OSB2103-What have you got me into! He has me tied up and gagged!

15:19 video

Star Nine

Some guy owes him money.  When he calls to ask if he has the money, the man tells him it will take five more days to get it.  He tells the guy that it is going to be a long five without having sex with his wife.  The man who owes him money is confused by this remark and asks for the man to clarify.  So he lets the man know he has Star him wife with him, and she is tied up and gagged.  He says she will be staying until he gets his money.  He then points of that Star cannot talk because she is gagged with the panties that she was wearing.  He goes on the say that although he will not be having sex with his wife for five days, that does not mean Star will not be having sex. Especially since he has her tied up without her panties on. This makes it very easy to just bend her over and stick it in her. After a while the man has Star tied and gagged more secure.  He then gets a call from the guy who owes him money.  He tells the man that he can get his money, but needs a ride to go get it.  So the man holding Star tell him that he will take him to get the money. But tells him that Star will staying at his place hogtied and gagged on his sofa.  Some time later, the man returns and has most of his money.  He starts to untie Star's legs and tells her that since her husband could not get all of the money, the husband told him that he could have his way with Star as payment for the remaining money.  Star doesn't seem too thrilled with this idea, but what can she do or say, she is still bound and gagged.

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