• First Web Cam Session (October 31, 2019)

    Starts out a couple years earlier when I was out in the front yard with the kids and the dog we had at the time and animal control walks by and the little ankle biter starts barking at her, so she gets pissy and writes me a citation for the damn dog not being on a leash.

    I skipped out on the ticket and 2 years later we find out that there is a warrant for my arrest because I did not pay the fine or so we thought come to find out that the bitch wrote the citation for a vicious animal and there was a court date and that citation carries up to a year in prison warrant for that stupid barking of the dog.

    So, hubby goes to the courthouse to sort it out because I can’t go to the court house without getting arrested.

    So, we did a go fund me for my legal fees and hubby posted on Fetlife that if any one helped out with a certain amount that we would do a recorded session with request and pictures as a reward.


    He had one person that said that they might be able to help on line. He saw the Fetlife post and the gofundme and started asking a tone of questions and asked Hubby to meet him at the court house. So Hubby spent a whole day at the court house and in an office with who he thought was just an administrator who he was chatting with what was willing to help. He says that he can take care of everything in return he wants to dom us on cam. He does not trust people to do stuff in person with his position in the courts and he wants complete control for the night.


    When hubby told me this I was pretty pissed at him as I totally did not want to do this but it was either this or pay the huge fine and sit in jail while paying an overpriced atty to appeal the ruling which I was told would be a farshot to win. If I lost, I would be in more debt to the attorney. Either way I would be in Jail most of the year fighting it. So I agreed to this.


    He gave us a time and date and Username: Candyman#### to skype with him.  When Hubby Told me this, I was pretty pissed at him as I totally did not want to do this but it was either this or pay the huge fine and sit in jail while paying an overpriced atty to appeal the ruling which I was told would be a long shot to win. If I lost, I would be in more debt to the attorney. Either way I would be in Jail most of the year fighting it. So, I agreed to this because it was better than the ruling of a year in jail because she did not show up at court.

    He ordered me to dress sexy formal evening wear thigh hi's little black dress, sexy panty’s no bra. Hubby was to be in only a thong. He also requested a list of sex toys and bondage gear in advance. He even sent us a link to a dress he wanted to see me in that I ended up buying for the night. 

    So, Saturday arrived and we sent the kids to grandmas house for the night, (his advice since things were going to get loud). It's now 8pm and we are getting started I is in full make up, my hair done, and I am wearing a new little black halter dress that I am practically poured in to that Shows my full cleavage down to my belly and very short. I was a size 16 with 40DDD's back then. (I hate halter dresses because of my breast being so heavy.) I was also wearing my liquid nylon thigh highs and a pair of sexy Lane Bryant black semi sheer spandex tanga panties (tanga is cross between a thong and bikini panties, he wanted a thong and I don't like thongs, so it was a compromise for comfort)

      They called us on skype as we answered; On the cam is him 7ft tall big dude and his buxom blond wife. They resembled Dog the bounty hunter and his wife only without he did not long hair.   He looked about 50 with a beard and his wife look in her 40's with larger breast and maybe a little heavier them me and they were just wearing sexy underwear. They introduced themselves as Candyman and Mistress C. and informed us that we are to call them that or Master and Mistress. Then informed us that I was Slave and hubby and hubby is toy and we were there property for the night.


    We got started with the session and he has hubby put on music and they order me to dance seductively. I started to sexily dance for the Candyman and his wife. Hubby was off to the side waiting for orders. He was ordered to not interfere unless ordered to. I was dancing in a awkward sexy way and then Candyman tells me to show more leg and to spin around so I pull my dress up a little and spin showing my thigh and part of panties as I spin.

    Then he orders me to untie my top. I Slowly let the halter drop and stand there holding my breast till he orders me to continue dancing and to let go of my breast. The dress is still on, but I am topless with my breast fully exposed.

    Next, he orders her to remove the dress. I peel it off slowly as ordered I am just in my semi sheer black tanga panties and thighhi's dancing in a sexy awkward way. I felt so embarrassed.


    At this point Candyman and is wife are naked and she wife is sitting on his lap and they are touching each other then he ordered hubby to do a closeup with the camera on my body as I turn around. Next, they order the panties off.

    I am blushing standing there fully exposed in only my thigh hi's as they talk about how I am such a young yummy little slut. They start asking me questions how many people I have fucked, have I ever striped before. have I ever done this before? How do I feel, Do I feel like a slut? Am I their slut? Who do I belong to? Do I know how hot I am.  in order I answer - only one my hubby, no, no, no, no, I feel really dirty and No I am not a slut, I only belong to my hubby, and I am not that sexy.


    They explained to me that I am very sexy and that I am there slut and I belong to them. I just staired at them and stopped dancing. I hear Mistress telling Candyman that I need to be broken just before Candyman ordered hubby to collar and leash and cuff me then drag me to the bed and chain me to the head board and to use the spreader bar on my legs. Then he ordered hubby to kiss me and suck on my neck then lick my body slowly very slowly licking each nipples and suck on them slowly then my pussy till he told me to stop. OMG that drove me insane!  Mistress ordered Hubby to remove his thong and to show her his cock then she asked me if I liked hubby's cock and of course I said yes. Candyman's wife tells me of course what’s not to love about that cock then orders him to put it in my mouth and for me to suck on it till they order us to stop and hubby to play with my tits.

