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House Tour in Bondage - Jamie Lynn
80 photos; 6:42 video

Keywords: standing, walking, wandering, redhead, miniskirt, mini skirt, heels, topless, bare breasts, tape gag, tapegagged. - - This set is available in two formats: 1. All full-size JPG photos in a zip file.  2. 1920x1080pixel photo-to-video slideshow, no sound. - - Slideshow option added January 27.

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Tight Spread - Kina Kai
55 photos; 4:37 video

This is a very tight room to shoot in.  The bed fills most of the room, so I rarely try to take pics in here.  Three pics in this set were taken in a mirror -- a mirror on the wall beyond Kina's feet.  I reversed those pics so they would match, but members, can you still figure out which ones they were?
Keywords - spreadeagle, spread eagled, spreadeagled, bed, bed bondage, bedroom bondage, bed bound, barefoot, bare feet, feet, tape gag, tapegagged, sundress, topless, bare breasts, tits, panties

This update is available via two options: JPG photoset in a zip file, or photo-to-video slideshow in 1920x1080pixel WMV format.  Slideshows do not have sound.  There is no live footage of this bondage.  Slideshow option added January 21.

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Up, Up and Away - Claire Adams
56 photos; 6:57 video

Evildoers: Alexis Taylor and Ikaras Jones
Rigging: Lorelei
Photography: Lorelei & Jon Woods
There's a certain type of gal that if you get them tied up halfway, they start thinking about being suspended. The minute they're convinced they can go off the ground, you won't hear the end of it unless you let them try. Models I know who're suspension-happy are Claire Adams, Julie Simone, Sara Nychols, Paige Richards & myself. Anyway, I got Claire roped with her feet up, and pretty soon she was asking if she could try it without the sofa.
Keywords: barefoot, bare feet, feet, suspension, suspended, domme, redhead, crotchrope, crotch rope, joy rope, topless, bound, gagged, gag, cleave gag, cleavegag, toe ties, toes tied, big toes

This update is available via two options - JPG photoset, or 1920x1080pixel WMV photo-to-video slideshow.  Slideshows do not have sound.  There is no live footage of this tie-up.  Slideshow added January 21.


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Bondage at the Office Part 2 - Orgasm for Lorelei
6:13 video

Lorelei is now dressed only in her chemise and stay-up stockings. She's been roped to an office chair that has fallen to the floor. A 4-speed vibrator has been tied to her. A shiny silver tape-gag matches the silver nylon ropes. Her captor switches the vibrator to speed #1, ignoring Lorelei's mmphed pleas. Step by step the vibrator is boosted from one speed to the next. In the meantime Lorelei's breasts are repeatedly fondled and groped. After the vibrator has been switched to high speed, Lorelei succumbs to an orgasm. - - Verite' POV videography. Hands: Jon Woods. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Uploaded January 17

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Bondage at the Office Part 1 - Secretary Lorelei
6:48 video

Lorelei is dressed for work in her pink skirted suit and blazer with pink high heels, but she can't get anything done because someone's roped her quite securely to her office chair. Soon her clothes are disheveled so that we can see her stocking-tops and chemise... and then her bare breasts! Around the 4-minute point she manages to get her shoes off but there are no nearby knots to undo with her hose-clad toes so she's quite frustrated. By the end of the workday her chair is lying on the floor and she's still struggling. It looks like secretary Lorelei is going to have work overtime. - - Rigging by Jon Woods. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV - - Uploaded January 11

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Tied to the Van - Melissa and Cassia
49 photos; 4:12 video

Sexy friends Cassia Riley and Melissa Jacobs are secured to the van. Ungagged, then gagged, toplessness. - - This photoset is available in 2 formats:  1. All JPGs in a zip file. 2. 1920x1080pixel WMV photo-to-video slideshow.  5 seconds per photo. Slideshows do not have sound.  There is no live footage of this bondage.  Slideshow added January 10.


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Secretary Lorelei Mummified with Tape
36 photos; 3:10 video

Lorelei thinks she's just going to get a bit of tape put on her, but things turn out differently. - - Bondage and photography by Jon Woods. - - Keywords: secretary bondage, office bondage, high heels, sweater, skirt, duct tape, black tape, tape bondage, tape mummification, duct tape gag, tape-gagged, bound, clothes destruction, toplessness, bare breasts. - - This photoset is available in 2 formats.  1. All JPGs in a zip file. 2. 1920x1080pixel WMV photo-to-video slideshow.  5 seconds per photo. Slideshows do not have sound.  There is no live footage of this bondage.  Slideshow added January 9.

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Lorelei Tied to the Bed in her Panties
5:44 video

A lost-and-found video from 2003.  Lorelei is smiling and spread-eagled on the bed. Boyfriend Jon Woods stuffs her mouth with a white handkerchief, applies red duct tape to her face, fondles her breasts for a moment, then leaves her to her fantasies. She writhes slowly and makes happy sounds. Some camera noise.  - - Uploaded January 5.

