"The Basement Captive!"

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Joyce Alexander has been putting in long hours trying to meet an important deadline at her office job.She needs a break from all the stress and decides that a night out on the town is in tall order. She slips into a pair of black pantyhose and pairs that with a black silk blouse and a black sequined mini skirt. To complete her outfit, she picks a pair of black 5" open-toed, platform high heels.She is on her way out the door, when she hears a noise in the basement. She heads down into her basement to make sure everything is OK. Suddenly, out of nowhere, A leather gloved hand is being tightly held over Ms. Alexander's mouth. She is told to not resist and is promptly bound with rope and gagged with duct tape. She is then led to a table in the middle of the room and her ankles are attached to one of the legs of the table with more rope. The man informs Joyce that he has been planning this for weeks and intends to hold her captive for his pleasure over the course of the entire next week.He tells her that he couldn't resist doing this to her and fully intends to carry out his plans to their fullest extent.He even took this photo to blackmail her in the future, if necessary, to keep her quiet! Despite her protests and struggling,  Joyce Alexander is now all his, whether she likes it or not. Joyce Alexander is "The Basement Captive!"

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