    Candyman tells Hubby to stop for a second and to grab the vibrating dildo and put it in my pussy and crank it on high while I suck on his cock and plays with my tits. They order him to stop again and to remove the vibrator then ask me the same questions who do I belong to, am I a slut and I answer same thing as before so they tell me that I am a slut and that I am theirs....So they had hubby unchain me and put me on my hands and knees and break out the cato9tails.


    Hubby is to crack me on the ass 2 times in a row then use the vibrator on my pussy and he is to keep doing this till they order him to stop. They had him move the laptop around so we could see them, and the cam was put on an angle so they could see my ass and pussy and the side of my body then crack twice hard making me cry out then vibrate for 30 sec on high on my clit making me moan. repeatedly....


    After a several times I cried out begging to stop.  (I have a low pain threshold and bruise easily.) Then they told me to say thank you after every crack and of course I said no so they told hubby to crack me once on the ass once on the pussy then wand my pussy and keep doing this till, they order him to stop. After a couple of times I broke started yelling thank you after each wiping, they also ordered hubby to clamp my nipples.

    After about 30 min they had me move the cam to her face and they asked her the same questions this time I look at the camera and respond that I is a slut and that I belong to them and that I am there slut. For my reward they order hubby to eat me out as I am still on all fours till, they order hubby to stop just as I was about to cum... I started begging to cum as I referred to them as master and mistress.

    They ordered me up and to roll her over again and for her to suck me mean while they are naked and stroking each other


    They kind of giggled and ordered hubby roll me over and start erotically kissing, licking and sucking me slowly while playing with my tits and pussy. I was going crazy as he is slowly touching and kissing me and I am begging to be fucked.  finally, they tell hubby to fuck me, so he goes to grab a condom because I had had to go off the birth control due to some weird issues it was causing me.

    Candyman calls out what is that. Hubby explain its a condom and he goes no condoms. At that point I cried out that I am close to ovulating and that could get pregnant and I beg them stating please let slut have a condom because don't want to get pregnant. then at that point they both chuckle and state no condoms in fact they were going to have me cum in her mouth but now toy is only cum in Sluts pussy and he is to fill me up.

    Candyman and his wife have hubby put me on all 4 legs spread and start the pleasure and pain torture over again till I cried out begged to have my pussy filled up this kept going on for a while till Mistress asked me if she would let Candyman fill my pussy up with cum and I was so horny and in pain that I said yes.. yes just please fill my pussy then she asked me if I would clean cum out of her pussy to make it stop and get fucked and I in my most degrading voice will being tortured said yes mistress... They both said very nice with a little chuckle then they order hubby to stop and to fuck me but slowly very slowly so much that it was torturous to us both.

    he was going so slow I could not cum.

    They finally had him roll me over and told me to fuck her but slowly. They were watching our faces as we were suffering and staring at each other. they then told us we had to watch them as we fucked. Master and mistress were fucking doggy faced and watched us on the cam.  After a little while we were both begging them to let us cum and finally, they let us cum but hubby could not stop till they said so also we were not allowed to look at each other just them as we came together at the same time Candyman let us stop as Hubby became limp.


    He ordered me to clean hubby off and suck him. Candyman's wife ordered hubby to watch her as she focused the cam on her naked body and played with herself. she called out to me, "how does it feel to know that I am making your husband hard watching another women as I had a cock in my mouth but I could do nothing but feel degraded....

    Hubby got hard again then they had him roll me over again on all 4s and started the torment only this time they had me watch Candyman as he stroked his large cock and became hard again and asked me if that turned me on.

    As I got very wet I has to said yes as you could hear me sloshing, They were talking about how I am a totally slut. Then he ordered hubby to fuck me doggy style till I came and ordered us to watch Candyman and his wife stroked him while I was being fucked I actually said yes master. Again, we were ordered to fuck slowly then ordered to cum after a while and again we came together but it took longer this time.


    This went on 2 more times. The last time they asked me who I was and who I belonged to... I said "master, I am a slut and I belonged the Candyman and mistress C. They had hubby uncuff me and take the cam and do a close up of my used and bruised sore body including my soaked well used pussy and hubby's cock. The couple then had us cuddle as they were cuddling and then they told us that we were good slaves and that I did a good job. the Skype session ended, and they were gone between. This was between 3 and 4 am.


    We fell asleep feeling so tired, degraded, used and dirty, with our wet sweaty cum covered naked body's holding each other, my thighhi's covered legs and arms wrapped around my hubby and my head on his shoulders. We woke up around noon sticky and sore, neither of us usually cum that many times and I had bruises on my pussy and butt along with hicky's all over my body from where hubby was ordered to suck.


    So, Monday I call in to the courts to send in my form and pay my fees and they tell me that the charges and warrants were thrown out by the Judge first thing that morning....

  • New post (October 18, 2019)

    New shoots and videos are live. I have more on the way!!!!

