Scorpion vs. Evonn

12:23 video


It's a “Country Clash” in the form of Britain vs. the US in this matchup, as London based Scorpion comes stateside to challenge the Texan Evonn in a bikini cage match! Scorpion has of course been here before, and been around the mats for many many years previous to filming with us, while for Evonn this is her first visit to WMW. The experience difference between the two ends up playing a big role in the outcome, as Scorpion overpowers the rookie after a while, as though she Evonn is feisty, that can't mask her inexperience.

That's not to say Evonn is completely dominated exactly, as she does hold her own in the early part of the bout, trading body and headscissors and breast smothers with the UK wrestler, and also managing to get her into a rear naked ****.

But, holds like standing and side surfboards, a boston crab, a camel clutch, a chinlock, an arm stretch, a full nelson done while simultaneously stretching her legs apart, and a reverse bear hug from the veteran Scorpion take their toll on Evonn, as does stomach clawing, hard elbows into her body, hairpulling, slams against the cage, and schoolgirl and grapevine pins.

It all just becomes too much for Evonn to handle in the end, and clearly outclassed, she is Coerced to begrudgingly accept defeat against Scorpion. Wasn't for lack of trying, but the difference in ability was simply too big a hurdle for her to overcome here. Perhaps in the future, a match between these two will be closer, but on this day, Scorpion was unequivocally the better woman.

It's always good to have the talented and strong willed Scorpion back with us, and she breaks in some fresh Red Life Juice in Evonn as only she can do in this one. We hope to have both back again very soon, so watch for more from both of these ladies!

(PS: Watch out for nipple slips from both ladies during the contest, as their bikini tops struggle to hold their tits inside on multiple occasions!)

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