SVBC2102-Curvy MILF found mouth stuffed and taped in her girdle

10:16 video

Model T as Tania

720 X 480 Mini DV Video

Tania AKA Model T was a model I worked with only one time.  She was everything I love in a bondage model. She was a little bit thick and curvy, she loved girdles and she was mature.  Unfortunately, she and I were never able to get together again.  Although we both tried. She especially looked good in a panty girdle.

While on vacation, Tania's family went downstairs to the pool. She told them that she would join them shortly after she changed. But as she was undressing, she heard someone come in. She thought it was her family returning early. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't. The video begins with Tania tied up on the floor. "You better let me go! My husband will be back any second!" she tells the man. But before she can say anything else, he roughly stuffs and tapes a pair of her panties in her mouth to gag her. With step-mom now bound, gagged and out of the way, the man goes about taking all of her valuables. Tania struggles to get loose and rolls around on the floor. She knows that her husband will not be back for some time. She tries to cry out through the gag, but it is hopeless because no one will hear her muffled cries. Tania knows that when she is found, it will be very humiliating to be found like this, all tied up in her bullet bra and panty girdle. But things will get worse when the bra is pulled down to expose her big boobs.

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