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Classic Nude with OverMouth Gag - Christina Carter
60 photos; 5:07 video

I was in Maine briefly, and several Bedroom Bondage members were kind enough to meet with me there, to help pass the time.  One fellow there asked that I tie the thighs instead of above the knee.  I'd never tried that so I said sure.  Looking at the pics afterward, I wondered if I should've tied higher up the thigh.  I'll give the idea a second try sometime. - - Keywords: Nude bondage, barefoot, over-the-mouth gag, otm gag, detective gag. - - This set has two viewing options:  All JPGs in a zipfile, or a photo-to-video slideshow in 1920x1080pixel WMV (no audio).  There is no live footage of this tie-up. - - Slideshow added January 1

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Military Miss Bound in Uniform - Christina Carter
31 photos; 2:37 video

"At Ease": Jon bought the military uniform at our local Army surplus.  I think Christina thought wearing a uniform was kinda fun. Certainly stimulates a lot of fantasies  :)

This update is available in two different formats.  All the JPGs in a zip file, and, a photo-to-video slideshow.  Slideshow is 1920x1080pixel WMV and does not have sound.  There is no live footage of this tie-up.  Slideshow added January 1.

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Bound and Felt Up 4 - Lorelei groped by Jamie Foster
9:13 video

Jamie rushes in to discover that her friend Lorelei must've gotten burglarized! Lorelei is all tied up (even her elbows) and tapegagged... oh my gosh! Lorelei is frantically mmphing to be untied but Jamie tells her to calm down. How about a nice massage to calm down after this traumatic experience. Lorelei struggles as Jamie runs her horny cougar hands over Lorelei's big boobs. Uh oh the top comes off and Jamie is groping and squeezing Lorelei's breasts as the captive squeals in indignation. Eventually wacky Jamie takes off without even having rescued Lorelei. Lorelei stands up and makes a few attempts to hop away. Bouncing bouncing boobs for your enjoyment. - - Excellent ropework by Jon Woods. - - Uploaded December 31

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Wandering in Bondage - Ashley Renee
6:32 video

Ashley is in a blue dress and silver high heels, roped from chest down to her knees, her noises muffled with a tape gag. She wanders carefully from room to room. Perhaps the bondage photographer stepped out for a smoke and the model is having second thoughts, trying to find an escape? She finds the right exit but then must figure out where to go outdoors. Eventually her big breasts are exposed. Finally she rests by the trash bins, poor captive. Ambient lighting. - - Uploaded Dec 31

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Andrea Neal Tied to the Lockers
52 photos; 4:35 video

"Last Day" - - This is a set from the final day that I got to shoot with Andrea way back when. - - Andrea Neal was one of the most popular bondage models of the first internet era. She was a doll. Just about everybody liked her - fans and photographers alike. (In her interview video, when Dorothy Laine asked Andrea what she liked best about bondage modeling, she replied "the people".) Andrea's pics became so popular that underground groups formed to trade her photosets. This grew to such an extent that for many photographers, putting up Andrea Neal photosets generated more work than income. So sad! - - I couldn't decide whether to light the set brightly so we could see every inch of Andrea, or make the set shadowy to emphasize her scary situation. Finally I decided to photo it both ways.

This update is available two different ways.  You can download the JPGs in a zipfile, or the photo-to-video slideshow.  Slideshow: 5 seconds per photo, no sound, 1920x1080pixel WMV.  Slideshow added December 30.

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Tied Up with a Bow - Mary Jane Green
13:57 video

This gift-themed progression bondage video first shows Mary Jane completely obscured within lightly-wrapped red gauze. Minute by minute the guaze moves aside to reveal more of Mary Jane. Finally we see she is gagged with a big red gift bow and clad in sexy strappy high heels plus pantyhose that are decorated like they are red backseamed stockings. Mary Jane ends up topless and shoeless with her elbows tied together. - - Most of scene shot on static tripod. - - This is a 12-minute bondage scene followed by 2 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of Mary Jane being photographed in bondage by Lorelei. - - Uploaded December 24

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Hogtied in Hose - Mary Jane Green
8:44 video

Sequential cloth-strip bondage! First Mary Jane is perched on the sofa, struggling but ungagged, adorable in her soft flare mini-skirt, button-up blouse with bow, and seamed stockings. Then she's cleave-gagged. Then her bra is peeking out of her blouse. Then she's topless. Finally the hogtie has been completed and she squirms and mmphs on the sofa. There are several close-ups of her pretty hose-clad feet. - - Uploaded December 23


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Damsel in a Box - Ashley Renee
9:00 video

Sexy in her see-through lingerie and strappy high heels, Ashley is enjoying the holidays when home security shows up. Apparently Ashley accidentally tripped her alarm again. The security officer has had enough of these false alarms. He leaves her roped and squirming on the floor while he watches TV in her living room. Then he puts her in a cardboard box, tapes it up and tells her she'll be shipped to the North Pole. - - Guard: Count Boogie. - - Rigging and vidcam: Lorelei Mission. - - 1920x1080pixel high-definition WMV. - - Uploaded December 17

