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An Innocent Game


My best friend Amy and I always played games together and rode our bikes ever since I can remember. We grew up together, and always wanted the other around. I don't know what happened to us. We were still neighbors, but I guess the test of time, separated us. It was now 10, maybe 13 years since we both filled a room with laughter. I don't know what happened along the way, but she always seemed disinterested, and like she's not there, her mind is else where.

So, when I got a phone call from her to come over, I was thrilled. When we sat down on the couch, it was like old times, laughing and joking. She suggested, to catch up on old times, how about a good old fashioned game of cops and robbers. I thought, it was pretty childish, but I jumped at the chance to play with my best friend, anything to get her back.

I was the robber, just like always. Too be honest, I really wanted her to win. After some time of playing, she finally cornered me, and I knew the drill, turn around and put your hands behind your back. So I did. As she put the cuffs on me, like she has so many times in the past, I felt a certain similarity and ease. But when the cuffs were on, I realized, they were different. These felt heavy and tighter. Not only that, my hands felt more welded together. I stood there for a few seconds testing the limits of these cuffs. I knew they were not plastic ones, we played with so often. That is when my nightmare began, my friend Amy leaned in closer and told me they were special hinged, double-locking. She even whispered, 'Even if I gave you the key in your hand, you don't have enough leverage to free yourself, so don't even try, my dear darling'.

Her words for me, shook me a little, but maybe this is a new version of the game, I hope. She forced me to the floor, I layed there, on my stomach. She disappeared for a while, only to bring back some more cuffs and chains. She put shackles around my ankles, and she wasn't done! She attached my ankle shackles to my handcuffs. OMG, I was hogtied. I could not move my body, I was stuck. At least, I could still talk to her. I tried to reason with her, but she was that distant person again, it was like talking to a stranger. It doesn't mean I didn't stop trying, trying was all I had now. It was hard to fathom, how at her mercy I was, and I let her handcuff me!

She grew tired of my complaints, and left the room. It seemed like something bigger was on Amy's mind. She had more plans. When she left the room, I took that opportunity to struggle around. I am a nimble person, maybe I can squirm to freedom. The cuffs were so unrelenting, there was no escape. Even my ankle cuffs and my hogtie was done too well. Suddenly, my struggles stopped, because I heard talking from the family room. I never heard who she was speaking to, because she was probably just on the phone, but I tried my hardest to listen to what Amy was saying.

From what I could hear, she was talking about money, and a package to be delivered. I did not know what she meant. Then, she was done talking. She returned to where I was, and got down on the floor with me. I kept asking and begging for her to let me go, telling her I was getting a cramp. All she said to my pleas was, she cannot let me go, she will come to collect you. I had no idea what that meant, but I knew I was wasting time pleading with her. So, I spent my time struggling on the floor, as she stroked my hair and told me 'Everything will be fine soon'.

After a while, there was a knock at the door. Amy quickly sprang to her feet to answer the door. I was horrified at what I saw next. Not only did Amy return to me, but there was this woman I never saw standing there, gazing on me. Amy seemed timid, not really speaking that much, only to say, 'There she is, as promised'. She walked all around me, 'inspecting' me. Then I broke my silence, and demanded to know who she was, and more important, what did she want with me. She did not say anything, like I was to be ignored, but stood in front of me and leaned down. She turned to Amy, and with a harshness in her voice, she asked 'Why is this not gagged'? I thought to myself, did she just refer to me as 'This'? Amy disappeared, and as quickly as she left, she returned with a red ball gag. I started to further protest, but as she buckled the gag on, my protests were silenced. I couldn't even control my drool.

She further inspected my body, touching me where no one, unless we are married, should touch me. She turned me over, and wanted to get a better look at my boobs. She took a pair of scissors and cut my top off, and then cut away my bra. This was so scary and humiliating. My double D breasts flailing about as I tried to talk and struggle. She continued to grope me, and next cut off my pants and panties. She seemed angry as she grabbed my crotch, and told Amy, she has to do something about her bush. Amy acted just like an obedient girl, and retrieved a shaver. She proceeded to shave my bush. I was screaming the entire time, crying, and drooling profusely.

Now, it seemed like the woman was somewhat pleased, and gave Amy some money. She told her to get the door, as she picked me up, I guess my hogtie made it easy for her to carry me. The entire time, I left a trail of drool. She eventually carried my naked body outside. I noticed she had a pickup truck, with a blanket on the bed. I can't believe I was completely naked, outdoors! Some cars drove by, but no one noticed. When she put my helpless body on the truck, she pulled back the blanked to reveal several cages. Each cage contained a naked girl, like me. The cages were all padlocked shut, and there was an empty cage. I guessed right, that one, was for me.

