"Captive Politics"

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     Rebecca Montgomery, the wife of Senator Englebert Montgomery, had been out shopping and spending the Senator's hard earned money, like she usually did on Tuesday mornings. But when she returned to her vehicle to drive home, she had unexpected visitors awaiting her arrival. Mrs. Montgomery was grabbed by two roughneck women and dragged into their van before she could even open her car door. She was quickly handcuffed, tape gagged, blindfolded and whisked away. It was hours before the van finally stopped. Rebecca, who had no fight left in her by this time, was led out of the van into an empty garage. A chair had been placed in the middle of the garage and she was roughly shoved down onto it. Surprisingly, her blindfold was removed. Her handcuffs were taken off, only to be replaced with some tight ropes. One of the 2 female captors was readying the garage for some type of activity, while the other bound Rebecca's legs at her ankles and knees. She was told that both women's husbands had worked for Rebecca's husband, but had lost their jobs due to his reckless spending cuts. Now they were going to get even. Rebecca was now a pawn in the world of " Captive Politics"!

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