3 - Darla Crane and Ariella Ferrera
35 photos; 10:11 video

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 ladies with huge tits are in ropes on the rug. Totally naked and barefoot. Overmouth detective gags. They struggle and mmph as the robber searches the office. Later the phone rings, but they can't reach it.

Video: 720x480pixel WMV.  March 28, 2013.

Photoset: Zip file containing 28 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  January 21, 2016.


Office Trouble Part 2 - Darla Crane and Ariella Ferrera
32 photos; 9:52 video

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 busty, leggy, high-heeled secretaries are in ropes on the rug. They struggle and mmph through their overmouth detective gags. Their blouses come open to reveal their huge tits.

Video: 720x480pixel WMV.  March 27, 2013.

Photoset: Photoset: Zip file containing 31 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  January 17, 2016.


Office Trouble Part 1 - Secretary Bondage for Darla and Ariella
34 photos; 9:53 video

Darla Crane, Ariella Ferrera, (Jon Woods). 2 busty, leggy, high-heeled, bespectacled secretaries are working at B&G Company. Their stocking-tops are visible under their short miniskirts. A man comes and robs the safe. The secretaries are left tied to their chairs. They mmph and struggle. (Overmouth detective gags!)

Video: 720x480pixel WMV. March 26.

Photoset: Zip file containing 33 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  January 14.


Bedroom Bondage in the Living Room - Erika Jordan
54 photos

Rigging by Lorelei.  Pics by Lorelei & Jon Woods.  (Special thanks to Ikaras Jones for lending us his hands in the tape-gag shots.)

Nude, naked, topless, pink, brunette, barefoot, nice tits, rope bondage, tan rope, sofa, living room, tape gag application, tapegagged.

Zip file containing 53 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  January 10.

B-and-G Company Temp Georgia Jones
45 photos

I'm still getting a feel for this replacement camera, but one thing I've noticed is that it cooperates with me when I want dark shadows. Spooky!

Office, secretary, chair bondage, chair bound, brunette, phone cord, neckties, cleave gag, cleavegagged, strappy high heels, topless, shadows, damsel.

Zip file containing JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Set GeorgiaJones1.  January 7.

Vibrator Bondage for Georgia Jones - B&G Company Perks
60 photos; 4:00 video

Yet more bondage at the B&G Company offices! Cute secretary Georgia Jones is chair-tied with a big vibrator roped against her crotch. There's a main rope tied to the head of the vibrator and that rope goes underneath between her buttcheeks to the back of the chair, to hold the vibrator in place. There are some extra ropes from vibrator to knees that at first seem like a way for her to move the vibrator but... nope. Georgia wriggles back and forth, and mmphs and squeals through her cleave-gag. Is she unhappy because she doesn't want to be vibrated, or is she unhappy because she can't get the vibrator onto the right spot? Rigging by Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage.

Video: 720x480pixel WMV.  October 2.

Photoset: Zip file containing 59 JPGs (1200pixels longest side).  Added January 3.


Rich Busty Babe in Evening Gown Hogtied Uncomfortably under the Sink - Lorelei
10:32 video

This is part 2 (of 2) from "Rich Bitch Bound Gagged Hogtied and Forced to Come".

Part 2. The snooty rich bitch in a purple gown and high heels has been left in an uncomfortable hogtie underneath the other sink, with her arms bent over the pipes. She's still tape-gagged.  She mmphs and squirms but is absolutely stuck. She loses her heels partway through the scene. - - Behind-The-Scenes footage follows!

Evening gown, garter belt, black stockings, high heels, rope bondage, tape gag, topless, big tits, hogtie, hogtied, hog tie, hog tied, stockinged feet, stocking feet, outtakes, behind the scenes, candid, bloopers.

854x480pixel MP4 video. December 31.


Rich Bitch Bound Gagged and Forced to Come - Lorelei
13:24 video

This is part 1 (of 2) from "Rich Bitch Bound Gagged Hogtied and Forced to Come".

This isn't one of our typical 2-scene stories because this time around we went for some new positions and reversed the usual order of the tale. Also I generally like stories about "innocent" women but in this video the "lady" kinda had it coming!

