595 - Nyssa Nevers - Officer Down

15:51 video

Officer Nevers should have never forgotten one important lesson:  ALWAYS call for backup!  She didn't and now she's paying the price!  Hogtied in steel cuffs, the busty cop is now a prisoner of the very man she hoped to arrest!  Her tight police uniform is quickly opened to expose her massive tits, and she's groped and fondled by the suspect, who mocks her by reading her his own version of the Miranda rights while pawing her restrained body!  She never gives in, remaining defiant and gag talking up a storm as the drool flows from around the fat ball stuffed into her mouth, turning her threats into muffled gurgles.  She puts up a hell of a struggle, but escape from the steel restraints is impossible, and soon she's stripped completely nude and secured in a VERY compromising position, ass up and shackled to a spreader bar, putting her pretty policewoman pussy and asshole on full display for the sick perv who caught her!  She knows she has to escape very soon, but can she free herself before she's subjected to a very deep cavity search of a most unusual, unpleasant and HIGHLY intrusive nature?

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