OSB0305-Vicious Vamp-Help Mom! Some man has me tied up and gagged!

14:19 video

Michelle(Vicious Vamp) is suppose to be giving her mother a ride to court for a big case she is going to testify on. But some man has grabbed and taken her to an abandoned basement. He makes her sit on a chair where he ties her up with rope. Michelle demands to be let go so she can take her mother to court. "Your Mom isn't going to court!" the man tells her as he wads up a pair of panties and stuffs them in her mouth. He then wraps tape around her face and over her mouth. Now tightly gagged, Michelle sees the man take out a cell phone to make a call. It doesn't take very long to figure out he is calling her mother. The man then puts the phone to Michelle's ear and she can her her mother's voice. "Hhhummmpght mmmphh" she screams into the phone trying to tell her mother to help her because this man has her bound and gagged. The man then takes the phone away and explains to Mom why she should not go to court to today. After he hangs up, the man wants to make sure Michelle's mother knows how serious he is about this. He puts her on her knees and pulls her skirt of. He then pulls her blouse open and her bra down to expose a huge pair of tits. Then with Michelle kneeling there in just her pantyhose and panties, the man uses her cell phone to take a few pictures that he sends to her mother. Michelle is then left on the cold basement floor wrapped in hundreds of feet of rope. She bounces her big boobs around as she struggles tied up and gagged. This goes on for some time until the man returns to give her the good news that Mom stayed away from court. But before he unties her, he puts her face down on the floor. He explains that he is going to give her a little sample of what will be happening next time if mom changes her mind.

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