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Jamie Lynn Spread on the Bed
3:25 video

Jamie is naked, barefoot, and tape-gagged for her bed bondage. She's spread against the headboard in a simple but effective tie which exposes her full breasts and pink parts. Video verite'. 848x480pixel MP4 video format. Update June 7.

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Plastic Wrap on XCross for Sofie Marie
2:40 video

Sofie is naked in high heels, saran-wrapped to the x-cross, her noises compromised by a padded leather bit-gag. 848x480pixel MP4 video format. Update June 6.

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Office Slave in Hood and Secretary Suit has Bondage Orgasm - Lorelei
10:16 video

Ladyboss Lorelei is working alone on the weekend when somebody takes advantage. Lorelei finds herself roped to the office chair with a leather hood keeping her sightless. The ballgag is strapped so tight it's disappearing into her mouth. She struggles for a while and then a four-speed vibrator is added to the tie-up. She succumbs to a bondage orgasm. - - Black leather hood with attached leather blindfold, ballgag, secretary wear, blazer, mini skirt, black pantyhose, knee high black leather boots, topless, big breasts, chair tie, vibrator, orgasm. Video verite'. - - 848x480pixel MP4 format. - - Update June 1.

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Ashley Renee is Taped Up in Shiny-Wear and Forced to Orgasm
10:55 video

Ashley has been secured with duct tape wrapped directly onto her ensemble of shiny red bodysuit, hose, and red high heels. Jon buckles a ballgag on her and leaves her to struggle on the sofa. Next we see that Ashley's top has been cut open and her luscious boobs have been covered in oil. She wriggles around so much that the ultra-sofa chenille rubs off onto her sexy outfit. Finally Jon brings in a big vibrator, cuts open the crotch of Ashley's outfit, and forces her to come.  848x480pixel MP4 format. Update May 29.

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Sexy CatBurglar Mary Jane Green is Bound and Gagged
7:42 video

Mary Jane is looking incredibly sexy in her catburglar outfit. She slinks around for a few minutes and then finds the valuable painting. But she winds up caught and next we see, she's been roped and gagged. She struggles around until somebody decides to secure her even further. Now she's topless. And finally she is unmasked! Elements of this clip came from a fan request. 848x480pixel MP4 format. - Update May 25.

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Lorelei Brought to Orgasm by Employee
25:41 video

This is an edited version of a video that Jon and Lorelei made nearly 20 years ago. This version was edited to comply with guidelines. There are noticeable jump-cuts due to the additional edits.  Disgruntled employee played by Lorelei's boyfriend, Jon Woods. Verite' videography by a close ladyfriend of Lorelei's.  640x480pixel MP4.  Update May 22.

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Barefoot Stewardess in Bondage - Lorelei by Eric Holman
7:19 video

Flight attendant Lorelei is looking very buxom in her shiny blue uniform and matching cap. She squirms and mmmphs on the sofa, tries to stand up, and eventually ends up topless on the floor, with a leather blindfold. Rigging and videography by Eric Holman. Includes barefoot close-ups.

Note from Lorelei: "The day we shot this I'd had almost no sleep and also been sick for a week so I look very tired! At first I thought I shouldn't release this video but then I thought, Hey maybe it's like this stewardess has been in bondage for hours and hours and so of COURSE she's tired! ....so I decided to release the scene anyway and let you decide what you think of it."

848x480pixel MP4 video. Update May 18.

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Behind the Scenes - High-Heeled Secretary Ashley Renee Bound Outdoors by Lorelei
25:01 video

Lorelei ropes Ashley into a tight ball-tie in the back yard. Lots of fun behind-the-scenes conversation between Lorelei and Ashley until there's a little surprise with the tape-gags. Once the 'package' is all roped up, she really can't move much, so Lorelei tips her here and pushes her over there to get the photos and video. Shot entirely on tripod. Secretary blouse, mini-skirt, stockings, high heels.  720x480 MP4 format. - - Update May 15.

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Busty Maid Chair-Bound and Submissive - Jamie Lynn
7:45 video

Jamie Lynn waits subserviently in her bondage, barely struggling, mostly just making her sad little noises as she waits out her shift. French maid uniform, uniform bondage, chair tie, chair bondage, topless, bare breasts, big boobs, big tits, busty, buxom, big breasts, silver dollar, cleave gag, rope bondage, costume. - - 848x480pixel MP4 format video. - - Update May 11.