    If you have request or Ideas please feel free to contact me and let me know.



  • I am back and working on new content. (August 31, 2019)

    After taking some time off this summer I am back and making new and fun videos and photo's. My latest Project Slippery When Wet just went live this morning. Check it out. There is more to come soon.



  • Status update about my life!!!! (May 5, 2019)

    One hell of a Month last month I have not posted anything because I am still recovering from 2 trips to the ER for different reasons in one week. I was wacked out on pain meds month to keep the pain under control. 

    I am feeling so much better now although things have been really crazy lately, I want to thank my followers for all there love and support while I have been going threw so much.

    I am going to get with Sir and try to step up my post this month.

    Thank you for your patience,

    Renee XOXO

  • RIP Facebook and Instagram Pages!!!!! (April 5, 2019)

    For over a year now every time I post a post any post my account get shut down for 3-5 days while they review my content before they post it back to my page with an apology for "getting it wrong" does not mater what it is text a picture anything and everything.

    The thing is I always kept my post PG to PG13......

    So now they have disabled my Facebook account. I am appealing it but expecting to win. 

    So RIP Facefuck I mean Facebook. If you are wanting to follow me on social media I will be available on Twitter @  https://twitter.com/ReneeImzadi  and also on MeWe  https://mewe.com/profile/5c477a1f720044280d742e1b  


    Seriously They just disabled my Instagram page also, WTF!!!!

    Ok Fuck you Instagram and Facebook!!!

    I am no longer posting on either of them. I have seen a hell of alot sluttier pictures then what I post at this point from the feed back I have gotten it appears that this may be about my size......... What ever!!! Again you can follow me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/ReneeImzadi  and also on MeWe  https://mewe.com/profile/5c477a1f720044280d742e1b 

  • New Post!!!! (February 4, 2019)

    New post with video coming soon!!!!

  • Quick update!!!! (January 28, 2019)

    Sorry I have not posted much lately. I have posted a gofundme to help pay for one of my medical issues. if you make a donation of $100 or more (with proof of payment) you can get a cam session with me or me and Sir as your slave (for bedroom play with in reason) as a reward. https://www.gofundme.com/4esx8k-medical-issues?sharetype=teams&member=1439358&rcid=r01-154868745879-868c015ed96e4d01&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w So between taking care of my self and doing web camming I have been a little slow on posting shoots. I will be posting more soon. XOXO, Renee

  • Happy New Year!!!! (January 3, 2019)

    I am working on revamping my websites look and feel along with posting more content. I am open to ideas if you have any. Just message me. I would love the feedback. Thanks, XOXO Renee

  • Merry Christmas!!! (December 21, 2018)

    I will be posting a special post on Christmas Day. It was going to be one of the Jan 1st post but I will be posting in on early as a Christmas gift!!!

  • Quick update!!!! (December 11, 2018)

    Quick update!!! Part 2 of the Loan Collections Roleplay video and shoot will be posted in a couple of weeks!!!

  • New Pictures and Video Posted!!! (December 1, 2018)

    Just posted Pictures and Video from my new Role-play Cam session. There Video issues earlier but Sir figured out the problem and resolved it.

  • New Post Coming December 1st !!!!! (November 29, 2018)

    The full shoot from my Loan Collections abduction shoot will be posted on 12/1 it contains The first of the new videos to come.

  • - feeling sore and broken. (November 25, 2018)

    I am re-cooperating after our 12 ft tall tree stand broke while I was putting it up and the tree knocked me off the ladder and landed on me. Sir came home and found me trapped under both and had to rescue me. Lucky Nothing broken just some bruised bones, pulled muscles, and whiplash.🤕 I will be be posting new content this week when I can get out of bed!!!

  • Update: I survived Cam Day!!!! (November 20, 2018)

    Bdsm cam session went for 4 hours yesterday and was awesome. I am still so sore and hung over. I should have the pictures and video ready to post at the beginning of next month.

  • Quick Update (November 17, 2018)

    It's almost Thanksgivings and I just got over my cold!!! Tomorrow is my big Cam session with my benefactor and Sir. I will be posting the video and pictures from the session at the beginning of next month!!!! Next month just in time for the Holidays I will be posting past Holiday shoots and a new holiday shoot.

  • I am doing a new model shoot today and posting new pictures tomorrow... (August 31, 2018)

    I am doing a new kinky model shoot today and I have 3 sets of photos and Videos that I will start posing as early as tomorrow. I may scatter them out over the course of the week. XOXO, Renee

  • Off to my shoot!!!! (August 31, 2018)

    Off to my shoot!!!! Off to my shoot!!!! The first part is going to be out doors Sexy but vanilla then the second half will be indoors that is where the kinky sexy fun begins!

  • 3 new sets of photos and videos to be posted over the Labor day weekend!!!!! (August 26, 2018)

    3 new sets of photos and videos along with some Retro Shoots to be posted over the Labor day weekend!!!!!

  • August Shoot!!!! (July 23, 2018)

    My latest shoot goes live 8/2. I am trying to work-in a second shoot for August but getting the new website up and running as eaten up so much of my time.

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