Part 1. A snooty rich bitch in a purple gown and high heels calls a plumber and demands immediate service for her two sinks. In fact she calls twice and she's inexcusably rude and arrogant over the phone. Later she answers the door thinking it will be a plumber but instead it's a masked man. He comes right in and grabs her.  Next thing you know, she's all tied up. Her wrists have been leashed to the pipes under her sink and the rest of her is secured to a bench. The intruder crams a kerchief into the lady's yapper, duct-tapes her mouth shut, and then wields a big multi-speed vibrator until our big-titted dame is forced to submit to orgasm. - - Behind-The-Scenes footage follows! - - Ski-masked man: Jon Woods. Shot on tripod with three cameras.

Evening gown, garter belt, black stockings, high heels, male domination, ski mask, rope bondage, onscreen gag, stuffing, tape gag, topless, big tits, groping, manhandling, outtakes, behind the scenes, candid, bloopers.

854x480pixel MP4 video. December 27.


Heist Leaves Bound and Gagged Secretary Mary Jane Green
8:43 video

There's a robbery at the office and sexy secretary Mary Jane is left roped to her chair. The thief was in such a hurry there's jewelry and money strewn across the floor. Mary Jane mmphs through her tape gag and kicks her high-heel shoes but is unable to work herself free. Finally she's left with her breasts exposed and her heels nicely leashed to the desk.

854x480pixel MP4 video. December 24.


Sarah Brooke Roped Naked and Barefoot - plus Behind the Scenes
25:43 video

Lovely redhead Sarah is naked and barefoot, seen in a snug fold. She can't move very much so she squirms as best she can and mmphs through her tape gag. (6mins)

The main section is followed by behind-the-scenes footage showing Sarah getting rigged up by Lorelei. They make conversation and have some laughs as Lorelei applies "spaghetti rope" and finally a few layers of tape-gag. Two brief segments are without sound due to privacy reasons. (Tee hee.) Due to some camera noise and the bruises Sarah's sporting from a recent wrestling shoot, this video has been nicely discounted for you and is a really good deal!

864x480pixel MP4 video. December 20.


2 Against 1 - Grabbed and Gagged and Roped - Cupcake Sinclair
20:59 video

Miss Cupcake is grabbed by two baddies! Her mouth is stuffed and duct-taped, then both evildoers rope Cupcake to a divan as she struggles and mmphs. The triumphant robbers then leave the captive all alone. Evil duo played by Jon Woods and Lorelei. 14-minute scene, followed by 7 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, so that you can see what a total sweetie Cupcake is. And how much fun it is to tie her up.

Note: The struggling and stomping is at times so dramatic that the camera shakes and blurs! Due to this issue plus a jump cut, the video price is discounted for your enjoyment.

864x480pixel MP4 video. December 17.


3rd Orgasm for Bondage Girlfriend - Personal Video of Lorelei
5:22 video

I don't usually release such personal footage these days, but it was such a nice moment, I can't resist:

For New Year's Eve we checked into a hotel to fool around and shoot some videos. The next morning we took some time for ourselves without any cameras: he tied me up, we had sex, I had a couple bondage orgasms...Anyway, AFTER all that, Jon picked up one of the video cameras and started filming me while I was enjoying my afterglow.

By the light of the bed's reading lamp you can see me naked, tied up in frogtie position, thoroughly gagged with a bridge-and-chin tapegag, making happy mmph noises. Jon touches my breasts and stimulates me between my legs while I respond. Then he decides to pick up the vibrator. I'd already had two orgasms earlier, so I giggle a little bit through my gag, because I think he's joking, but he persists, and finally he makes me have a third orgasm, this time on-camera.

I usually wear corsets in my videos but since this was personal-time I'm not laced up, so I look a bit heavy, but heck, we ladies with large breasts do tend to be a bit cushy :)

Hand-held video verite', low light, grainy footage, audible breathing behind the camera (this was video'd right after Jon and I had intercourse so he's still breathing hard), personal video, private video, behind the scenes, candid, unshaved, fuzzy, bush, natural, vibrator, climax, orgasm, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, naked, nude, frogtie, frogtied, shrimp tie, rope bondage, big breasts, busty, buxom, big boobs, big tits, personal, private, bondage girlfriend experience, BGFE..


