Temp Secretary Office-Bound - Ginger Sparks
10:36 video

Ginger is a temp at B&G Company. She stayed late at the office, nobody's around, except... uh oh. Ginger finds herself thoroughly secured to a chair. She tries to reason with her captor but before long we see a tape-gag has been added. Later, her beautiful gently-bouncing breasts are bared... absolutely lovely. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added December 17


Cute Redhead Tied Up - Isobel Wren
5:40 video

This petite package is really amused that she can't escape. With her gagtalk she mentions several times how she can't go anywhere. It surprises her so much that she giggles a few times. She looks for wriggle room but finally realizes resistance is futile. She begins upright, but eventually is lying on her side. Nude with stockinged feet, includes close-ups. Red cleave gag. - - 720x480pixels - - Added December 16.


Wandering in Bondage - Carissa Montgomery
6:54 video

Lorelei and Carissa are in the middle of a bondage shoot when Lorelei hears someone at the door. Lorelei sets down the camera and goes to see who it is, leaving Carissa bound and gagged on-set. Lorelei never comes back... so finally Carissa wriggles her ankle-ropes loose, kicks off her shoes and goes looking for the missing photographer. - Ambient lighting. -  1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - Update December 15.


Mia Vallis Orgasms in Bondage
8:59 video

You would think this would just be a demure four-point bed tie, but not when Mia has her squealing squirming orgasms! - -1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added December 13


Toe-Tie Thumb-Tie Hogtie for Candle Boxxx - Tied Onscreen by Lorelei
30:35 video

This is a fun behind-the-scenes video of Lorelei rigging Candie up for a scene. Lorelei uses the infamous "spaghetti rope" to rig Candie into an elaborate hogtie. Tape gag layered over scarf cleave gag. Foot ropes, big toes tied, thumbs tied, rope on hands, torso ropework, hogtie ropes from wrist to ankles and ankles to back, etc.. While Lorelei applies the ropes everyone chats happily. Candie and Jon (he's running the videocamera) trade puns. When it's time for a gag Lorelei jokingly puts tape on her own face before gagging Candie. Plenty of fun had by all. There are many jump-cuts because this was a very casual shoot. In fact, it was so spontaneous that Lorelei didn't know it would be video'd beforehand so she's not wearing makeup or shoes. After 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes rigging and conversation, we get to see the resulting 5-minute scene of damsel-struggling.

Bed hogtie, rope bondage, bare feet, barefoot, naked, nude, bedroom bondage, topless, bare breasts, gag noises, mmphing, struggling.

1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.

Update December 12.


Bound and Bobbed - Tied-Up 1920s Flapper Mary Jane Green
6:13 video

Our roaring-20s cutie is sporting a bobbed wig hairstyle. She squeals and struggles and does a bit of hopping. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added December 11


Jamie Lynn Custom Bondage Video plus Slideshow
10:02 video

This is an interesting custom video commissioned by someone who likes naked barefoot ladies to be groped in bondage. The custom shoot involved both video footage and photo images. The intro consists of photo images showing rich bitch Jamie ordering her housemaid Lorelei Mission to clean the furniture and serve drinks. The maid decides to turn the tables. Then comes the main feature, a 4 minute segment of Jamie in naked bondage with tape-gag while Lorelei gropes her breasts, berates her and pushes her around on the floor. After that live footage there are many more still images of the scenario plus an epilogue of Lorelei now lounging in Jamie's robe with the rich bitch now rope-leashed and kneeling on the floor. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Added December 10


Leather Belt Bondage - Dixie Comet
4:47 video

Dixie is nude and barefoot, bound with soft leather coat-belts. The leather makes sexy noises as she strains sensually against the straps. A ballgag is added. - - 1920x1020pixel high-definition WMV. - - Update December 9.


