Madison Swan vs Jennifer Thomas

8:46 video


Coming off a brutal loss against Jezabel Romo in her last video “Madison’s Harsh Wake Up Call”, Madison Swan tries her luck against another experienced ring veteran, that being the powerful and buff Jennifer Thomas. Madison feels she can make amends for her humiliating loss against Jezabel previously, but Jennifer has other plans for her! However....even though she beats Madison soundly in the actual match.....she gets a KO surprise she could never have anticipated after it’s over!

As the ladies lock up in bikinis, Jennifer takes full control at the outset of the content, flexing her muscles by getting Madison in a tight Side Headlock and taking her down to the mat. Madison tries and tries to escape her grip, but to her dismay she finds she cannot. Jennifer does let go after a little bit of struggling that said, but she quickly transitions to a Front Facelock out of that, maintaining her control. Madison is going nowhere fast!

Making matters worse, Jennifer pushes Madison onto her back and locks in a Grapevine Pin on her to go along with her choking soon after that, flustering the poor rookie that much more! It’s so much so, that her tits actually escape her bikini top a bit at this moment, as all she can think about is finding her way out of Jennifer’s grasp!

But it’s not happening! It’s only becoming more uncomfortable really, especially when Jennifer puts her in a Camel Clutch! She’s having a grand old time punishing Madison! And the fun keeps going, because after the camel clutch, she applies a vicious Arm and Shoulder Stretch on her! Madison is screaming in immense pain from this hold, and when her hair gets pulled back too just for good measure, even moreso! This isn’t the make good that Madison was hoping for so far!

When she actually is let back on her feet, Jennifer presses her advantage on her, going into a Hammerlock immediately, trying to hurt her already sore arm even further. She tires of the hold based offense at this point however, opting to shove her into the corner instead so she can stomp at her hapless opponent instead. She doesn’t settle for only that though! She also drives a Headbutt into her stomach, and using her momentum from that move, picks her up over her shoulder and rams her violently back first into the corner again. A couple of Back Elbows to her chest follow that, Madison barely even on her feet on her own, and then Jennifer goes for her throat!

She first merely chops at it, but then she goes for the more sadistic Foot Choke, making her sputter for air in a panic! Madison is pretty much Jennifer’s toy here! She can do anything she wants to her, and there’s nothing she can do to stop her!

Finished with her corner attacks, Jennifer brings the action back to the center of the ring with a Snapmare Takeover, and once there.....returns to the stretching she was doing previously, this time choosing to put her in a Surfboard! Madison is pretty much BEGGING for this torment to stop, her body aching all over! But it’s not finished just yet unfortunately....not before Jennifer chokes her head a little more anyway!

She first wrenches at her head with a Rear Chinlock, and then starts to squeeze her like a grape with a Standing Headscissor! She makes the scissorhold more brutal as well, slamming her face into the mat several times once she has it locked in! Madison is down for the count after all that!

Well she ALMOST is! We say that because incredibly, a dazed and confused Madison kicks out of Jennifer’s pin attempt that comes after the scissor punishment. That’s ok though by Jen! Just means she has to beat her up a little more! And this she does, hitting her with repeated Knee Drops and Belly Punches! Then, just to make absolutely sure she’s finished, she picks her up and gives her a big Body Slam!

Said slam is enough to score the final 3, BUT the match does not end here! As Jennifer gets the pinfall on her and lingers over the beaten Madison, using her last bit of strength, she manages to get her legs around Jennifer’s head for her own Headscissor, stunning her victorious foe! It’s payback time for Jennifer, and just as the saying goes, it’s a bitch!

Jennifer tries DESPERATELY to escape this, but a pissed off Madison is determined to take her down! She isn’t going to let go for anything! This is her moment to shine now, and she’ll be damned if Jennifer is gonna do anything to get in the way of that!

Eventually, Jennifer stops struggling and goes out between her legs. This makes her easy to pin herself, and once Madison takes advantage of that, things end there with the sides effectively squared at one fall each. Jennifer mighta won the battle.....but Madison made damn sure she didn’t win the war! There might have to be another matchup down the line between these two to fully determine who the better woman is! But until then, if nothing else Jennifer knows she can’t get too cocky around someone like Madison, cause it can bite her in the ass and leave her 

Little different twist on the normal domination match with the surprise ending. Just when you think it’s over, it’s actually not! We hope you enjoy it, and look out for more from these two women, because their rivalry is surely far from over!

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