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Gift-Wrapped - Melissa Jacobs
83 photos
He sees you when you're snooping,
He knows where you'll be found,
He knows when you've been bad or good
So be good, or end up bound!
Keywords: mummification, mummified, mummy wrap, saran wrap, wrap, wrapped, kitchen wrap, heels, blonde, chair, chair bondage, ballgag, ball gag, ballgagged, topless, breasts, tits, tipped chair

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Blue Secretary - Melissa Jacobs
44 photos; 3:45 video

Looking over these pics and looking into Melissa's big "damsel" eyes, I couldn't imagine not sharing the set with you right away.  What can I say -- I'm a sucker for secretaries in bondage.
Rigging and photography by Lorelei
Keywords: secretary, office, suit, heels, cleave gag, cleavegagged, topless, bare breasts, blonde

This update is available two ways. 1. All the JPGs in a zipfile. or 2. 'Hands-free' photo-to-video slideshow, 5 seconds per photo, 1920x1080pixel WMV. There is no live footage of this tie-up.  Slideshow option added December 16.

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Waiting - Loren Chance
44 photos; 3:45 video

It looks to me like she's waiting for something, but I'm not sure what. Maybe she's waiting while they dig in their rope-bag for an ankle rope.
Keywords: tape gag, tapegagged, high heels, dress, sundress, redhead, pantyhose, topless, bare breasts, wig, purple.

This update is available in two formats.  1. All the JPGs in a zipfile.  or 2. 'Hands-free' photo-to-video slideshow, 5 seconds per photo, 720x480pixel WMV.  There is no live footage of this tie-up.  Slideshow version added December 16.

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Hogtied at the Office - Secretary Kina Kai
46 photos; 4:00 video

Beautiful Kina Kai is shown in stages of bondage and gaggedness until her breasts are bared and she ends up hogtied on the desk.

This photo set is available via two different options.  1. Full photo-set of all JPGs in a zip file.  or 2. 'Hands free' photo-to-video slideshow, 5 seconds per photo, 1920x1080pixel WMV format.  There is no live footage of this tie-up.  Slideshow added December 16.

Keywords: Miniskirt, mini-skirt, sweater, asian, exotic, oriental, long hair, black hair, office bondage, secretary bondage, high heels, hogtied, rope bondage, cleave gag, cleavegagged, bandanna gag, bandana gag, topless, bare breasts.

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Bound for the Holidays - Mary Jane Green
7:15 video

Mary Jane enjoys her happy holidays in an elf costume of black leather knee-high boots, pantyhose, a festive elf dress and matching hat with little jingle bells attached. Red rope adorns wrists, then ankles, knees, torso. Red cleave gag. A peek of toplessness. - Uploaded December 13.

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Strappado in Boots - Jade Indica
46 photos; 4:00 video

Gorgeous exotic semi-secretary Jade Indica is luscious in tight sweater, mini-skirt, pantyhose and boots.  She starts in a seated strappado but is soon standing, tapegagged, and topless with her skivvies pulled down.

This update comes in TWO OPTIONS - either the JPG photos in a zipped file, or the 'hands-free' photo-to-video slideshow.  (No live footage.)  Slideshow added December 12.

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Keeping Her Posted - Jamie Lynn
49 photos; 4:15 video

When professional photographers shoot outside, they bring a lot of fancy equipment and even a few assistants who just stand around hand-holding sunlight-bouncing screens.  I don't have all that, so the lighting & focus varies a lot with my outdoor pics... however, outdoor bondage is so cool that I can't resist doing it anyway.  Hopefully it's worth it to you too!  Ain't she cute?
Rigging by Lorelei - Photography by Lorelei and Jon Woods

This update has TWO OPTIONS - either JPG photos or a 'hands-free' photo-to-video slideshow format.  (There is no live footage.)  Slideshow added December 12.

Keywords: outdoors, outside, post tie, post bondage, redhead, topless, bare breasts, jeans, blue jeans, denims, tank top, barefoot, bare feet, feet, cleave gag, cleavegagged

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Special Delivery - Claire Adams
57 photos
"I was hangin' out with Damon yesterday when his Christmas gift arrived from Frank.
It turned out to be a cute little muffin but she didn't seem happy to be there.
She kept looking over at me like I should rescue her, but hey, she was Damon's present, y'know?"
Rigging by Damon Pierce
Photography by Lorelei
Keywords: tying, rigging, hogtied, hog tied, hogtie, hog tie, cleave gag, cleavegagged, dom, male dom, male domination, wrestling, groping, manhandling, fondling, topless, bare breasts, tank top, jeans, blue jeans, denims, hair bondage, box

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Nurse in Bondage Chrissy Daniels
7:22 video

Chrissy is in a nurse uniform, stockings, white high heels, and nurse hat. At first she's fully dressed with eyeglasses. Then a light blue bandanna cleavegag makes its appearance. She soon is topless and pantyless. Her position begins upright, then she's leashed to the bedpost, then she's hogtied on the bed.  Video verite', some camera noise. - Uploaded November 27.

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