Roped Taped Secretary - Briella Jaden
8:42 video

Poor sad sniffling captive! Each minute in the corner, something more is added... gag... more ropes... blouse comes open... eventually her thumbs are duct-taped together and even her big toes are taped to her legs! She ends up tipped against the wall so that we can see she isn't wearing panties..- - Clip closes with a short outtake of rigger Lorelei joking around and Briella giggling through her gag.  - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added December 8


Car Captive Lorelei
5:13 video

Busty Lorelei is topless, perched on the car bumper, struggling against the ropes and mmphing through her purple tape gag. Eventually she winds up in the trunk just before it's closed. Toplessness. Ambiant outdoor sound. Camera sounds.  There's a quick fun outtake after the end credits - look for it. - - 1920x1080pixels high-definition WMV.  Added December 7.

I hesitated about releasing this video because I looked kinda tired that day, but maybe we could explain that away if this gal's been captive for 12 hours already or something... LOL!


Sexy Secretary Tied in Bedroom - Ashley Renee
5:42 video

Ashley Renee's big soft tits are packed into a silky shiny blouse, accessorized with a tight mini-skirt, thigh-high stockings and black high heels. She's tied on the bed but is able to try to get away so more ropes are added until later she's on the floor tied against the bedpost. Scarf cleave gag. Topless by the end. [Some audio distortion.]  720x480pixel WMV.  Added December 7.


Two-Girl Spread-Eagle Tease - Anastasia and Ariella
4:54 video

Anastasia Pierce and Ariella Ferrera are both spread-eagled on the bed in a tantalizing position. They writhe sensually and mmmph through their gags.  1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.  Added December 6


Ariella Ferrera Orgasms in Bondage
7:11 video

Ariella Ferrera finds herself tied to the bed, at the mercy of gleeful Domme Anastasia Pierce! Ana tape-gags her, then makes her orgasm with a powerful vibrator. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Update December 5


Big-Boob Hotel Maid Lorelei Hopping in Bondage
12:37 video

In our previous scene of the hotel maid story, Lorelei had been caught stealing from a hotel guest. For this scene, Lorelei's still tied up but now she's alone. She hops to the door but realizes if she goes out there all will be discovered and she'll probably get fired. So she decides to hop around looking for a way to free herself. She perches on the sofa to get her breath and then hops into the second room. By the magic of fantasy her breasts have somehow sprung free of her bra and they bounce beautifully as she hops. She checks the bathroom for anything she can use to free her wrists but it's futile. After a brief rest she then hops to the bed and beyond. By this point she's quite weary so she tries to curl up in a chair but accidentally slides right off it onto the rug. The hotel guest finally comes back and when he sees she's been moving around he decides to stash her in a cupboard.

For our 19th anniversary, Jon and I went to a hotel and had fun one weekend... this was something we shot at the time... we only brought one videolamp because this trip was mostly about having fun together. Hope you enjoy the results!

1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Update December 4


Solo Naked Hogtie - Jana Jordan
4:01 video

Petite Jana is roped up naked & barefoot. She doesn't struggle very much, mostly just makes cute captive noises through her tape-gag. She lies on her tummy, also on her side.  Ropework includes foot ropes. - - 720x480pixels.  - - Added December 3.


Ballgag Boots Corset Crotchrope Strappado - Ashley Renee
8:30 video

Ashley is looking fantastic in her strict rubber corset, long black gloves, high-heeled shiny boots, and crotchless see-through fishnet bodysuit.. First she's in a standing position, then later it becomes a strappado. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Added December 2.


