"The Bondage Escort!"

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   I was getting ready for work one morning, just finishing buttoning up my blouse, when a hand suddenly covered my mouth. It was the last thing I saw for several hours. I was XXXX, tied up, fully tape gagged, blindfolded, loaded on to an industrial hand cart and secured to the hand cart with some sort of packing tape. I must have been taken out to some sort of truck, placed in the truck, and transported to an abandoned, vacant house. That's when I came to and realized the complexity and danger of my predicament. I was removed from the truck, wheeled into the house and placed in the center of a large room. My captors then began to inform me that I was going to be making them a lot of money by being rented out as a bondage escort.......PERMANENTLY!...... Permanent captivity? Bondage Escort? Are you kidding me? My fate was in the hands of my captors and I knew there was no way out of this one! This is the picture that was taken to advertise the plight and fate of " The Bondage Escort!"

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