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Busty Usherette Lorelei Bound and Brought to Orgasm - Part 2
17:17 video

This is Part 2 of 2, from the "Busty Usherette Bound and Brought to Orgasm" story.  By this point, Lorelei has lost all of her usherette uniform except for her hat, and she's clad only in her red silky chemise. Lorelei's pushed onto the bed where the masked man ropes her into a frogtie, then uses a vibrator to bring Lorelei to orgasm. Afterward her captor adds a rope and leaves her there... she can do nothing but mmph plaintively and squirm ever so slightly. - - Video verite'. Videocamera motion at times. - - 848x480pixel MP4 format video. - - Update May 8.

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Busty Usherette Lorelei is Bound and Brought to Orgasm - Part 1
10:36 video

This is Part 1 of 2, of the Usherette story.  A buxom usherette waves goodbye from the stage as the last of the patrons leave a community theater. After everyone is gone, a ski-masked man comes up on stage and grabs, ties, tape-gags, and gropes his struggling uniformed captive. He steps away for a moment so she tries to hop across the stage, her big boobs a-bouncing, but she realizes there's no safe exit.  - - After the end credits is a behind-the-scenes moment... look for it! - - Note from Lorelei re videography: The eyepiece settings were wonky so the view of my shoes is often cut off mid-foot. - - 848x480pixel MP4 format video. - - Update May 4.

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Dangerous Diva Hogtied
11:14 video

The Dangerous Diva is a sexy villainess who's always grabbing and binding innocent rich-chicks and stealing their jewels. But in this case the tables have somehow been turned on the Diva. Initially she's in a basic tie-up, which fails to hold her. She easily escapes and ponders her next move as she paces at her leisure in sexy fetishwear of high-heeled boots, shiny catsuit, long spandex gloves, lace-up corset, and leather mask. After we enjoy this view for a couple of minutes, the Diva finds herself once again in bondage, but this time in a more secure tie-up. She rolls around on the bed in a hogtie, mmphing through her tape-gag, then after a few minutes we see that she's been leashed snugly against the bedspread lying on her side, and her top has been pulled down to reveal her bare breasts.

This clip was made to be a companion scene for the "Diva in Distress" multi-bondage story available over at clips4sale store #6571. Elements of this clip came from a fan request.  Diva performed by Loren Chance.

848x480pixel MP4 format video.  Update May 1.

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Strict Strappado for Lorelei
14:57 video

Lorelei is roped on-screen by a ski-masked man. She's wearing a deep red soft-and-shiny mini-dress, garter belt, panties, stockings and knee-high black leather boots. Lorelei's breasts are exposed before she's rigged into a strappado bent over a bench. She mmphs through her tape-gag and struggles in a very limited fashion (she can barely move). - - Small amount of derriere-pinching, nipple pinching, and breast fondling. Video verite'. Camera noise.  848x480 MP4 format. - - Update April 27.

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Jamie Lynn is Bound in the Trunk
10:34 video

Jamie's seen bound hand and foot in front of a big old steamer trunk. She's clearly worried and with good reason. Soon she's settled inside the trunk. Her big bare breasts and bare feet are on display. She's too cowed to escape. By the end, her legs have been roped into the trunk so that she won't be able to hop away.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Update April 24.

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Topless Maid Lorelei is Tethered to the Bed
7:43 video

Maid Lorelei has been left alone for the moment. She thinks maybe she can escape, but when she attempts to stand up to hop away, she realizes that she's been rope-tethered to the headboard. She makes an effort anyway, which only results in her eventually winding up on the floor, tightly roped against the bedpost.  848x480pixel MP4 video.  Update April 21.

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Jamie Lynn is Hogtied Barefoot and Sucks Toes
59 photos; 4:46 video

This update is available two different ways.  You can download the JPG images in a zip file, or you can select the photo-to-video slideshow.  From set #JamieLynnFM1.

Image sequence: Jamie is working late with her shoes off. Lorelei sneaks up behind, puts her hand over Jamie's mouth, and pulls her top off. Next we see that Jamie has been hogtied on the rug. Lorelei puts her foot over Jamie's mouth and makes her suck the toes. Then Lorelei stuffs-and-tapegags Jamie and leaves her alone in her misery.  Note from Lorelei: I was just a hired hand for this scenario. It was a custom shoot done by FM. They thought maybe they debuted it on one of their sites but couldn't find where so they suggested I debut it here. If you have any idea where the scene appeared on an FM site please let me know! :)

JPGs height/width vary 1200pixels to 1920pixels.  Slideshow:  Vertical and horizontal images presented in a photo-to-video slideshow. 5 seconds display per image. Photo-to-video slideshows do not have sound. Slideshow was generated at 1920x1080pixels.

