2268. Gaining for Goth Girlfriend

7:40 video

This gaining weight scene features BHM, WGE, eating encouragement, feederism, and femdom POV (starring Sydney Screams). Your goth girlfriend, Sydney, loves you very dearly. She thinks you are a great guy, but there is one problem: your obsession with what other people think has gotten out of control! Like her, you used to be a cool goth; you didn't care what others thought about you. But now she hardly even recognizes you. You're obsessed with eating healthy and going to the gym. You are not as fun anymore.

Sydney wants things to go back to how they used to be. If you want to keep her as your lover, you must start gaining weight again. No more dieting and going to the gym compulsively. She needs you to be better. Gym bros and diet-obsessed men do not impress her. You all used to have so much fun together, and it's been ruined by your new obsession with being thin. She is tired of it. Sydney wants a nice, plump man with something to grab onto. Pig out on your favorite food and stop working out! Stop talking about carbs and calories; talk about your favorite savory meal. Fatten up before you lose your hot, goth girlfriend.

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Categories: BHM, Feeder/Feedee, Gaining Weight, GFE, Goth GIrl, SSBHM, Weight Gain Encouragement, WGE, Obesity Encouragement, Fattening, Feederism, Eating Encouragement

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