594 - Ayla's Creepy Uncle

17:54 video

Ayla was so excited to finally reach her 21st birthday!  Now that she was of legal age, she could access the trust her deceased parents had set up on her behalf before their accident that forced her to move in with her uncle.  Now, she could finally strike out on her own with enough money to make sure she lived a comfortable life.  Her uncle seemed happy for her as well, and made them each a cup of his famous hot cocoa to celebrate.  Ayla didn’t know it, but her cocoa contained something extra…a little something to help her “relax”.  As the spiked sweet to effect, the poor girl grew very drowsy until she nodded off next to her uncle who wasted no time in stripping her out of her sweater dress and leaving her in her bra and panties.  When she finally came around, she found herself strictly bound and gagged, a crotch rope tied VERY tightly against her poor pussy!  She mewled and fought the ropes, wondering what had happened, when her uncle returned.  He explained that he wasn’t about to say goodbye to Ayla, and he certainly wasn’t about to say goodbye to all that money!  And now that she was legal, he was planning to take their relationship to a whole new level!  The girl drooled and struggled as her uncle’s hands roamed over her body, squeezing her breasts, fondling every inch of her young flesh as he pulled and tugged on the crotch rope, making the poor girl squeal in fear and disgust.  The noise convinced her uncle that she’d need to be silenced far more stringently, so he popped the huge red ball out of her mewling mouth and packed her face hole with a massive was of cloth!  Super tight, super sticky micro foam tape was wound between her teeth again and again, then more bands of the white stuff sealed her mouth closed!  She coughed and gagged on the huge unyielding gag, her panic growing as her uncle continued his assault on her body!  She could not call for help, she could not escape his touch, and she sobbed as she realized she could never escape her prison!

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