SVBC2103-Tie me up, gag me and rob the place! Make sure you make it look real!

10:15 video

Natalie Minx


720 X 480 Mini DV Video


I added a few captions to this video. I may do this more in the future to give the scenes a more knotty feeling

Natalie Minx had to drive her boss home. After putting the rich lady lawyer to bed, Natalie finds a box with lots of money. Knowing she just cannot take it without anyone noticing, she calls someone to help her stage a fake robbery. About an hour later, a man shows up. Natalie shows him the money and then instructs him to tie her up. She tells him that he needs to gag her and to make it look realistic. She reminds the man that he has to make it look very realist. Including doing what a robber might do to a hot and sexy captive such as herself.  Before she can say anything else, he stuffs a pair of panties in Natalie's mouth to gag her. Not happy the man is doing what needs to be done to her fast enough, Natalie tries to protest as he covers her mouth with tape. The man leaves Natalie bound and gagged on the chair for a while as he takes the box full of money. And thinking what is going to happen to her in a just a while, Natalie is very turned on. Later he returns and reminds Natalie that she wanted him to make this look realistic. He pulls her bra down and then lifts her out of the chair. He puts her on her knees and bends her over the chair. As he pulls her panty girdle down and unbuckles his pants.. Natalie's eyes get big as she feels him and she moans loud.  With her loud moans and the chair banging on the floor, the neighbors are sure to hear.  Later, they will tells the authorities that heard everything that happened to "poor" Natalie.

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