The Texan by Fidelis

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"You get that cute cowboy ass of yours moving. We don’t have all day. Come on, move it!"


"Stop your whining and move. Yeah, this is far enough. It’s nice and private, isn’t it, cowboy? Just the two of us. Together at last."

The cowboy stud’s moaning and groaning was starting to irritate. He liked to strut around and preen, pretending that he was a big macho man, but I knew better now. It had only taken me a couple of minutes to wrestle him to the ground, strip him of his jacket and shirt and rope him like a heifer going to market. A couple of punches to the gut had left him sniveling like a baby robbed of its candy. I had torn off his bandanna and stuffed it between his teeth. It looked a lot better there than around his neck, though it didn’t cut off all of his bitching. I spun him around and slammed him into the wall.


"Down on your knees, big boy. It’s about time you found out who is in charge here."

I dug my fingers into his muscular shoulders, enjoying listening to him whine as I slowly XXXX him down to his knees, pushing his face against the wall as I did so. I was enjoying humiliating this braggart. He thought that he was such hot stuff, a big old super stud. He was hot, I had to admit that, but he really needed to be brought down a few pegs, and I had decided that I was going to be the one doing. I was sick and tired of him flaunting his incredibly sexy body around, as if he was God’s gift to the world. Once I was finished with him, he wasn’t going to be quite so cocky.

"Look at me, big boy. I want to see that pretty face of yours."

He resisted, struggling against me as I slowly turned him around, no easy task since he was still on his knees. I got a kick seeing him straining his prodigious muscles, fighting against me and at the same time trying to get loose from the ropes that I had wound around his handsome body. I chuckled, thinking how between his thighs must be pulling against his cock and balls. I was here for a good time – I didn’t give a hoot whether or not he enjoyed himself.

Once I had him turned so that he was facing me, I grabbed his head and pushed his face into my swollen crotch. It wouldn’t hurt to give him a preview of what he was going to experience. Shit, the fucker had but butted me in the crotch with his head. He was going to regret that. I put a foot in his chest and sent him sprawling. I licked my lips, trying not to drool as I looked at my cowboy prize. Man, but those boots of his looked so sexy on him. I had plans for those boots, but that would later. First things first. It was time for some psychological breaking down. As I told him some of the things that I had in store for him, his eyes widened. He started cursing through his bandanna gag, and began against the ropes even more frantically. I congratulated myself on using that coarse brown rope to immobilize his bulging biceps. I imagined that it was might uncomfortable, chafing his skin and digging into his muscles as he flexed them. Geez, this guy was an idiot. Did he really think that he could break those ropes? He was a really hot number, but this just confirmed the fact that he didn’t have much going on upstairs.

"Can’t get free, can you, big boy? The big butch cowboy is all roped up and helpless, isn’t he? Ah, poor baby. Don’t cry."


"I’m a wuss, am I? Gee, I’m not the one lying there, am I? What do you have to say to that? It seems like you aren’t quite the macho stud that you thought you were."

My taunting was getting to him, I could see that. With a muffled roar he struggled to his feet, wincing in pain as the ropes between his thighs pulled tight. The idiot tried to charge me. I laughed as I stepped out of his way, sticking out one of my feet. I tripped him, and he went down with a crash. I pounced on him, with another length of rope in my hands, thick coarse yellow rope. I pinned him between my knees as I wrapped that rope around his legs, from mid-thigh all the way down to his ankles. I got hard as rock as I finished the job, tying his ankles, pulling tight on the rope so that I could see into dig into his boots. Oh shit, yeah, he was going to have a completely different view of his boots once I was done with him. This cowboy and his boots were going to have an intimate relationship. But that would be later….

"OK, how about I make a deal with you? If you can get yourself loose, in say….30 minutes, I’ll let you go free. If you can’t – your ass is mine."

I sat down and prepared to watch the entertainment. I was stroking and rubbing myself through my jeans as I watched the big braggart rolling around on the floor, grunting and groaning as he fought to free himself. The dummy had finally realized that he had a better chance of escaping if he managed to undo some of the knots, and it was a joy to see him trying to get his fingers around the ropes. I could see that his hands were already starting to turn red – his fingers must be getting stiff and a little swollen by now. I knew that he didn’t have a chance in hell of untying himself, but being able to watch him struggle like this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up."

"OK, stud, your 30 minutes is up, but I’ll give you one more chance. I’ll give you another 30 minutes, but this time you’ll have a little additional rope to work with. I think that’s a fair deal, don’t you?"

He grunted in pain as I wrapped rope around his booted ankles and dragging his feet up, tying them to the rope around his chest. His body was arched; every muscle in his body must have been pulling and burning by now. I could barely control myself as I sat down to watch the second round. He puffed and panted as he tried to get loose, but now that he was even further immobilized there little that he could do. He yelled into his gag, frantic with frustration as he realized how hopeless his predicament was. I kept on calling out the time, letting him as each minute passed.

"OK, asshole. Your time is up and your ass is grass. Time for me to be the bull and you to be the heifer."

I removed the hog-tie and then untied his legs. I had to swallow my saliva as I looked down at that tight jeans-clad ass, which was just waiting for me. We were going to have a swell time.



The Texan played by Travis

Photography by Caitiff



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