OSB2102-Spending the weekend bound and gagged with her boss

11:12 video

Hannah Perez

Hannah has to spend the weekend with her boss working on an important project. The boss tells her that he is going to get them luch and tells her while he is gone, to give the project a whole lot of thought. As soon as the boss is gone, Hannah says to herself, "I know how I really want to spend the weekend alone with my boss!" as she closes her eyes and smiles with lust. The scene then shifts to Hannah bent over the couch. Her boss is behind her tying her hands behind her back. Hannah moans with pleasure as she tells the boss just how turned on she gets when she is tied up. Little by little, the boss winds more and more rope around Hannah until her has her all tied up Then to quiet her loud moans, he stuffs her mouth with panties he took from another secretary. After tying a cleave gag between her teeth, the boss leaves Hannah to squirm on the ground bound and gagged. After a while, Hannah notices that her skirt has risen to give the boss a view of her lacey white panties. Hannah hopes this will encourage the boss to take this game up to another naughty level. It works as the boss puts her on her knees and pulls her blouse open. A short time later, Hannah is back on the couch and she is getting herself really worked up. Through the gag she is begging the boss to tie her tighter and do naughty things to her. All of a sudden, Hannah hears her name being called. This happens several times until she opens her eyes and sees her boss standing over her wondering what is going on. Hannah finds that she is not tied up. She has her hand up her skirt and inside her blouse. She then realizes that her daydream has gotten a little out of hand and her boss has caught in an embarrassing moment.

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