Sadie Holmes vs Saharra Huxley

10:52 video

Don't Cross Saharra! (CAGE FEMALE DOMINATION; SPANKS; KOS) Sadie Holmes learns the hard way that it's better to not mess with the muscled Saharra Huxley in “Don't Cross Saharra”, being beaten basically to within an inch of her life in the cage and getting knocked by the end of things! One would suspect Sadie will be a bit more careful in choosing who to pick fights with following this! Prior to being destroyed, Sadie is very pissed! She really doesn't even want to be in the cage with Saharra, someone who she believes is a man and who should be wrestling with men! But unfortunately she's stuck with her, and as Sadie quickly finds out, she is ALL woman! Even so though, Sadie is still creeped out by her and wants nothing to do with Saharra whatsoever! Too bad for her that she doesn't have a choice however! She's about to get the ass whooping of a lifetime whether she likes it or not! Sadie's beating begins swiftly, with Saharra grabbing her in a brutal front facelock when Sadie stupidly runs at her, and following that up with a takedown to the mat where she splashes her sculpted body down on her several times over! Sadie makes an attempt to get her in a rear naked **** when this stops, but it really has no effect on Saharra at all! Once she gets Sadie down on her back, it's all over with her weight completely **** her and negating any good she was doing (which really wasn't much)! This is a total mismatch to Saharra! In her eyes, if anyone doesn't belong in that cage, it's Sadie! She's just not big enough to be competitive! Sadie still tries to show she can put up a fight though to Saharra's amusement, trying a bodyscissor on her which is actually encouraged. This of course doesn't go well for her either, as Saharra ends up sitting right on Sadie's face before very long, and spanks her some as well for good measure! Sadie is shellshocked at this point, not believing what is happening! She doesn't have much time to reflect though, before Saharra strikes her with a punch to her pussy, sending her back to the mat clutching herself in a heap! A couple stomps to the mid-section follow it, putting her in even more pain! Things are getting progressively worse for Sadie, and Saharra really hasn't even gotten warmed up yet! A second attempt to bum rush Saharra goes just as badly as the first try did, with Sadie ending up being caught in a bodyscissors from Saharra this time around, and being whipped back and forth in them in the alligator like a rag doll to boot! And that isn't all either, as a full nelson is put on immediately after, making Sadie let out an ear piercing Yelp! She is hurting BAD! At this point she's taken enough of a beating for her liking! She's suffered more than enough at the hands of someone who should be wrestling with the men anyway! Sadly though, Saharra doesn't share the same sentiment! And to illustrate that disagreement, she grabs her by the throat, shoves her up against the cage and unleashes repeated knees into the body! Then to really drive things home, Saharra whips Sadie into the opposite side of the cage, sends punches into her stomach over there and several more knees! And then finally after that to top it all off, she mauls at her tits in her bikini top just to be extra vicious! If they were in a ring, Sadie would be being beaten from pillar to post about now! As Sadie shrieks in pain and distress following all that she just endured there, Saharra squeezes the hell out of her fingers in a lock up to further add to the smaller girl's agony. Why Sadie thought it was a good idea to lock up after being beaten so badly already is anyone's guess, but she did and she paid severely for doing so! Next on Saharra's agenda after that is some ****, wanting to show Sadie how it's REALLY done! She applies a brief rear naked, and then transitions out of that to a dragon sleeper as Sadie feebly attempts to protest. Saharra makes the sleeper worse too, smacking Sadie in the stomach as she holds her! Incredibly though, Sadie manages to escape this predicament, and tries to go on the offensive again with an attempt at a reverse headscissor. As clever as she thinks she is in getting her legs around the “dirty old man's” legs however, Saharra can only laugh at her, barely registering anything she is doing yet again! In fact, she not only doesn't sell any pain, she actually starts dragging Sadie around the cage on her back while the scissors are on her! This leads to Sadie being unceremoniously slammed against one of the cage walls, Coercing her off Saharra! If that isn't demoralizing for Sadie, being led around the cage that way and Coerced off her in the midst of her best try to get into the fight thus far, I'm not sure what is! Having reestablished dominance (as if there was any doubt she still had control!), Saharra goes right back on the attack, dragging Sadie to the center of the cage and applying a Boston Crab on her. After she's felt she suffered enough in that, she then stomps Sadie in the back a couple of times, and orders her to stay down when she tries to get up. As Sadie lays there on the mat pathetically, Saharra grabs her by the arms and sits on her back almost as if she was gonna put her in a Camel Clutch. Sadie in another act of defiance, tells Saharra she's not gonna let her get anymore moves on her, but in reality there isn't anything she can do to stop her and they both know it! Proving as much, Saharra wraps her legs around her stomach in another bodyscissor, Sadie made to Yelp out in pain once again. Then, as she did when she put bodyscissors on Sadie much earlier on, she whips her to and fro in the alligator and applies a full nelson afterward. And when she does let her free from her clutches, it's body splash time again! Saharra brings her powerful body down on Sadie's stomach several times in succession, Sadie pleading for her torment to cease! Fat chance of that happening though, Saharra isn't satisfied enough yet! Pretty much just toying with her prey by now, like a cat would play with a mouse before it, Saharra pulls her leg close to Sadie's neck and grabs her head to try and **** her, before really **** her moments later with her boot whilst Coercing her to admit she's not a man! She could put her out right there and then if she so chose, but she isn't ready to quite yet! Picking her all but carcass off the mat, Saharra whips Sadie into both sides of the cage like a rubber ball, and delivers standing clotheslines on her as well relishing hurting her in such a way. As she has been for quite some time now, Sadie begs off as this is going on, but Saharra wasn't listening before so why would she now? She'll end this only when SHE'S ready to, and not a moment before! Grabbing her in a reverse bearhug after the cage fun, Saharra's Torment of Sadie rolls on! Sadie exclaims here that she is gonna **** on Saharra, which as expected doesn't phase Saharra one bit! Nothing is gonna get in the way of her beatdown, not even ****! And to make that point abundantly clear, she begins to grind her foot right against Sadie's crotch as she Sadie lays on the mat! She could care less about anything except hurting her! Once she is done punishing her pussy, Saharra goes back to a facesit, demanding Sadie apologize for all her smack talk. Of course....when one can't breathe due to an amazon's ass on their face...that is problematic, something even Saharra realizes! Thus, she lets her up for air so she may say she's sorry properly. This doesn't exactly occur how she'd want it to however, and so Saharra is Coerced to dish out a bit more pain, sitting on her back and putting her in a brief Camel Clutch, before opting to just chop her in the throat a few times in lieu of using it. Sadie is barely conscious now! Her suffering is almost finished it would seem....almost! Saharra makes the woozy and aching Sadie go “surfing” in a standing surfboard, and then comes the coup de gracie! She allows Sadie one final burst of offense if she can muster anything before finishing her off, and when she does run at her, Saharra snatches her right up, rams her back first into the cage one more time, pins her there, and grabs her by the throat, finally knocking her out and putting her out of her misery by doing so. Saharra stands over her KO'd victim with her foot on her stomach for a brief moment, and then she leaves her there like yesterday's garbage. Sadie will have one hell of a lesson to reflect on when she comes to! There's no way she'll be disrespecting Saharra again after being beat this badly! If you enjoy watching Saharra take people apart in what is really “her” cage....then this is a video you will LOVE! She's at her sadistic best here as she rips Sadie to pieces! This may be her most vicious and dominant performance at WMW to date! You won't wanna miss this if you're a fan of hers! 

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