OSB0300-Christy Cutie-Taped up and gagged, I'll have you begging me to do you!

11:22 video

A man walks into Chrisy's place and see that she is not happy. When he asks her why, she explains that she and her boyfriend have broken up. She goes on to tell the man that she will never go out with a man again in her life. But the man knows Christy well, and knows she loves being with men. He tells her that she is wrong and she will soon find someone new. When she insists to him that she wants nothing to do with men, the man tells her that he can prove to her that she will. He tells her in fact, that he can make her beg for a man in a matter of minutes. Christy tells him no way and the two make a bet. A short time later, the man has Christy taped up tight and she asks him, "How will this make me want a man!" The man assures her that she will be begging him so loud that he needs to gag her. So with Christy protesting, he stuffs and tapes her mouth to gag her. Christy struggles bound and gagged. "I am a little turned on by this, but I don't see how this will change my mind!" she thinks to herself. But then the man returns and in his hand is a Hitachi vibrating wand. He turns it on and applies it between her legs. Christy tries to beg him to stop. But those begs turn to "Please Don't Stop!". Soon she is begging for him to turn up the speed and all of a sudden, she has the first of many bound orgasms. In the end, the man asks her if she wants a man. Through the gag, Christy tell him "Yes" and if she could, she would tell him that right now any man including him would work.

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