Van Bondage Encore with Damsel Ashley Lane - plus Outtakes
12:41 video


Thank you all for the big response to the camera-1 scene of this clip! Here's the camera-2 footage! First you have the story itself (from a different angle than before) and that's 7 minutes, then there are various fun behind-the-scenes bits where you get to see Ashley giggling through her gag, waiting patiently while Lorelei adjusts the lighting, etc.

The Story: Ashley is being held captive in a '70s van. She looks just luscious in her mini-skirt, braless tank top, and strappy high heels, as she squirms around in snug ropes and mmphs through her duct tape gag. After a while she sleeps in bondage, then awakes to struggle some more. Someone opens the van door so Ashley tentatively scoots out and peeks around... is it safe to attempt an escape? She isn't sure! - - This is from the backup camera so the footage is Video Verite' with some camera noise and ambient noise. - - (Hand: Jon Woods)

Rope bondage, damsel, high heels, topless, van bondage, vehicle, bound and gagged, tapegag, tapegagged, 1970s, homage, open heels, outdoors, outside, candid, bloopers, outtakes, behind the scenes, bondage video, bondage clip.

854x480pixel MP4 video.   December 10.


Secretary Bound and Gagged in Spooky Old House - Encore - Outtakes - Mila Brite
13:27 video

This is the Encore Video of "Secretary Bound and Gagged in Spooky Old House". It consists of all the footage from our backup camera plus behind-the-scenes footage of Lorelei tying Mila. Since this is from our extra camera the footage is video verite' and has jump cuts, etc.

The Scene: Secretary Mila doesn't know what happened! Why is she tied up all alone in this spooky dark room? She looks so innocent yet sexy in her prim office wear with strappy high heels. She struggles at length, hoping for help, but all that happens is a tape gag appears later, then a cleave gag, and finally her bountiful breasts work free of her blouse.

864x480pixel MP4 video. December 6.


Boobs and Bondage: A Gift For You! Lorelei in a Box
16:27 video

Lorelei's been naughty this year so she's being shipped out to you as a holiday gift!  She starts out wearing a leather-strap panel ballgag, and is taped hand and foot in preparation.  She struggles and whimpers but there's no mercy for this captive.  Her hot red bra is displayed and then her big natural breasts are exposed.  Several times her tits are groped and manhandled, since there's nothing she can do to stop it.  More tape is applied and for a little while she's left alone, but she's unable to escape.  The best she can manage is her hose-clad feet escape her high heels.  Finally it's time to mail her out, so the ballgag comes off, her mouth is crammed full with a bandanna, and microfoam tape is wrapped tightly round and round her head.  That should keep her cries muffled during shipping!  Lorelei is shoved into a box, it's taped shut, and soon she'll be on her way to the postal center, and be on your doorstep in no time.

Secretary, blouse, skirt, corset, pantyhose, high heels, losing shoes, shoeless, bra, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, tape bondage, harness ballgag, ballgagged, ball gag, mouth stuffing, mouth stuffed, bandanna, tape gag, tapegagged, wrap gag, groping, manhandling, fondling, male domination, box. - - Santa's brother: Jon Woods.  Shot on tripod with three cameras.

864x480pixel MP4 video. December 3.


Sexy Stewardess Struggles in Bondage - Miss Leah Gotti
7:58 video

Miss Leah is looking so hot in her tight shiny flight-attendant uniform!  She struggles in rope bondage as the situation progresses from ungagged to tapegagged, reclining to secured upright, and fully dressed to topless (holes cut in her uniform so that her breasts are exposed!).  Shiny uniform, bondage, uniform, pvc/vinyl, fetish clothing, rope bondage, air hostess, stewardess, flight attendant, tape gag, tapegagged, uniform, keyhole dress, high heels, topless, cut clothing.  864x480pixel MP4 video.  November 29.


Midnight Capture - Car Trunk Bondage for Lorelei - Plus Outtakes
10:58 video

This is part 2 (of 2) from "Midnight Capture! Car Bondage for Lorelei - Plus Outtakes".

