2246. Making You Fall Off the Diet Wagon - A POV Weight Gain Encouragement

12:22 video

This gaining weight scene features BHM, eating, weight gain encouragement, WGE, feederism, and POV (starring Sydney Screams). Sydney is dressed in matching bra and panties, and she is starving! She noticed you’ve been acting differently lately, eating healthier and going to the gym. What's up with that? Sydney likes to eat junk food and prefers you participate. You are staring at Sydney eating her fries on her hotel bed, and you look jealous.

You've been complaining that you don't get to eat any of your favorite foods anymore. You could indulge like Sydney, but you've been denying yourself pleasure. You need to stop denying yourself! You shouldn't have to be envious while Sydney eats fries. You could have some. Fall off your diet and leave it in the past. Your happiness is more important than prioritizing being thin. Go back to the old days. Sydney misses when you all went on dates and ordered an abundance of food. She misses watching your happy dance when you eat your favorite meal.

You have been losing weight, and it's pointless. Why starve yourself to be skinny when you could be a big handsome man? Eat more fried foods. Pig out on ice cream. It's time that you fall off the diet wagon. Eat some fries. Sydney has more room service coming. The days of making excuses to go on dates with her are over. Saying you don't want to go out because you don't want to eat junk food is never happening again. Sydney can tell you're miserable trying to be thin. The only thing that will truly make you happy again is to gain. Get back on your weight-gaining journey for Sydney; both of you will be happier that way!

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