589 - A Nice Package!

12:37 video

Is there anything sexier than a muscular, fit woman?  How about a helpless muscular fit woman?  Well, if that's good, how about a mummified helpless muscular fit woman?  NOW we're talking!  Claire Irons submitted to the tightest mummification she's ever been in, and boy, did she regret it!  Not one, but a double layer wrap for this poor bound body builder!  First, a cocoon of pink vet wrap that never stops trying to squeeze the very life out of the poor girl.  Over that, a nice, tight wrapping of black tape to make sure she can't escape anytime soon. Did I say soon?  Make that AT ALL!  This gorgeous gal is reduced to a squirming package, her bare feet twitching as her soles wrinkle with the effort of her exertion!  She's mine for as long as I want to keep her this way, and you can bet that's going to be for QUITE a while!

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