Part 2 - Time to lie low in a secluded area. Lorelei is tied up in the open car trunk, getting some air. Briefly unattended, she tries to get out of the trunk, but she's simply too tied up to be able to escape. She squirms and mmphs in the night air, gives up, tries to find a comfortable position to lie down inside the trunk, then thinks better of it and once again tries to tip out of the trunk... nope, not gonna happen. The stranger closes the trunk on her squeals... soon they will head for parts unknown.

Story is followed by outtakes and bloopers, including behind-the-scenes footage of car-trunk mouth-stuffing and tape-gag application.

Car bondage, outside, outdoors, tapegag, tapegagged, rope bondage, bare feet, topless, big tits, nice tits, natural tits, car trunk, trunk bondage, car boot, sundress, mini dress, corset, corsette, waist cincher, waspie, darkness, night, nighttime. The stranger: Jon Woods.

864x480pixel MP4 video.  November 26.


Midnight Capture - Backseat Bondage for Lorelei - Plus Outtakes
20:51 video

This is part 1 (of 2) from "Midnight Capture!  Car Bondage for Lorelei - Plus Outtakes".

Part 1 - Lorelei is walking alone late at night when some stranger asks her what time it is. Apparently it's BONDAGE TIME because he grabs her, stuffs her mouth with a bandanna, tapegags her face, ropes her up hand and foot, ties her torso, and waist-leashes her to the seat to keep her in place while he goes to scope the area! Lorelei's shoes fly off and she struggles barefoot and squirms in her flouncy pink sundress with waist-corset and mmphs into the whipping wind! She can't get out of the car because of that rope-leash! Soon the stranger is back and he thoroughly enjoys baring Lorelei's huge bouncy breasts so that he can grope them and squeeze them. She's a keeper! He closes her into the back seat, lets her squirm around some more, then finally they're ready to go, and he drives off into the night with his new wildly-struggling possession.

Story is followed by behind-the-scenes outtakes and bloopers.

Car bondage, outside, outdoors, onscreen gag, mouthstuffing, gagstuffing, stuffgag, tapegag, tapegagged, rope bondage, onscreen tying, rigging, losing shoes, bare feet, topless, big tits, nice tits, natural tits, groping, fondling, manhandling, breast squeezing, titty squeezing, sundress, mini dress, corset, corsette, waist cincher, waspie, darkness, night, nighttime. Stranger: Jon Woods.

864x480pixel MP4 video. November 22.


Detention for Schoolgirl Phoebe Queen - Barefoot Bondage
8:07 video

Cute student Phoebe has been given detention for talking in class and not being able to sit still. To help her out she's now gagged, and tied hand and foot. She's all by herself, feeling squirmy and uncomfortable, so she carefully stands up and works her way over to the desk to look for scissors. Of course before long she finds herself more securely attached to the chair... plus some humiliation has been added by opening her blouse to display her beautiful bare breasts! -- Eyeglasses, schoolgirl costume, school uniform, plaid, topless, barefoot, bare feet, nice tits, brunette, glasses, chair bondage, chair tie, chair tied, rope bondage, cleave gag, cleavegagged, scarf gag, scarf gagged, office, office bondage, escape attempt.


Van Bondage for Damsel Ashley Lane
9:16 video

Camera 1 -- Ashley is being held captive in a '70s van. She looks just lusciious in her mini-skirt, braless tank top, and strappy high heels, as she squirms around in snug ropes and mmphs through her duct tape gag. After a while she sleeps in bondage, then awakes to struggle some more. Somene opens the van door so Ashley tentatively scoots out and peeks around... is it safe to attempt an escape? She isn't sure!   (Hand: Jon Woods)


Blindfolded French Maid Lorelei Bound and Gagged for Vibrator Orgasm
7:56 video

A sleep-mask blocks maid Lorelei's vision as she mmphs and whimpers in a standing spread-eagle. The relentless vibrator teases her, as she can't quite reach orgasm. Many agonizing minutes go by before the captive maid is able to climax.

Bondage, bound and gagged, tape gag, tapegagged, topless, busty, buxom, french maid, maid uniform, maid costume, high heels, garter belt, stockings, rope bondage, blindfold, blindfolded, sleep mask, bound orgasm, bondage orgasm, orgasm in bondage, vibrator, spreader bar, spread eagle, spreadeagle, spread eagled, spreadeagled.


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