OSB2102-Tie me up, gag me and hood me with panties! You wouldn't dare!

17:12 video

Chrissy Marie

He caught the neighbor girl Chrissy snooping in his garage again.   This time Chrissy found his rope and leather restraints hanging on the wall. He warned her the last time he caught that he would do something about it. "What are you going to do, tie me up!" She said in a challenging tone.  "Maybe I will!" The man replied.  "You wouldn't dare!" Chrissy told him. So the man grabbed Chrissy and started tying her up. "Stop!" she told him. "I was only kidding!".  Then she threatened to scream for help.  So, the man tied a knotted rag between her teeth to gag her.  Using more rope, the man tied Chrissy up very tight.  He even tied her elbows and pulled them up into a "Chicken Wing" position.  He also wasn't satisfied Chrissy was quiet enough. So he stuffed her mouth with panties and cleave gagged her. Chrissy struggled bound painfully tight and gagged.  Things couldn't get any worse.  So she thought. Because the man removed her skirt and hogtied her.  He also tied a very tight crotch rope up between her legs.  Then finally, to humiliate her, the man covered Chrissy's head and face with a pair of panties. 

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