SVBC2102-I'll do Anything! Please don't tell my husband!

10:15 video

Savannah Costello


720 X 480 Mini DV Video


Much to everyone's surprise, school let out early today. So when they got home and caught Savannah their step mom kissing another man while dressed in her underwear, she had a lot explaining to do.

The video begins with Savannah now dressed again. She tries to explain what happened, but they don't want to hear any of it. "Please don't tell on me! I will do anything!" she tells them. When they confirm that she really means "Anything". They come up with an idea. The scene moves to a bed room and as the closet door opens, there is Savannah all tied up with rope. She pleads with them to let her go. Telling them that she had suffered enough already being left tied up in the dark for so long. But they are not finished with her and when she starts to complain, they stuff and tie a gag in her mouth. When she is left to struggle bound and gagged in the room, Savannah pleads with them through the gag to come back and let her go. But her pleas go unheard. Little by little as Savannah rolls around on the floor, trying to get loose, her skirt starts to ride up her hips and her suit jacket buttons start to pop loose. Soon she finds herself in a very embarrassing situation with her bra and girdle now completely exposed. She cannot let her husband find her this way. Helpless and at their mercy, she can only hope they come back to untie her before he comes home.

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