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Because the villains that appear on my site are such an important part to your overall damsel experience, I found it only fitting to highlight each and every one of my villains on a page all of it's own. On this page, you will find a detailed description of each villain that has appeared on my site, and you'll also get the inside scoop on new villains that I am creating for future site updates. After all, the Damsel is only as good as the villain!

All of the villains that appear on my site are expertly and realistically portrayed by Amalieve, who also does the rigging for my scenes and shoots.An amazing woman with many talents, Amalieve, in my humble opinion, is the best female villain and rigger in the business!

     1. The Lipstick Robber  - This female villain is quite simply a robber, who invades homes and loots the home of all it's valuables. Her plans for the home owner are to tie them up tightly, heavily gag them, and render them helpless to stop her as she robs their home. Her signature, that she is the one that has robbed the home, is that she draws a set of lips with lipstick on her captive's tape gag, before she leaves with the loot! Thus, The Lipstick Robber!


    2. The Nylon Bandit - A villain well known for her fetish with nylons. She is always attired in a silken body stocking, black 5" platform high heels, black gloves, and a black nylon stocking hood. She researches her victims very carefully, and hand selects them. Soon, they are bound, gagged, and hooded  with nylons, whether they like it or not!

        3. Bookworm - A very well educated criminal who preys on very intelligent and attractive women, capturing them and using them for her pleasure for as long as she wants. Her victims typically are secretaries and business women, school teachers, nurses and doctors, corporate bosses, and librarians.

    4. The Clown Princess - A woman who escaped from a Psych Ward at a hospital for the mentally insane, The Clown Princess is my most popular villain. Always attired in very colorful striped tights, and a clown mask. She never speaks and lets her actions do all the talking for her. A versatile criminal, who does home invasions and held for ransom scenarios, with captives held for sex being her favorite. Her whereabouts are unknown at this time

    5. Devil Woman - Another criminal known for the mask that she wears, a two horned replica of a devil's face! This mischievous villain will do anything to create havoc and enjoy every minute of it. She lives to destroy women's lives who have crossed her, or done her wrong in the past. Her list of future victims is never ending!

    6.The Bad Cop - This is your typical dirty cop, breaking laws left and right, to do evil things to anyone, especially her fellow cops. This cop wears short, tight skirts, stockings and a garter belt, and 5" high heels with her uniform. She always humiliates her victims in public whenever possible, and uses Police issued props to tie and gag her victims.

    7. The Necktie Nabber - A gorgeous criminal known for binding and gagging her victims with pure silk neckties. That is her calling card! Her victims are always sexually clad women, as The Nabber is a nymphomaniac, with sex on the brain 24/7. But she doesn't enjoy sex unless she has a helpless heroine at her disposal! That is her turn-on!

    8. The Tormentor - A villain who operates with no rhyme or reason. Loves to create havoc, and always hides her identity under a ski mask. She needs no particular reason for her criminal behavior, but her activities always involve her two favorite fetishes; Bondage and Gags!

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