Punk Ass Bitch by Caitiff

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"Hey Pig! You can't keep me!" Steve Yeager, the thuggish looking youth in the back of Officer Gold's patrol car.

"Shut up" was all Officer Gold said as he continued driving down some back roads into a quiet suburban neighborhood.

Steve, however, continued to cop an attitude. Seventeen and already he knew it all. He was a high school drop out with a record longer then his arm. But as long as his rich Daddy was willing to grease a few palms, talk to a few golfing buddies, this didn't mean much to Steve.

Until Officer Gold saw him, hanging out on a street corner. Steve didn't see Gold. Not at first, But when Steve snatched some fruit from the bag of an old lady carrying her groceries home. All Steve wanted was a little fun to kill time. He was going to give the pleading old bag her fruit back..eventually. But he never had a chance. Before Steve knew he was there, Officer Gold had pushed his face into the sidewalk and pinned Steve's arms behind him so he could be cuffed.

"Here you go, M'am." said Gold , handing her her stolen food.

"Oh thank you officer! It's such a shame that we have to put up with ruffians like thi! They should teach these young men how to show some manners!""

"Yes. Don't worry. I'll take care of it."

That had been ten minutes ago. And during that ten minutes, Steve had been screaming at Gold to let him to, that his father would have his badge, that he was going to file police brutality, ect ect...

Officer Gold was unimpressed.

Finally they arrived. But it wasn't the police station. At least none that Steve had ever seen all the other times he had been arrested. Gold pulled Steve out by one arm and led him to the door of a small house.

"Hey! What the fuck! This isn't the police station! What' going on here!" Steve protested as he was led inside.

Gold's reply was quick and to the point. He tripped Steve, sending him crashing to the ground.

"What the Mmmmpphhh!" Gold's hand tightly clamped over Steve's mouth, cutting off the invectives. The hard, cold look in Officer Gold's eyes kept Steve quiet as much as the hand over his mouth did.

"In case you haven't noticed," Gold explained in a matter of fact way that belied the dangerous look in his eyes," You are cuffed and under my control. No one can hear you, no one knows you are here. I can do anything I want with you and no one will ever know. Do you understand?"

Steve gave a weak nod.

"Good. I'm glad we're on the same page here. But still, I think I'll keep you quiet for a while." Steve soon had a small rubber ball on a strap being forced into his mouth. it was then tightened into place. The foul taste of the ball filled his mouth and Steve thought he was going to be sick.

Gold then sat his prisoner on a chair and soon had out clothesline with which he immobilized Steve. Steve's arms were forced back and his shoulders and elbows were tied uncomfortably together. Then more rope went around his torso, knees and ankle's. Steve gave out a groan as he he vainly tested his bonds.

"Don't be a wussy" Gold said, smacking Steven on the side of the head. Gold then went and turned on TV and began watching.

What the hell was going on? thought Steve. And how was he going to get out? A million scenarios ran through his mind, none of them good. This cop was obviously psycho. For all Steve knew, he was about to be raped and murdered by some serial killer cop! And Gold was right about no one knowing where he was. Steve could expect no help. But maybe, if Steve could get this guy to take the ball gag out his mouth, he could be convinced he was worth more alive then dead! His Dad was filthy rich. He had more money then he knew what to do with, as Steve well knew since he had forged a number of checks with his dad's name on them and the old man never seemed to notice. Steve could buy his way out this with his father's just like he had every other problem he had ever had.

"Mmmm mmmpphh mmm!" Steve grunted. He needed to explain to this guy that Steve could pay any ransom. But the gag made everything he said an unintelligable mumble.

"Don't talk with your mouth full" Gold said, his eyes never leaving the TV as it showed Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"Maa Mmmmhhaa Mmmmnnneeee!" Steve said, trying to enunciate the words 'I have money' as well as he could through the gag. Gold turned to Steve.

"Excuse me?"

"Mmmaaa...Kaaa...Mpeeee...Ooooo....Mmmmphhnnneee!" Steve grunted out as best he could.

"You can pay me money?" Gold asked back, finally getting what Steve was trying to say. Steve vigorously shook his head yes.

Gold turned back to the TV. "You should know money isn't what I want you for."

A cold chill ran down Steve's spine. If this guy didn't want money then there had to be only one thing this guy wanted. Though his dad had always bailed him out, Steve had been in jail long enough to know what young tight ass like his was worth to the cons in jail. Could the cops be any different?

Steve seemed to get his answer when Gold called someone on the phone. Steve strained to hear what was being said.

"Right, I got him....Just like you wanted him......The training should take a little while, like we discussed, then he's all your's to with as you please....Don't worry about it, I can MAKE him cooperative. ... Ok, be here at three and you decide if you still want him or not. Good bye."

Shit! Steve wasn't going to just get raped, he had been sold into some kind of white slavery ring! And now his buyer, probably some rich perverted dude as old as dirt, was going to take him home as his personal sex slave. And there wasn't a damn thing Steve could do about it!

At three, Steve was untied from the chair though he remained cuffed and gagged. Then his pants were stripped doff, leaving him in his boxers.

Steve tried vainly to fight but Gold was much bigger then he was, knew how to restrain someone, and wasn't already cuffed and gagged like his prisoner was. Steve's feet were soon tied and he was let squirming on the floor as Gold went to answer the door.

All sorts of thoughts were racing through Steve's mind. Was this guy going to fuck him right on the floor? Was the cop going to join in too? What if he didn't wan to buy Steve, what would happen to him? Would they at least use lube?

Then the man at the door came into the room and like Steve expected, it was an old guy. What Steve didn't expect was that the old guy was Steve's DAD!?

"Mmmmpphhh!!" Mmmm-mmmm!" Steve exclaimed though his gag. Was he going to be ransomed after all?

"Hello son," Steve's father said with a sigh. And Steve suddenly noticed that his dad wasn't too quick to untie his bound son or that the cop didn't seem particularly mindful of having his hostage's father running around his house. Gold had gone back to watching TV. Enterprise was on. What was going on?

"I'm sorry but this is for your own good." Steve's father continued, "I can't let you go to prison but I can't keep cleaning up your messes anymore either. This officer says he can teach you some manners. Hopefully, you'll be free in time for your eighteenth birthday when your records get sealed. A clean slate...wouldn't that be nice?"

What the fuck! His own dad had had him kidnapped? And he would be let go when he turned 18? That was six months from now! And being bound and gagged all that time, held prisoner by some. psycho cop?! Steve would have preferred to be sold as a sex slave.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Steve moaned but his dad wasn't listening. Steve was soon alone with Officer Gold.


"I think we'll try a hog tie. That should settle you down enough for me to finish watching Roswell."


Six months later, it took almost the entire time, but Steve did eventually reform. He even got used to the taste of the ball gag in his mouth.


The End

Steve played by Philip

Photography by Caitiff


Date of Production: 02/23/2002

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