596 - Izzy and the Spiders

28:08 video

A record breaking heat wave has made things miserable for the residents of Izzy's neighborhood.  Izzy has been so uncomfortable that she spends every waking minute nude.  Unable to leave town for a cooler climate, she is desperate to find the problem with her air conditioning system.  Unfortunately, the problem is a bit beyond her ability to solve:  An army of genetically modified spiders that have escaped from a local laboratory!  Bitten by the largest of the beasts, Izzy stiffens into immobility as the serum quickly pumps it way through her system.  Unable to move, she cannot stop the giant arachnid from slowly climbing up her body, the bristles of its fur making her body break out in gooseflesh and her nipples harden as she mewls in fear.  Deciding she'd make a tasty meal, the spider and his army wrap her from head to toe in a tight white web!  Even the poor girls head is wrapped, leaving her helpless and writhing on the floor, unable to escape!  As she twists and turns, screaming through a packed mouth inside her cocoon, she can't stop them from hanging her up on her stripper pole, a perfect meal for later! 

This was Izzy's first mummified suspension and her first complete wrapping, not too mention her first time dealing with a very real and very personal fear of spiders!  She did great!

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