"An Evening Spent In Bondage"

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     I was excited to be going out to a club with some friends for a Saturday night adventure. I felt that a black silk top, a black lace bodystocking, and red shoes  with a silver stiletto heel, were very appropriate wear for the evening. I liked the outfit, felt good about how I looked, and was ready for some fun! I was just about ready to leave when my roommate Caroline, appeared out of her bedroom. She asked me why I was dressed like that and where was I going? I told her it was none of her business, and turned to leave. "You're not going anywhere, you rude little bitch! I have some rope and duct tape I want to put to good use." Caroline quickly pulled my arms behind my back and shoved me into a room that is totally unfinished. My hands were bound behind my back and I was led to an empty,small square room, that was to become a closet eventually. She pushed me onto a stool and immediately sealed my protests by placing duct tape over my mouth. Caroline next tied my legs together at both my ankles and knees, and stepped back and admired her prisoner. "This is where you are going to be for the evening. Maybe you won't be so rude to me from now on!" "And just to make sure you behave from now on"..........Out came her camera, and snapshots started. She took 15 or 20 . She put the camera down, re-tied my arms and hands in front of me, and began to take more photos. She smiled at me, laughed in her usual diabolical manner and left the room. This was to become "An Evening Spent In Bondage"

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