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Lorelei is Tied to an Airplane Wheel and a Fence
47 photos; 3:52 video

TWO SETS COMBINED.  This update is available two different ways -- JPGs in a zip file, or a photo-to-video slideshow.  This update was requested by a member.  In this archive image set, Lorelei is roped in seated strappado to an airplane wheel, then spreadeagle-suspended against a chain link fence in the airplane hangar. The two photo sequences are then followed by behind-the-scenes pictures from both tie-ups.  From sets #Lorelei51 and #Lorelei55.

Text from the original website. 1st set: "A kindly member contacted me to let me know that an airplane hangar was available for shoots. I love to be tied up in grubby places, so off we went. I had a blast being tied up in this spooky place. Jon manned our main camera, but we also gave the member my mini digital cam before we started, and invited him to take snapshots. Strappado really makes the shoulders sore, so the second I was freed, I lay down to recuperate!" -- 2nd set: "Here's my favorite of the airplane-hangar sets. The position was very uncomfortable, so we only got about ten shots on negatives before I was moaning to be released. Thank goodness for our location scout -- he picked up the little digital-cam, and snapped off as many shots as he could of Jon putting me up and then taking me down. Setting up: Jon attaches the torso to the fence. This can't be too tight, since that's my breathing area; the amount of "drop" that we get will mostly put my weight on my wrists. Putting on the tape: I like to have at least 3 pieces, each one smoothed on individually so that I can feel the tape shaped and pressing against the curves of my face. Jon down-dresses me step by step, quickly taking a shot between each change. Our trusty assistant snaps away as Jon "fluffs" my nipples (to use the adult industry's vernacular)... Jon rushes in and tears away the panties, per my previous request. By this end, I'm reaching my limit. Hearing my moans and grunts, Jon asks if I need to be let free. I nod my head and mmph. He rushes in to untie me. Afterward, feeling giddy and playful, I do the Harpo leg on Jon. Whenever I do a suspension or partial suspension, I tend to get an extra endorphin rush afterward. Maybe you can kindof see the dazed mindset I go into."

JPGs in zip file: The original images, rather small.  Some images are in damaged condition.   The slideshow:  Vertical and horizontal images presented in a photo-to-video slideshow. 5 seconds display per image. Photo-to-video slideshows do not have sound. Although this slideshow was generated at 1920x1080pixels, the source photos were very small, so you may need to adjust the playback size of your viewscreen to optimize it visually.

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Outtakes in Mummification with Lorelei
3:30 video

Just a few very short bits and bobs from the day Lorelei was in the blue mummification bondage with the vibrator. First we have some behind-the-scenes footage that was recorded on tripod when Lorelei was getting plastic-wrapped (this is sped up because otherwise it would be really slow; audio naturally is messed up). Then there are a couple moments that Lorelei video'd of her own legs right after the mummification, showing where the vibrator had been nestled between her legs, and how the vibrator left red pressure marks on her thighs. After the credits are two takes showing Lorelei's pets interrupting the action and making her laugh.  848x480pixel MP4.  Update March 17.

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Orgasm in Mummification for Lorelei
24:26 video

Lorelei is shown in progressive stages of bondage mummification. She starts out with basic plastic wrap and a tape-gag. Then her feet are covered next, and her breasts are exposed. Then some blue duct tape is added. Then even more tape is added until she's encased from neck to toes. Then a small hole is made in the tape so that Lorelei's vibrator can be switched on. She writhes for a time upright, then she's seen sprawled on the floor, where she succumbs to an intense bound orgasm. Afterward she continues to struggle on the floor, managing to turn onto her side, but unable to do anything else.

Kitchen wrap, saran wrap, plastic wrap, transparent wrap, cling wrap, duct tape, blue tape, tape gag, tapegagged, mummification, mummified, mummy bondage, bare breasts, topless, big tits, busty, buxom, big boobs, barefoot, bare feet.

848x480pixel MP4.  Update April 16.

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Busty Secretary in Ropes - Hannah Perez
7:25 video

Sexy Hannah starts out upright in a classic tie, then soon a tapegag has been added, then she's upended and her blouse is open. She struggles and mmphs but never escapes. Secretary attire, mini-skirt, high heels, blouse, rope bondage, ropes, spaghetti rope,tape gag, tapegag, topless, busty, buxom.

After the end credits there's a short behind-the-scenes bit showing me applying Hannah's tape-gag.  848x480pixel MP4.  Update April 13.