It took some time for her to get me in the cage, the way she wanted, and I remembered hearing all the other girls crying and moaning. When she got me settled in, she padlocked my cage shut. Before she could swing the blanket back, to cover the new found bounty, I could see Amy, once my friend as little girls. Just that sight made me whale out with cries. The woman took a tire iron and hit all the cages, with a harsh 'Shut Up'! I knew better than to test her. After that, everything went dark as she covered her female prizes.

I never learned the name of that woman, not like I really wanted to know. After a rough car trip, that seems to have lasted hours, I was inducted to the beginning of my new life. I never saw that woman again, not that I wanted to. When the covers were brought back, I was surprised to see a another, sweeter looking woman. She had a syringe, and one by one, she injected the hostages, including me, with a sleeping agent. It wasn't long before I lost consciousness.

When I awoke, I was dressed in skimpy clothes, chained to a pole. I was on a stage with all the other girls. There was an audience, mostly of guys I would not give the time of day to. I watched as my fellow hostages were auctioned off, one by one. Soon it was my turn to take center stage. As I walked up, the shackles were so heavy, my gag was so tight. I was so scared and confused, I was weak in the knees, but I made the short journey.

There was so much noise, I could barely distinguish between one voice and another. The auctioneer turned me around and pulled up my skirt, to show off 'The Merchandise'. After some time of me getting shoved around and groped, I heard a loud 'SOLD'. The lights were so bright, and my eyes filled with tears, I did not know who bought me. I was quickly led off stage, as another girl was to be auctioned off. I was led to a small room. The room seemed that it was built not with comfort in mind. I didn't spend too much time admiring the view, I had to get away, and fast.

These restraints were different from what Amy did me up in. After some struggling, I found a weakness, and broke my arms free. But as soon as I broke free, the large door swung open. I just stood there, and my new owner stood there looking. I knew there was no sense in hiding the fact, I broke my restraints, the cards were on the table. She swung the heavy steel door shut, and I jumped at the noise it made. She grabbed me harder than I have ever been grabbed. She pulled my hair back, sharply, to ensure she has my attention. She did not say anything of my restraints, but applied new, tighter ones. For once, I did not resist, it was in my best interest not to.

She led me to her car, opened the back door of the sedan, and buckled me in. That is when she finally spoke, she said 'Let's put your seat belt on, I paid good money for you'. I began to weep, she further told me, 'You'll be happy with me, hell, you'll learn to love me'. She wiped my tears away, and continued to buckle me in, not undoing any restraints. She leaned down again, and told me 'Before we live happily ever after, I have to train you. Amy and the woman who picked you up from her place told me you are a feisty one. So don't think for one second, I'll take pity on you, or show you mercy. You have to make me money, and then I'll determine your worth to me. So you best learn your new place and role in life, before my patience wears out, and I know a pretty girl like you doesn't want that, do you'? As she spoke, she caressed my boobs, under my top. Then she repeated in a much more harsh tone, 'DO YOU'? I quickly shook my head 'No'. After that little pep talk, she slammed the door. The entire car ride home, she never spoke, and I never made a sound.

Over the course of the next month, she trained me, gave me a new name of 'whore'. Sometimes she punished me, sometimes she rewarded me with a warm meal, and maybe I got to sleep indoors. But, most of the time, she left me chained up in the barn, to sleep on a pile of mud.

It sounds odd, but I tried my best to make her happy with my training. The punishments I did receive, were severe, to say the least. Eventually, I like to say, I earned her trust. I knew who I was, I was her sissy whore, no longer my own person, no longer my life.

I lived there, waiting on her and her friends hand and foot. I performed sexual favors, and my Mistress made much money off me. This was so pleasing to me, I wish I made more. I loved each opportunity.

Eventually, my old life became blurred with my new one. I learned to accept who I was, and was even thankful for that one game of cops and robbers, where Amy cuffed me. I only wish I could see Amy again, to thank her, but I never did see her again. She always will hold a special place in my heart.

After some time, Mistress treated me like a member of her family. She even told me her name, 'Heather'. But I was to only call her 'Mistress'. So I did! When Mistress was happy, I was happy.

My new Mistress was right, she told me in the car, we would live happily ever after. After a long road of training and punishment, we did live happily ever after. It's funny, how things work out.


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