Car Trunk Bondage for Leah J
4:37 video

Leah's captor pulls into a garage to check on his damsel. He opens the car trunk, takes the pillowcase off her head, and takes a look. He pulls her top down and fondles her huge breasts and pinches her nipples. Leah tries to struggle her way out of the trunk to no avail. The trunk is closed again... there's no escape. Buxom black model, car boot bondage, toplessness, bare breasts, streetwear, secretary wear, rope bondage, cleave gag. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Added December 2


Made to Cum - Vibrator Spread-Eagle for Lorelei
7:16 video

Naked, Nude, SpreadEagled, Spread-Eagled, Bedroom Bondage, Bed Tie, Bed Bondage, Bed Bound, Cleave Gag, CleaveGagged, Stripped, Stripping, High Heels to Bare Feet, Barefoot, Vibrator, Made to Orgasm. - - Intruder: Jon Woods.  - - 720x480pixel WMV - - Uploaded December 1


Secretary Tied to Chair - Lorelei and Jon Woods
21:34 video

Secretary Lorelei is surprised by an intruder. He threatens her, forces her to gag herself, and ties her to a chair rope by rope. After menacing her, the captor leaves the room for a while. Lorelei struggles a lot and even tips her chair partway onto the bed at one point. The captor later exposes Lorelei's breasts. - - Chair Tie, Chair Bondage, Onscreen Tying, On-Screen Tying, Cleave Gag, Bandanna Gag, Bandana Gag, Secretary, Office Wear, Business Suit, Skirted Suit, Skirt and Blazer, High Heels, Ropework, Rigging, Topless, Bare Breasts, Tipped Chair. - - 720x480 WMV.  - - Uploaded November 28.


Garage Bondage - Behind the Scenes with Ashley Renee
24:16 video

BEHIND THE SCENES!  Lorelei ropes and gags and photographs Ashley while the videocamera is left running on a tripod. Listen in while they talk about bondage and nonbondage and minutae...  Ashley is wearing a torn sundress, stockings and strappy high heels. Lorelei ropes Ashley to a rolling cart, adds a ballgag, and takes some photos. When the scene is done Ashley gets untied. Lorelei then drags a bench into place to prepare for the next scene.  960x540pixel q-high-definition WMV.  Uploaded November 25.


Sexy Secretary Sasha Sobet in Duct-Tape Bondage
6:37 video

Exotic Sasha has curves in all the right places as she rocks her secretary outfit of mini-skirt, blouse, pantyhose and high heels. She starts out duct-taped but ungagged and struggles on the sofa. By the end of the video she's squirming on the rug, tapegagged and folded up.  1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV.  Added November 24.


Straightjacket Bondage with Mitts Inside - Niki Lee Young
11:49 video

Secretary Niki is having just an average day at work when in comes her supervisor. He says the company is going to start distributing some new hospital products and he needs to test them on her. He puts leather lace-and-buckle bondage mitts on her hands. She asks questions but he gets a little vague, then later he says they're for patient restraint; one wonders if he's on the level. Next he puts her into a straightjacket (her hands are still in the leather mitts). He doesn't seem to be familiar with this process but he barges right on ahead and adds padded leather ankle restraints and finally, a bit-gag. Then he says he has a business meeting to go to and takes off. Was this a practical joke or what? Poor Niki is left to ponder that all alone. She struggles from chair to floor to wall but no one comes back to free her. By the end of the scene she is drooling from her bit-gag.

1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Added November 23


Bound and Gagged Bliss
4:18 video

Ms. Bliss Evermore is in a ropey fold-tie. She's barefoot and toe-tied, even thumb-tied. Pantyless. - - 720x480pixel WMV. - - November 22.


Double-Tickle for Miss Kinky Gaga
4:47 video

Miss Kinky Gaga is a ticklish gal who has been tied to a chair with her bare feet propped up. The mega-evil Mr. Mars and his assistant both mercilessly tickle their victim on her feet and under her arms and here and there. This is a sensitive gal in a perilous situation! - - Ticklers: Isaac Mars, Lorelei.  - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Added November 22.


Classic Bound and Gagged Babe - Mary Jane Green
5:52 video

Mary Jane is wearing shiny silver ropes, a silver sequined mini-dress, silver open-side high-heeled shoes, patterned lace-top stockings and even a patterned tape-gag. Limbs are double-wrapped/double-cinched. The leggy lady mmphs, mews, squirms and poses prettily.  1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Added November 22


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