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Big-Boob Hotel Maid Lorelei - Barefoot in Bondage
11:25 video

My boyfriend Jon and I had a night in a hotel recently, and managed to shoot on the fly with ambient light and borrowed cameras. Here is our resulting mini-story. Part 1. Barefoot hotel maid Lorelei has been stashed in a tub. She's in ropes and tape-gagged plus double-bandanna-blindfolded. She manages to get herself out of the tub, and make her way along hopping and stepping. There's a funny moment where she leans against the light switch, not knowing that it's flickering off and on. Lorelei moves along carefully, trying to find an exit, but loses her way and ends up on the floor in the closet. 7mins. Part 2. It's some time later. The maid has been stuck in the closet again but sans blindfold. Grainy, blurry, smaller image. 1min. Part 3. Someone seems to have gotten the maid to like her bondage, because now she's seen post-bondage-sex. You can hear that she and her partner recently had some exertion. Lorelei ends up in a cross-ankle hogtie, lost in her own little world, making happy noises through her tape-gag. (No blindfold, no makeup, eyes closed.) A hand reaches in briefly to caress her. Verite' videography. 3mins.

We found it necessary to add loud music to mediate the camera noises -- annoying but unavoidable!  848x480 MP4.  Update April 10.

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Harem Girl Bound plus VIbrator Tie - Jewell Marceau
41 photos; 3:27 video

This update was specifically requested by a BB member.  These are images from many years ago so they aren't of current size or quality.  You can view this update two different ways.  You can either download the original JPGs in a zip file, or view the photo-to-video slideshow.

TWO SETS COMBINED.  1. Jewell is wearing her harem slave costume for a sequence of bed spread-eagles. She's chained face-up, then topless, then with bit-gag, then face-down, pantsed and ass-up for great views of her pink parts.  2. .Jewell is nude in stockings for a well-secured bench frogtie that facilitates full access. Red tape-gag, tied-on vibrator.  From sets #JewellMarceau3 and JewellMarceau4.

Re the slideshow: Vertical and horizontal images presented in a photo-to-video slideshow. 5 seconds display per image. Photo-to-video slideshows do not have sound. Although this slideshow was generated at 1920x1080pixels, most of the source photos were small (archival), so you may need to adjust the playback size of your viewscreen to optimize it visually.

Added April 9.

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Jewell Marceau Mummified and in Secretary Bondage
43 photos; 3:32 video

This update is available two ways. You can download the original JPGs in a zip file (small images; this set is from many years ago) or you can view the photo-to-video slideshow.

TWO SETS COMBINED.  1. Jewell is rockin' a skirted secretary suit including blazer and turtleneck sweater, plus garter belt, stockings and high heels. She's wearing a silver duct tape gag and classic ropework. She starts out on the bench and winds up topless and pantieless on the floor.  2. .Jewell is seen progressively restrained via green plastic wrap (aka kitchen wrap / saran wrap / cling wrap). A blue rubber ball is placed in her mouth. Via strategic removal of wrap, her breasts and mons are revealed. Very interesting mummification.  From sets #JewellMarceau1 and JewellMarceau2.

Re the slideshow option:  Vertical and horizontal images are presented in a photo-to-video slideshow. 5 seconds display per image. Photo-to-video slideshows do not have sound. Although this slideshow was generated at 1920x1080pixels, most of the source photos were small (archival), so you may need to adjust the playback size of your viewscreen to optimize it visually.

Added April 8.

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Chair Tie Orgasm for Jamie Lynn
4:44 video

Jamie has been nicely tied to a chair with yet another chair behind her to bolster the torso ropes. She's wearing only a flimsy white see-thru slip. The vibrator that's tied between her legs is switched on, her top is pulled down, and within a few minutes Jamie has a squealy orgasm.  Download the 848x480pixel MP4 video, or view it online via our streaming theater. - - Update April 6.

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Bound Over a Vibrator - Lorelei in Silky Slip
10:08 video

Consensual vignette. Lorelei is clad in a black dress-slip with lace edging, long black opera gloves, and black backseamed stayup stockings (shoeless). She's sporting a red layered tape-gag, and has been roped into a frogtie. She wriggles flirtatiously around on the bed for a while. Then we see she's been leashed upright over a big vibrator. She dangles around for a while until she succumbs to orgasm. - - Camera noise, ambient noise. Video verite'. Mature model. - - Rope bondage, tape gag, topless, big boobs, big breasts, hogtied, stockinged feet, stocking-foot, silky slip, lacy slip. - - 848x480pixel MP4 format; download the video clip, or view online via our streaming theater. - - Update April 3.

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