"The Captured Secretary" Photo Set

23 photos

               Starring Joyce Alexander as Secretary Joyce Gordon

     Joyce Gordon had only been working at B & G Distributions for a few months. She was busily cleaning and organizing her boss's desk so that she would be ready for the day, as any good secretary should. While picking up a stack of papers, one document fell to the floor. Joyce picked up the document and inadvertently began to read it's contents. She was shocked to realize that her boss was swindling the company for money by overcharging customers and pocketing the difference. As she turned to put the document in it's proper place, a hand covered her mouth tightly and she was pulled into the boss's private elevator. On the way down to the parking garage, her hands were tied behind her and her mouth was heavily duct taped.. She knew she was in trouble as her boss had witnessed her reading the document she should have never seen. Miss Gordon was whisked into the parking garage and thrown into the back of a van and blindfolded. She was transported to a deserted apartment and taken down into the basement, where her hands were tied in front of her, her legs and feet bound together, and her mouth tightly wrapped over the duct tape that already sealed her cries for help!. She was then tied to a live tree trunk that had grown up into the basement over a long period of time.Such a helpless predicament for our fair damsel! What was her boss's plans for her now? She knew too much and had to be kept quiet. Tune in to see what happens to Joyce Gordon in the next installment of "The Captured Secretary".

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