Your Training by Sammy

22 photos; 6:18 video

Gabriel had no idea what was going on.

All he could remember was his favorite dive bar "The Locker Room." He always went there to unwind after work. He knew everyone that worked there and often got more than a few free drinks.

The last round of drinks was entirely on the house and he remembered the alcohol hitting a lot harder than it normally did. After that he couldn't remember anything until he woke up here. He did not even know where here was.

As he looked around through eyes still fuzzy from alcohol, he realized he was in a run down one bedroom apartment. The paint was chipped and peeling and the place smelled musty. A muddy window on the wall gave only fleeting glances of passing cars as they zipped by some sort of alley.

At first he though the room was incredibly chilly but the goosebumps on his skin made him realize he was actually naked. He was lying on some worn spring mattress that was thrown haphazardly into a corner covered with a ratty blue sheet that was stained with what he prayed was sweat. From the smells assailing his nose it was apparent his prayers went unanswered.

He tried to get up put his movements were awkward and unbalanced. His first thought was the alcohol, but it rapidly became apparent that the actual culprit was the lengths of black rope cutting into his wrists and ankles.

Finally through the his alcohol addled mind realization began to set in he was trapped. One drink to many and he was bound and gagged and carted off to this shit stain of an apartment.

As panic slowly set in he began to struggle furiously and futilely against the rope. He couldn't even XXXX out the vicious plug gag shoved in his mouth. Eventually he exhausted himself in his futile attempts to free himself and collapsed on the filthy bed sweating and exhausted.

That was when a short unassuming man walked into the room through the only door. He was an impossibly average dark-skinned man with no other discerning features.

"Ah, good your awake. Now the process can begin", exclaimed the dark skinned man.

"MMMmmmPPPpppHHHhhh!" groaned Gabriel through his gag.

"What process you ask?" responded the dark skinned man.

"Why the training process, You will have to be properly trained and taught how to obey. I am afraid clients are not at all interested in a disobedient plaything."

Gabriel's eyes grew wide as the man approached him.

"This training can be as pleasurable as you wish or as painful as you need. Your choice. Obedience is rewarded, anything else is punished."

The End


Gabriel played by: Tristan

Photography by Caitiff

Date of Production:08/25/2012

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