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I once saw a T-Shirt that read "some people call it a fantasy, I call it a plan"  I loved the saying and if you like it too, you'll love reading the rest of this page. 


When we started shooting, we were amazed that others that were married didn't want their spouse to know about their kink.  Over the years we have met many people with varied fantasies.  Some coming from a scene in a movie they loved, like Kim Catrell in "Big Trouble in Little China."  Some fantasies were an evolution of ideas.  You might love the idea of seeing Wonderwoman and Supergirl bound and gagged together.  Maybe you'd like to see me tied with another famous bondage model?  What ever the case may be, Id LOVE to hear about it....


If you have a great idea, location, or scene that you have fantasized about for years, why not turn that fantasy into a plan? 

Here are 7 rules we follow with custom videos:

1. Email Me: Maladaptiveb@yahoo.com to let me know about your interests!  Please send me as detailed a script or scene as you can.  If you would like me to call your name through my gag, let me knowAlso let me know how you would like the video delivered, We can email it or make you a DVD and mail it to you, what ever works best for you.  But we are always discreet.

2. I'll send you a quote for the costs of the video.

3. Custom Videos Start at $200.00 set-up fee and $50.00 for each additional scene. 

4. Additional cost are extra: If you want to see me in a costume I do not own yet, I can order it.  If you want to see me with a particular model, I can book with her.  These costs are then added to the bill.

5. Once we have agreed on a price, mail me a check or money order to our shipping address.

6. We make your video!  Allow us at least 30 days to shoot your request once we have received payment.  Now if you have complicated script or you want us to shoot with another model, we have to contend with another models schedule, so it could take longer.  Sometimes we can get these done within days, sometimes it takes a little longer, we only ask that you be patient.  We want to make you happy with the end result. 

7. After you receive your custom video, the custom may appear on the website as a future update.


Remember I dont judge, Ive heard it all, and genuinely LOVE what I do. Nothing will shock me and to be honest, I will probably really LOVE shooting it for you.  So why call it a fantasy, lets make it a plan.


Now you might think "this is too expensive."  Remember, I do this for fun, not to get rich.  Johnny and I both have Professional jobs and our money comes from that.  Some people go bird watching, some like to go hiking, We shoot bondage videos.   All the money we make from the website and custom videos, goes back into making even better, pictures and videos.




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